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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


parts; fara af sta, to go away, leave; hafa sik af sta, to absent oneself; ba e-s r sta, to wait on the spot, wait till one is attacked Baglar biu eigi hgganna r sta, ok flu eir upp fyrir noran binn); ra e-u til staar, to settle; gefa e-u sta, to stop; eir gefa eigi sta ferinni, they stopped not on their journey; gefa staar, to stop, halt; er s ss gaf staar ok rann eigi, when that ice stopped and flowed no more; nema sta or staar, to stop (hr munum vr sta nema); leita staar, to seek a place to ease oneself; (2) adverbially, sta, egar sta, on the spot, at once; rtt sta, just now; marga stai, in many respects; alla stai, in every respect; engan sta, no-ways; annan sta, on the other hand, secondly; stainn, instead; alls staar, everywhere; annars staar, elsewhere; nkkurs staar, anywhere; (3) end, result; vil ek vita, hvern sta eiga skal mlit, I wish to know how the matter is to stand; koma einn sta nir, to turn out the same way; (4) stop, pause, hesitation (eim var s. um andsvrin); (5) springness, elasticity, of steel, &c.; ok dregr r allan atainn r boganum, the bow lost all its spring; (6) strength of mind, courage; mun hann ekki eiga sta vi sjnum hans, he will not be able to stand his looks; gra sta hestinn, to make the horse firm (7) mark, print, traces (eir s ar engan sta eira tiinda, er ar hfu orit); (8) church establishment, church, convent (starinn Sklaholti, Hlum); (9) town (marga stai vann hann essu landi vald Girkjakonungi).
star, a. restive, of a horse; vera s. at, to stop, start, from surprise.
sta-ramr, a. steadfast;
-ra (see ra), v. to determine, make up one's mind;
-remi, f. steadfastness;
-rotinn, pp. quite exhausted.
stafa (a), v. (1) to put letters together; (2) to assign, allot (snist oss essum manni harr daui stafar); s. e-m ei, to dictate an oath to another; s. fyrir e-m, to ordain (skyldu eir s. fyrir eim slkt, er eir vildi); s. fyrir f snu, to dispose of one's goods.
stafar, pp. striped (stafat segl).
stafa-nfn, n. pl. names of letters;
-setning, f. arrangement of letters;
-skipti, n. transposition of letters;
-snning, f. metathesis.
staf-karl, m. poor beggar.
stafkarla-bningr, m. beggardress;
-letr, n. a kind of runic letter.
stafkarls-gervi, n. beggar's garb;
-stgr, m. beggary, vagrancy; troa -stg, to be reduced to beggary; taka upp -stg, to take to begging.
staf-kerling, f. beggar-woman;
-kerti, n. taper, candle;
-lauss, a. without a stick (ganga -lauss or -laust);
-ligr, a. pertaining to letters;
-lurkr,m. cudgel;
-lgja, f. one of the long beams along the walls joining the pillars (stafir).
stafn (-s, -ar), m. (1) the stem of a ship, esp. the prow; stafna meal, me stfnum, from stem to stern; hafa e-t fyrir stafni, to be engaged in a work; berjast um stafna, to fight stem to stem; deila um s. vi e-n, to have a hard struggle with one; (2) gable-end (of a building).
stafn-bi, m. forecastle-man (on a war-ship);
-gluggr, m. gable-window;
-haf, -hald, n. standing, course (on the sea);
-hr, a. stem-high;
-hvla, f. bed in the gable;
-kasta (a), v. impers., -kastai skipinu, the ship capsized;
-l, -ljr, m. grappling hook;
-lok, n. half-deck in the forecastle;
-rekkja, f. = -hvla;
-sveit, f. forecastle-men, = stafnba sveit;
-sng, f. = -hvla;
-tjald, n. tent in the bow or stem.
stafr (-s, -ir), m. (1) staff, post in a building, = uppstutr; (2) stave of a cask; (3) staff, stick (ganga vi staf); (4) written letter, stave; (5) pl. stafir, lore, wisdom (fornir stafir).
staf-rr, n. the alphabet.
stafs-hgg, n. blow with a stick (ljsta e-n -hgg).
staf-slngva, f. a sling on a stick (opp. to 'handslngva');
-sproti, m. stick (tak -sprotann hnd r).

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