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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


stag, n. stay, esp. the rope from the mast to the stem (en er eir drgu seglit, gekk sundr stagit).
staga (a), v. (1) to bind, sew up.
stagl, n. rack (enja or festa stagli).
stagstjrn-marr, m. poet. ship.
staka (a), v. (1) to push or shove (eir stkuu Gretti); (2) to stagger, stumble (stakar hann at eldinum).
staka, f. ditty, stanza.
staka, f. skin, hide.
staka-stormr, m. strong gale.
stakk-garr, m. stack-yard (for hay).
stakkr (-s, -ar), m. (1) cape, short cloak (hann var blm stakki); (2) stack of hay; stakks vllr, a field producing one stack.
stakra (a), v. = staka.
stalla-hringr, m. altar-ring.
stallari, m. a king's marshal.
stallbrra-lag, n. fellowship.
stall-heilagr, a. altar-holy (menn blta r -helgum sta).
stalli, m. (heathen) altar (st ar s. miju glfinu).
stallr (-s, -ar), m. (1) pedestal, support for an idol (skurgo sett stall); (2) crib, manger (hross st vi stall ok t); (3) the step of a mast (ss var stallinum); drepr stall r hjarta e-s, drepr stall hjarta e-s, one's heart fails him.
stallra (a), v. (1) to stop a bit (s. vi); (2) to falter (stallrar hjarta e-s).
stama (a), v. to stammer, stutter.
stamp-austr, m. baling a ship with a tub, = byttu-austr.
stampr, m. a large tub.
stamr or stammr, a. stammering.
standa (stend; st, stum; stainn), v. (1) to stand, opp. to sitja or liggja (hann st vi vegginn); koma standandi nir, to come down on one's feet; skal mik nir setja standanda, in a standing position; s. fast, to stand fast; s. hllum fti, to stand slanting; (2) to stand, stick (G. skaut sv fast nir skildinum, at hann st fastr jrunni); sveininum st fiskbein hlsi, the bone stuck in his throat; (3) to stand, remain; bor stu, stood, were not removed; (4) to stand, be situated (br einn st skamt fr eim); (5) to stand still, rest, pause (st kyrrt nkkura hr); verr hr fyrst at s. sagan, the story must stop here for the present; (6) to last (hafi lengi stait bardaginn); (7) to befit, become (konungr kva at eigi s., at menn lgi sv); ekki stendr r slkt, it does not befit thee; (8) to stand in a certain way, project, trend (fjgur horn ok stu fagrt, hit rija st lopt upp); stendr inn straumrinn, the tide (current) stands in; blbogi st r hvrutveggja eyranu, a stream of blood gushed out of both his ears; kallar hann betr s. verit at fara landhallt, that the wind stands better for making land; st vindr af landi, the wind blew from the land; s. grunnt, to be shallow (vintta okkur stendr grunnt); (9) to touch; s. grunn, to stick on the ground (rkin st grunn); (10) to catch, overtake (hann drap menn Eirks konungs, hvar sem hann st ); s. e-n at e-u, to catch one doing a thing (ef mar verr at v stainn, at hann meiir smala manna); (11) to stand, endure, bear (s. e-t or e-u); (12) to press, urge, trouble (elli st Hrek); hvat stendr ik, what ails thee? (13) to weigh so much (gullhringr, er st mrk); (14) to stand by one, side with one, with dat.; mikils er vert, hversu fast N. stendr r um alla rager, how close N. stands by thee in all counsel; (15) with preps.; s. af e-u, to proceed from, be caused by (opt stendr illt af mr standi brig okkarrar vinttu, nor do I wish to be the cause of a breach in our friendship; s. af e-u vi e-n, to give up, cede to one; impers., segir hann honum, hvernig af st um fer hans, how the matter stood as to his journey; s. at e-m, to attack (var vi sjlft, at eir mundu s. at prestinum); to stand by one, on one's side (ek veit eigi vst, hvaan G. inn rki stendr at); s. e-u, to stand on, insist on (statt ei v, er r er bannat); impers., stendr illu einu me eim, they are on very bad terms; s. e-m, to hang over one

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