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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


spilli-dr, n. noxious animal.
spilling, f. corruption.
spillir, m. spoiler; s. bauga, breaker of rings, liberal prince.
spinna (spinn; spann, spunnum; spunninn), v. to spin (Katla sat palli ok spann garn).
spk (pl. spkr), f. spill, splinter.
spra, f. (1) spar; (2) tube.
sptali or sptall, m. (1) hospice (for travellers or pilgrims); (2) hospital.
spjald, n. tablet, square, = speld (lg ritu spjald); hlaa spjldum, to weave chequered linen.
spjall, n. saying, tale, esp. pl.; forn spjll fira, old tales of men; rughlra j fr ek spjalla, with wet cheeks I asked the steed for news; mug spjll, lamentations.
spjall, n. (1) damage (taka s. af e-u); (2) flaw (spjll mli).
spjalla (a), to spoil (spjllu ml).
spjalli, m. friend (Hrungnis s.).
spjt, n. spear, lance, both for throwing and thrusting (skjta, leggja spjti).
spjtar, pp. furnished with spears.
spjta-lg, n. pl. spear-thrusts.
spjt-krkr, m. a hook on a spear;
-lag, n. spear-thrust;
-lauss, a. without a spear;
-leggr, m. spear-shaft.
spjts-brot, n. a broken spear;
-falr, m. the socket of a spear-head;
-hali, m. the end of a spear-shaft.
spjt-skapt, -skepti, n. shaft of a spear (riggja spjtskapta hr).
spjts-oddr, m. a spear's point or head (stanga e-m -oddinum).
spjt-sprika, f. spear-head (?).
spjts-skot, n. a shot made with a spear (eigi tk konung -skotit).
spjrr (pl. spjarrar), f. swathing-band, leg-band.
spor, n. track, footprint (eir rekja s. sem hundar); ganga (stga) s. e-m, to walk in one's footsteps, follow one's example (vst hefir vel fram gengit, en hefir eigi gengit mr s.); ekki spor, not a step.
spora (a), v. to tread on.
spor-dreki, m. the Scorpion.
sporr (-s, -ar), m. tail of a fish, serpent, &c. (s. sem fiski); standa e-m spori, to be a match for, be one's superior (vitr mar ertu, Eylfr, sv at fir munu standa spori r); s. skjaldar, the lower pointed end of a shield (reif B. spor skjaldarins hinni hendinni ok rak hfu ri).
spor-ganga, f. backing, assistance (veita e-m fylgd ok -gngu).
sporgngu-mar, m. follower.
spor-hundr, m. slot-hound, bloodhound (vru leystir -hundar).
spori, m. spur; keyra (ljsta, sl) hest sporum, to put spurs to a horse.
sporna (a), v. to spurn, tread on (s. vll, moldveg); s. vi e-u, to withstand, resist (eigi m vi skpunum s.); without the dat., hann vildi taka af mr hringinn, en ek spornai vi, struggled against that.
spor-rakki, m. = -hundr; -rkt, a. n., hafi fallit ltil snflva sv at -rkt var, so that it was possible to trace the footprints.
spott, n. mockery, scoff ( ferr me s. ok h); gra (draga) s. at e-u, hafa e-t at spotti, to scoff at, turn into ridicule.
spotta (a), v. to mock, make sport of (eigi arf at s. etta sv mjk); s. at e-u, to jeer about a thing; s. e-t af e-m, to cheat one of a thing.
spottan, f. mocking, jeering.
spotti, m. bit, small piece.
spottr, m. mockery = spott (ver ti ok drag ngan spott at oss). spott-samligr, -samr, a. mocking, given to jibes (-samr ok dll).
spi, m. curlew (bird).
spnn, m. = spnn.
sprak, n. sprawling.
spraka (a), to sprawl.
spraka (a), v. to crackle.
spraki, m. rumour, flying report.
sprakki, m. poet. woman.
sprengja (-da, -dr), v. to make burst (H. kvezt eigi mundu s. sik grauti); s. hest, to break the wind of a horse.
sprengr, m. bursting; honum hlt vi spreng, he was near bursting from exhaustion; vinna til sprengs, to work oneself to death.
spretta (sprett; spratt, spruttum; sprottinn), v. (1) to spring up, issue forth (ar sprettr einn mikill brunnr);

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