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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


spratt honum sveiti enni, sweat burst out on his forehead; also s. upp (spratt ar vatn upp); (2) to start, spring; s. af baki, to spring off horseback; s. ftr, s. upp, to start to one's feet, jump up; spratt upp lssinn, up sprang the lock; spratt henni ftr ok fll hn, she slipped and fell; spratt at upp af heimamnnum, at, it was rumoured that; (3) to sprout, grow, of hair, grass, crops (piltar tveir lku glfi; eim var sprottit hr r kolli).
spretta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to make spring up, unfasten, loosen; s. gjrum, to ungird; s. fr loku, to unlock; (2) to rip open or up (s. saum); ek lt s. berkinum, I had the bark peeled off; jlfi spretti knfi sinum, Th. split the bone with his knife.
springa (spring; sprakk, sprungum; sprunginn), v. (1) to spring, bound; (2) to spirt out, issue forth (sprakk bl bi af nsum hennar ok munni); (3) to burst, split, break (hornit sprakk sundr miju); sprotinn kom andlitit ok sprakk fyrir, the switch came on his face, and the skin was broken; (4) to die from over-exertion, grief, &c.; s. af harmi, to break one's heart; ef hefir eigi mat, nema hrum spryngir, if thou couldst get no food save by overgorging upon corpses.
sprota-barn, n. a chastised child.
sproti, m. (1) sprout, rod, stick, switch; (2) the end-piece or clasp of a belt (fetlar sprotum settir).
sprund, n. poet. woman.
sprkr, a. sprightly, lively, active (sveinninn var s.).
sprna (-da, -t), v. to spirt out.
sprkla (a), v. to sprawl, kick with the feet (Skotar ltu smbrn s. spjtaoddum).
spuni, m. spinning (cf. 'gull-spuni').
spurall, a. asking many questions, inquiring, inquisitive (hverr er s mar, er sv er s.).
spur-dagi, m. (1) question, inquiry; (2) report, news (ann einn spurdaga hfum vr til n, at).
spurn, f. (1) question; (2) news, report, tidings (mun egar s. koma til Hskulds); hafa s. af e-1 or til e-s, to have news of.
spurning (pl. -ar), f. question.
spsa (a), v. to espouse, marry.
spsa, f. spouse, wife.
spyra (-ra, -rr), v. to tie up (fish) by the tail.
spyrja (spyr, spura, spurr), v. (1) to track, trace steps or footprints (hundar eir, er vru vanir at s. upp, er undan hljpust); (2) to investigate, find out (eir fengu hann eigi upp spuran); (3) to ask; G. spuri, hvat hann vildi lta at gera, G. asked what he wished them to do; with gen., s. e-n tenda, to ask tidings of one; s. e-n rs, to ask advice of, consult one; H. spuri margs r brennunni, H. asked much about the burning; with preps., s. e-n af e-u, at e-u, at um e-t, um e-t, to ask one about a thing; s. at e-m , to inquire after one; s. e-n at nafni, to ask one his name; s. eptir, to ask, inquire (spuri hn eptir, hvat slenzkra manna vri skipi); spuri Hskuldr dttur sna ekki eprit, H. did not ask his daughter's consent; (4) to hear, be informed of (s. snn tendi); Snorri spyrr n, hvar komit mlunum, now S. hears how the causes stood; s. til e-s, to get inelligence as to, hear of (sian hefi ek aldri til hans spurt); (5) refl., spyrjast, to be heard of or reported, to get abroad; til rveigar spurist at, at hon l htt, it was told of Th. that she was very ill; impers., mr spyrst ann veg, I am told; hefir til essa skips aldregi spurzt, nothing has since been heard of this ship; s. fyrir um e-t, to inquire about (eir spurust fyrir um ferir lafs konungs); recipr. to ask one another (spyrjast tenda).
spyrna (-da, -dr), v. to spurn; s. fti e-n or e-m, s. fti til e-s, to push one with the foot, to kick (rr spyrndi fti snum hann); s. fti (ftum) e-t, to put or press one's foot (feet) against; s. vi, to struggle against with the feet (it fyrsta sinn, er lfrinn spyrndi vi, brotnai s fjturr); s. e-u af sr, to kick off (gat

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