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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hann spyrnt af sr fjtrinum); fr spyrndr allri eign, spurned from, bereft of; recipr., spyrnast iljar, to touch one another with the soles (of two stretched on their backs).
spytta (-tta, -ttr), v. to cheat (e-n af e-u) one out of a thing.
spja (sp, spj, spinn), v. to spew, vomit, with dat. (hn spj lngum bli).
spja, f. vomitiing, vomit (gaus r honum s. mikil).
spta (-tta, -tt), v. to spit (rlar hans spttu andlit honum).
spnskr, a. Spanish.
splr (gen. spalar, pl. spelir, acc. splu), m. (1) rail, bar; smugu eir milli spalanna, they crept between the bars; (2) bit, short piece (hefja upp sgu ok segja af spl nkkurn).
spng (gen. spangar, pl. spengr), f. spangle (var lagar yfir spengr af gulli); floe, flake of ice (Markarfljt fll millum hfusa, ok vru spengr hr ok hvar).
spnn (gen. spannar, pl. spannir), f. span (spannar breir, langr); knfrinn var spannar fram fr hepti, the knife was a span long from the haft.
sprr (gen. sprs or sparrar), m. sparrow (s. flaug akr karls).
stabbi, m. block, = stobbi, stubbi.
staa, f. standing (leiddist bndum staan); place, position.
staa-f, n. church-property;
-ml, n. contest (between the clergy and laity) about church property;
-menn, m. pl. the lay proprietors of the church estates.
staar-flk, n. townsfolk;
-forr, n. administration of a church establishment;
-prestr, m. parish-priest;
-setning, f. establishment of a convent.
staddr, pp. from 'steja'; (1) placed, present; ef hann var ar s., ar sem blt vru, if he happened to be present; vera vi (or hj) s., to be present; vera ti s., to be outside the house; (2) placed in a certain position, situated, circumstanced (vel, illa s.); ltt s., doing poorly; hv er ykkr sv statt til Sigfssona, why do ye talk thus of the sons of S.
sta - fastliga, adv. steadfastly;
-fastligr, a. steadfast, firm;
-fastr, a. (1) residing, abiding (var hann -fastr Haalandi); (2) steadfast ( ert -fastari en flestir menn arir); (3) faithful, staunch (-fastr vinum snum); (4) firm, settled (-fastr dmr); -fast skapi e-s, fixed in one's mind;
-festa (see festa), v. (1) to give a fixed abode; -festa sik, to take up one's abode; (2) to make firm, steadfast (stafestu eir etta ml me sr); -festa r sitt, to establish oneself; -festa at gera e-t, to make up one's mind to do a thing; (3) refl., -festast, to take up one's abode, establish oneself ( er ek kem at ru sinni, mun ek hr -festast); to be determined (-festist essi rager); to grow firm, strong (sem rki hans -festist meirr);
-festa, f. (1) fixed abode, residence (hafa, taka -festu); (2) steadfastness, stability, firmness; (3) confirmation;
-festi, f. steadfastness, firmness;
-festing, f. confirmation;
-festr, pp. steadfast.
stafestu-brf, n. deed of confirmation;
-lauss, a. without a fixed abode or livelihood.
sta-gr, a. well tempered (-gott sver);
-hgg, n. a good hit or blow (koma -hggi e-n).
stainn, pp. from 'standa'; vita til stains, to know for certain.
sta-lausa, f. absurdity, folly; mla -lausu stafi, to talk much folly;
-lauss, a. timid, unsteady;
-leysi, n. restlessness of mind, unsteadiness;
-ligr, a. (1) local (-lig nlg); (2) steadfast, firm;
-lyndr, a. stubborn.
stana (a), v. to stop, pause, abate (stanai kurr bandanna).\
sta-nefna (-da, -dr), v. to determine (-nefna um e-t).
star (-ar, ir), m. (1) 'stead', place, spot; fimmtn hvrum sta, fifteen in each place; einum sta Englandi, somewhere in England; skipta tv, fjra stai, to divide into two, four

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