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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


st-raur, a. 'soot-red', dark-red.
stt (pl. -ir), f. sickness, illness, disease; taka (or f) s., to fall ill, be taken ill; kasta sik s., to feign illness; kenna (or k. sr) sttar, to feel the symptoms of illness; pl. pains of labour (at s maer hafi miklar sttir).
sttall, a. causing illness, contagious.
sttar-far, -feri, n. condition of one's illness; sickness; -sk, f. cause of illness.
stt-bitinn, struck down by illness; -daur a. having died from sickness (hann lifi skemmst ok var -daur); -httr, a. exposed to sickness; -lauss, a. not ill, without fever; -ligr, a. sickly; -ltill, a. not very ill; -nmr, a. apt to be taken ill; -tekinn, pp. taken ill.
spa, n. soup made from flesh or fish (brytja hnginn til spas).
spai, m. spade, see 'jrn-spai'.
spak-ltr, a. gentle, quiet; -liga, adv. (1) peacefully, quietly (eir fru at llu sem -ligast); (2) wisely, like a wise man (talast vi -liga); -ligr, a. wise, sage; -mlugr, a. wise in one's speech; -mli, n. wise (prophetic) saying (i skldskap ok -mli).
spakr, a. (1) quiet, gentle (s. ok siugr); spk hross, quiet horses (not running astray); (2) wise, with the notion of prophetic vision (hann var
s. at viti; sp er spaks geta).
spak-rugr, a. giving wise advice; -ra, f. = spaklig ra.
spanga-brynja, f. plate-mail.
spann, n. (1) pail; (2) a measure, esp. of butter (s. smjrs).
spannar-breir, a. span-broad.
spara, (-a, -r, also -aa, -at), v. (1) to spare (hann sparir eigi peninga rlfs); s. e-m e-t, to leave it to another (sprum etta verk rum); s. e-n til e-s, to spare one from (eir spru hana eigi til erfiis ok skaprauna); skal ek eigi mitt til s., I, for my part, shall not be sparing in the matter; s. e-t vi e-n, to withhold from one (eigi spari ek mat vi ik); s. e-t vi sik, to shrink from; hverr s er, at eigi sparir at happ vi sik, who does not shrink from that crime; (2) refl., sparast til e-s, to shrink from, forbear (hefi ek lengi til essa sparazk); to spare oneself, spare one's strength; at or flyzt af, at sparist vi, that thou sparest thyself, dost not use all thy strength.
spara, f. an Irish battle-axe.
spark, n. kicking, trampling.
sparka, (a), v. to kick; also fig. (at lmusur sparki andlit mr).
sparkr, a. lively, brisk (sparkar ttu vr konur).
sparlak, n. curtain (tvau sparlk).
spar-liga, adv. sparingly; -ligr, a. sparing (bor hlt hann sparligt); -mli, n. leniency; reka -mli vi e-n, to spare, deal leniently with.
sparnaar-mar, m. a person deserving to be spared (. kva hann eigi -mann).
spar-neytinn, a. sparing in the use of food, frugal; -neytni, f. frugality.
sparr, a. sparing.
sparr, n. a kind of spear.
sparr-haukr, m. sparrow-hawk.
sp (sp, spt, sp), v. to prophesy, foretell (s. em e-t or e-s).
sp (pl. spr), f prophecy (sjaldan hafa spr mnar tt langan aldr).
sp-ds, f. spae-sister, prophetess; -dmliga, adv. prophetically; -dmligr, a. prophetical; -dmr, m. prophecy; -gandr, m. divination-rod; -kerling, -kona, f. prophetess; -leikr, m. divination.
spleiks-andi, m. prophetic spirit.
sp-mar, m. soothsayer, prophet; -mli, n. prophetic words, prophecy.
spn-bakki, m. butts = skotbakki; -brjta, v. to break into splinters ( Grindavk spnbraut buzuna).
spnn or spnn (gen. spnar, pl. spnir or spnir, acc. spnu or spnu.), m. (1) chip, shaving (alla spnu bru eir at sklanum, slgu san eld allt saman); brjta skip spn, to have one's ship broken to pieces (eir brutu skipit spn); brotna spn, to be dashed to pieces (skipit brotnai spn); (2) target (setja spn bakka); (3) ornament on a warship (only in pl.; cf. 'enni-spnir'); (4) divining chip, used at sacrifices

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