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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


row (snfrir kyrtlar); (2) tough, vigorous (snfrir vinir).
snae-fugl, m. snow-bunting;
-flva, f = snjfl;
-hs, n. snow-house;
-hvtr, a. snow-white;
-kvma, f. fall of snow;
-kkkr, m. snow-ball;
-lauss, a. = snjlauss.
snfugr, a. = snefugr.
snlda, f. spindle.
sn-liga, adv. snowily (see 'snugga');
-ltill, a. with little snow (ltill vetr);
-mikill, a. snowy (-mikill vetr); var snmikit, there was much snow;
-nm, n. thaw.
snr (gen. snfar or snvar), m. snow, = snjr, snjr.
sn-samr, a. snowy;
-skafa, f. drifting snow;
-skria, f. snow-slip.
snugr, a. snowy, covered with snow.
snri, n. a twisted rope, cord, string, cable, fishing-line;
-ligr, a. brisk.
snri(s)-spjt, n. javelin with a thong (Skta skaut -spjti).
snfur-leikr, m. alertness;
-liga, adv. deftly;
-ligr, a. deft, alert, brisk (hr vxt ok -ligr);
-mannligr, a. = -ligr (skjtligr ok -mannligr).
sngg-liga, adv. suddenly.
snggr (acc. snggvan), a. (1) short (gra stutt skegg ok snggvan kamp); eir bitu allt gras at snggu, they bit it close; (2) short-haired; (3) sudden, brief (orrosta hr ok sngg); neut., snggt, as adv. soon, quickly ( dr snggt undan).
snkta, (-kta, -kt), v. to sob, whine.
snktan, f. sobbing.
snktr, m. sobbing.
snr, f. daughter-in-law.
snrgl, n, rattling in the throat.
snrgla (a) , v. to rattle in the throat (hon l ok snrglai).
sns (gen. snasar), f. projecting rock.
snttungr, m. robber.
so, n. broth (drekka soit).
so-ll, m. flesh-hook;
, m. cook;
-fullr, a. full of broth (so)
-greifi, m. cook;
-hs, n. kitchen
-ketill, m. cooking-kettle.
sona, (a), v. to become boiled.
soning, f. boiling, cooking.
so-reykr, m. steam from cooking
sofa (sef; svaf, svfum; slinn), v. to sleep; s. af um nttina, to sleep the night through; s. fast, to sleep hard, soundly; s.lfi, to sleep one's life away; fig. to be dormant.
sofari, m. sleeper (sjau sofarar).
sofinn, pp. asleep (drukku menn sv kaft, at hverr l s. snu rmi).
sofna, (a), v. to fall asleep; a. fast to fall fast asleep (hann sofnai fast ok lt ilia svefni); vera sofnar, to be asleep (eptir uni nttina er menn vru sofnair).
so-grr, -gorr, -gurr, a. so done; at -guru, as things stand, as matters are; -gurt ofan, to boot.
sokka-band, n. garter.
sokkr (-s, -ar), in. stocking.
sollr, m. swill (teygja tkr at solli).
soltinn, pp. (1) dead (s. var S. sunnan Rnar); (2) hungry, starving.
sonar-bani, m. slayer of one's son;
, n., etc., see 'snar-blt' (sonar- is probably the correct form = OE. sunor, herd of swine).
-btr, f. pl., -gjld, n. pl. weregild for a son;
-kvn, f. son's wife, daughter-in-law;
-skai, m. loss of one's son;
, m. son's son, grandson (synir eira ok sonarsynir).
son-lauss, a. sonless, = sonarlauss.
sonr (gen. sonar, dat. syni and sni; pl. synir, snir; acc. sonu and syni), m. son.
sopi, m. small draught, mouthful (B. ltr hann drekka tv sopa stra).
sopp-leikr, m. game at ball.
soppr, m. ball (sl sopp).
sorg (pl. -ir), f. sorrow (s. etr hjarta); lgja sorgir, to allay sorrows.
sorga-fullr, a. full of sorrow, sorrowful;
, a.freefrom care.
sorgar-bnar, m. mourning dress;
-bningr, m. mourning dress;
-hljmr, m. dismal sound;
-sainligr, a. sorrowful.
sorg-fullr, a. sorrowful;
. a. sad, distressing;
-mr, a. distressed, sad;
-mi, f distress;
-samligr, a., sad, sorrowful
-samr, a. sad, sorrowful.
sorp, n. sweepings (bera sorp eld).
sorp-haugr, m. mound of sweepings.
sorta, f. a black dye.
sorti, m. black cloud; s s. mikill fyrir augu eim, a great darkness came before their eyes.
sortna, (a), v. to grow black (sortnai hon sem kol).
sa, (a, pp. also sinn), v. (1) to destroy, sacriflce, with dat.; (2) sa

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