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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(fll honum sv s. sem hann mundi eigi lengi lifa); (5) table-spoon.
Spnn, m. Spain, = Spnland.
spn-nr, a. span-new, bran-new (mr er essi atburr -nr); quite fresh, not exhausted (ltum n sem vr sm -nir);
-sa, a. indecl. span-new (skipin vru -sa ok nbrdd).
Spn-verjar, m. pl. Spaniards;
-verskr, a. Spanish.
spn-k, n. shingle-roof;
-ktr, pp. shingle-thatched.
spr, a. prophetic ( hjarta sps manns); cf. 'forspr,' 'verspr.'
sp-saga, -sgn, f. prophecy (gar ykkja mr -sgur nar).
spzera (a), v. to walk.
spegill, m. mirror, = skuggsj.
speja (a), v. to spy, = njsna.
spejari, m, spy, = njsnari.
speki, f. wisdom (s s., er hann sagi fyrir orna hluti);
-andi, m. spirit of wisdom;
-mar, m. = spekingr;
-ml, n. words of wisdom.
spekingr (-a, -ar), m. a wise man, sage (hann var hinn mesti s. at viti); counsellor (n rst Haraldr konungr um vi spekinga sna).
speki-r, n. a wise counsel.
spekja (spakta, spaktr), v. to calm, soothe (s. menn sna); refl., spekjast, to be calmed.
spekjur, f. pl. talk, parley (arar vru okkrar s.).
spekt, f. (1) quietness, peace (gta e-s me s.); (2) wisdom (eim var eigi gefin hin andliga spekin).
spektar-andi, m. spirit of wisdom;
-brunnr, m. source of wisdom;
-mar, m. = spekingr;
-ml, n. wise words;
-munr, m. superiority in wisdom; komast -mun vi e-n, to outwit one.
speld, n. a square tablet.
spelkja (-ta), v. to fix up with splints (troa belginn ok s.)
spelkur, f. p1. splints.
spell, n.flaw, damage, = spjall.
spella (a), v. to spoil, destroy, = spilla (ll verldin var spellu).
spell-rei, f. overriding a horse;
-virki, n. mischief-working, damage;
-virki (p1. -vfrkjar), m. mischief-worker, highwayman.
spellvirkja-bli, n. robber's den.
spell-virkni, f. doing damage.
spena-barn, n. sucking child.
spen-blga, f. swelling of the teat;
-drekkr, m. sucking child.
spengja (-da, -dr), v. to spangle.
speni, m. teal, dug, esp. of animals (kr hefir fjra ftr ok fjra spena).
spenja (spanda, spanir), v. to allure, attract (eir spndu li undan konungi); hann spandi t hingat me sr Smund, he persuaded S. to come out with him to Iceland.
spenna (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to span, clasp (s. sver bum hndum); hon spennti hringinn hnd honum, she clasped the ring round his wrist; s. e-u um sik, s. sik e-u, to gird oneself with, buckle on (hann spennti sik megingjrum); s. af sr beltinu, to unclasp the belt; (2) to clasp the hands round one's neck, = s. hndum um hls e-m (ykki r betra at s. karlsdttur); (3) to clasp, catch, capture (prestr nkkurr gekk land; Birkibeinar spenntu hann); harliga spenntr, in hard straits; (4) to spend (eptir r liit skal ek segja r, hvat spennir); (5) s. boga, to draw a bow.
spenna, f. inconvenience.
spenni-tng, f. pincers, forceps.
sperna (-ta, -t; old pret. sparn), v. to spurn, kick with the feet (hann spernir til risans me fti).
sperra (-a, -r), v. to stretch out (s. fr sr ftr); refl., sperrast vi, to struggle against (gengu eir brott me hana, en hn sperrist vi).
sperri-leggr, m. 'spar-leg', shaft.
spik, n. blubber (of seals and whales).
spilla (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to spoil, destroy, with dat. (brutu nir hof ok spilltu bltum); aldri skal hn s. okkru vinfengi, never shall she spoil our friendship; s. fyrir e-m, to spoil one's condition, do one harm, esp. by slander; (2) to destroy, kill (s. tla ek bum); (3) refl., spillast, to be spoiled, damaged; s. vi, to grow worse; mun mikit hafa um spillzt, it must have got much worse.
spillandi (pl. -endr), m. spoiler (spillendr um vinttu vra).

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