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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


t, to squander; sem f etta var t sat, when this money was spent.
skn (pl., -ir), f. (1) attack, fight (harr sknum); (2) prosecution; uru allir at sttir, at vri framarr vrn en s., that the defence was better than the prosecution; skja me lands-laga skn, to raise a lawful action; (3) concourse, resort of people (n er s. mikil Sklholt um allt sland.), company; (4) parish; (5) drag, grapnel.
sknar-aili, m. prosecutor, opp. to 'varnaraili'; -flk, n. parish-folk; -ggn, n. pl. the proofs for a prosecution; -kirkja, f. parish-church; -kvir, m. verdict; prestr, m. parish-priest; -ing, n. a parliament with courts and pleading (arir menn vru at dmum, v at -ing var).
skn-djarfr, -harr, a. martial, valiant (frkn ok sknharr).
sl (gen. slar, dat. sl and slu), f. (1) sun (hann fal sik hendi eim gui, er slina hafi skapat); morgin fyrir s., before sunrise; einn morgin vi s., about sunrise; var dagr all-ljss, ok s. farin, the sun had risen; sl var ltt farin, ltt lopt komin, not high above the horizon; s. rennr upp, the sun rises; egar er slina lgi, when the sun got low; s. gengr gi, til viar, undir, s. sezt, the sun sets; ganga at slu, to go prosperously, succeed to one's wishes (honum gengu nliga allir hlutir at slu); (2) day; fyrir ina riju s., before the third sun, within three days; r sjau slir eru af himni, before seven days have passed.
slar-r, n. solar year; -ss, m. the sun-god, Apollo; -bruni, m. the burning heat of the sun; -fall, n. sunset; -gangr, m. the sun's course, between sunrise and sunset (en er vrai ok -gangr var sem mestr); -geisli, m. sunbeam; -glaan, f. sunset; -go, n. = -ss; -helgr, f. feast of the sun-god; -hiti, m. heat of the sun; -hof, n. temple of the sun-god; -hringr, m. the orbit, ecliptic; -ljs, n. sun-light; -ro, n. sun-reddening, sunrise; um morgininn -ro, at peep of dawn; -setr, n. sunset; -sinnis, adv. sunwise, from east to west; -steinn, m. sunstone, lodestone; sur, n. the solar meridian; -tr, n. 'sun's tear', amber; -upprs, f. sunrise; -ld, f. solar cycle (twenty-eight years).
sl-bjartr, a. sun-bright; -bor, n. = -byri; -br, f. or n. sun-thawing; -brunninn, pp. sun-burnt; -byri, n. 'sun-board', gunwale.
slginn, pp. voracious, hungry.
sl-heir, a. sun-bright, sun-lit; -hvarf, n. solstice (n lr fram at -hvrfum); -hvtr, a. sun-white.
sli, m. sole (of a shoe).
sl-lauss, a. sunless; -mark, -merki, n. zodiacal sign; -setr, n. pl. sunrise and sunset; me -setrum, milli -setra, from sunrise till sunset; -skin, n. sunshine; -staa, f. solstice, usually in pl. (n lr fram at -stum).
sma (-da), v. to beseem, become, befit (smir r konungum at jna); at hn smdi r, that she were a fit match for thee; lta sr e-t s., to be pleased with.
sma-fr, f. honourable journey; -gr, a. creditable; -hlutr, m. honourable share; -lauss, a. discreditable; -mar, a. honourable (worthy) man; -samliga, adv. beseemingly, befittingly; -ligr, a. decent, proper, honourable; -semd, f. honour; -spell, n. lack of honour.
smi, m. honour (vil ek eigi drepa hendi vi sma minum).
snar-blt, n. a special sacrifice (of a boar); -dreyri, m. sacrificial blood; -gltr, m. sacrificial boar.
snn, m. sound (me stum sn).
spa (a), v. (1) to sweep, with dat. (grikonan spar saman lreptunum); lta greipr s. um e-t, s. hndum um e-t, to make a clean sweep, carry off all; (2) to sweep a house, floor, with acc. (. lt s. hsin ok tjalda); (3) refl., spast e-u, s. at um e-t, s. um, to scrape together, gather, -spa e-u at sr (s. mnnum, s. at um menn).
st, n. soot (sti svartari).
stigr, a. sooty; hann kom eigi undir stkan rapt, he never came under a sooty rafter.

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