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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


king was very busy; vera starfi me e-m, to be at work with one, assist one in his work.
starfa (a), v. (1) to work; s. e-u or at e-u, to be busy about (s. ingdeildum, at matseld); s. mnnum, to trouble people; (2) to do, work at.
starfa-ltill, a. not troublesome; snist mr etta -minna, less troublesome;
-mikill, a. troublesome.
starfi, m. = starf; hafa starfa mnnum, to encumber people with toil; leggja starfa e-t, to take pains about.
starf-ltill, a. = starfaltill;
-samr, a. laborious, troublesome; hafa (eiga) -samt, to have much trouble.
starfs-smtt, f. working dress;
-mar, m. worker, workman (mar ttsmr ok -mar gr).
starf-sveinn, m. workman, assistant (hverr eira me -sveinum).
stari or starri, m. starling.
star-snn, a. staring; rinn var snn rgeri Glmsdttur, kept staring at her.
stauli, m. lad, in 'sveinstauli'.
staulpa, f. lass, in 'meystaulpa'.
staup, n. (1) knobby lump (s. mikit sem mannshfu); (2) beaker, stoup.
staura (a), v. to drive down a stake; refl., staurast, to be impaled.
staura-garr, m. paling.
staurr (-s, -ar), m. pale, stake (vru settir strir staurar yfir dkin).
stl, n. (1) steel (sver, spjt r stli); sverfa til stls, to fight it out to the last (hann kva vera at sverfa til stls me eim); (2) steeled weapon (heyra mtti fjrar mlur er stlin mttust); (3) the beak of a ship) eir hfu rasktt fyrir stlinu); (4) the inside of a haystack (hann tk laust hey r stlinu); (5) intercalary sentence in a verse.
stl-broddr, -gaddr, m. steel prod or spike;
-gorr, a. made of steel;
-harr, a. hard as steel;
-hattr, m. steel hat;
-hjlmr, m. steel helmet;
-hfa, f. steel cap.
stlpar, pp. grown up (ungarnir vru ltt stlpair).
stl-pk, f. = -gaddr;
-s l, f. steel bar;
-sleginn, pp. steel-mounted;
-sorfinn, pp. filed to the steel.
stedda, f. mare (skaldsveinn leiandi eina steddu).
stei (gen. steja), m. (1) stithy, anvil (S. hj stejann ok klauf nir ftinn); (2) the mint (konungs s.).
steja (a), v. to bound, leap.
steja (ste, stadda, staddr), v. (1) to stop (n staddi konungr li sitt); (2) to fix, settle (hn hafi statt hug sr at jna gui einum hreinlfi); s. e-t fyrir sr, to determine, decide on ( munt hafa statt fyrir r, hvar nir skal koma); (3) to make firm ( er hann hafi statt ok styrkt rki sitt); (4) to permit (s. fyrirbona hluti).
steja-nef, n. the thin end of an anvil;
-steinn, m. stone-base of an anvil;
-stokkr, m. anvil-block.
stef (gen. pl. stefja), n. (1) term, time fixed; viku s., a week's notice; (2) refrain (in the central portion of a 'drpa').
stefja (a), v. (1) to prevent (s. manntjn); (2) s. e-n, to address one.
stefja-blkr, m., -mal or -mel, n. each of the sets of verses ending with the stef in a drpa.
stef-lauss, a. without burden, of a poem drpa en steflausa).
stefna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to go in a certain direction, esp. of sailing (s. inn fjrinn, t r firinum); at (viz. drit) stefndi til Hrtsstaa, it made for H.; (2) to aim at (hggit stefndi ftlegginn); e-m verr nr stefnt, one has a narrow escape; betr fr en til var stefnt, better than it was begun, of luck better than foresight; with dat., s. sr til rkumla, to expose oneself to; (3) to give notice to one, summon one; s. e-m um e-t, to summon one for a thing; ek skal r Mrr vera ok s. r af konunni, and summon thee to give up thy wife; (4) to cite; s. sk, mli, to bring a case (suit) into court; (5) to call, summon (s. e-m til tals vi sik, sinn fund); s. at sr lii, to summon troops; s. e-m saman, to call together (s. saman llum l); (6) with acc. to call together, fix, appoint (eir stefndu ar ing, en bndr vildu eigi til koma).
stefna, f. (1) direction, course; halttu

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