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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(s skggangssk, er r stendr); to refer to (at heilri st upp enna sama sendiboa); s. eptir, to remain, be left; s. fyrir e-u, to stand in the way of (eir kvu geip hennar ekki skyldu s. fyrir ingrei eira); s. e-m fyrir rifum, to stand in the way of one's thriving; to stand before one, protect one (vr skulum Egil af lfi taka, en hlfa engum, er fyrir honum vill s.); s. hj e-m, to stand by one, assist one; s. bardgum, einvgum, mlum, kvnbnum); impers., stendr deilu me eim, there is a quarrel between them; s. me blma, to be in a flourishing condition; s. mti ( mti, mti) e-u, to stand against; s. saman, to stand together, be gathered, amassed (ar st aur mikill saman); s. til e-s, to tend towards; s. til umbtar, to stand for mending, need it; sem bn yur stendr til, as your prayer tends to; eptir eim efnum, sem honum tti til s., according to the merits of the case; eptir v sem lg stu til, as the law was (taka eir allir vi btum, sem lg stu til); impers., stendr til e-s, it is to be expected, feared (til langra meina mun s., ef); s. e-m til e-s, to assist, help one (B. segir, hversu . hai honum til stait); s. undan, to be lacking (mikit stendr undan vi hann vinfenginu); s. vel undir e-t, to support well, back it up well (munu margir vel undir at s.); s. undir e-m, to be in one's possession, keeping (fit stendr undir honum); s. upp, to stand up from a seat ( st S. upp ok mlti htt); to rise from bed (s. upp ok klast); to be left standing (fimm einir menn stu upp skipinu); s. uppi, to be left standing (K. hinn augi fli ok allt li hans, at er uppi st; hs au, er uppi stu); to be laid up ashore, of a ship (stigu eir skip at, er ar hafi uppi stait um vetrinn); of a corpse, to lie on the bier (lk Kjartans st uppi viku Hjararholti); of a bow, to be kept bent (boginn m eigi einart uppi s.); s. vi e-u, to withstand (vkingar sv harfengir, at ekki stendr vi); impers., stendr vi e-t, it is on the verge of (eir ttu sv hara leika, at vi meiingar st); s. yfir e-u, to be present at (heldr vildi hann enna kjsa en s. yfir drpi orgils frnda sns); to extend (ar er eira rki stendr yfir); s. yfir, to stand over, last (hversu lengi skal fjrbn sj yfir s.?); essum grium ok svardgum, sem yfir standa, which now stand, are in force; (16)refl., standast, to be able to stand, keep one's feet (T. rendi fyrir hann trgu, ok stejai hann yfir upp, ok stst ); to be valid, hold good ( ru skulu n r s., en eigi hr um); to stand, bear, tolerate; Kri stst etta eigi, K. could not stand this; s. e-m, to be equal to, be a match for (. var sv frkinn mar, at fir stust honum); s. af e-m, to proceed, arise from one; af henni mun s. allt it illa, from her will arise all kind of ill; sv stenzt af um fer mna, the matter stands so as to my journey; recipr., standast , to stand opposite one another (br hans stst ok konungs atsetr); to correspond, answer to each other, in regard to size, duration &c. (at stst nesit vert ok fylking eira); stst at (allt fit) endum ok at, er G. tti at gjalda fyrir sik, it came just to what G. had to pay for himself; stenzt helfr mti me eim hjnum, they were rather at sixes and sevens, did not agree well.
stand-sull, m. high saddle.
stanga (a), v. (1) to stick, prick, goad; s. r tnnum sr, to pick the teeth; (2) to butt, gore (nautin stnguu uxann til bana); (3) refl., stangast, to butt one another.
stanka (a), v., s. vi, to be reluctant.
stapi, m. a steeple-formed single rock.
stappa (a), v. (1) to stamp; s. ftum, to stamp with the feet; s. snjinn, to stamp (beat) down the snow; (2) to bray, in a mortar (s. lauk).
stara (stari, stara, starat), v. to stare, gaze (s. e-n).
starf, n. labour, work, toil, business; hafi konungr mikit s. ann dag, the

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