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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


snoinn, a. bald (E. gorist enn s.).
snora (a), v. = snura.
snoppa, f. snout, muzzle (of a horse).
snotr (acc. snotran), a. wise.
snotra (a), v. to make wise.
snotr-liga, adv. wisely (maala -liga).
snpa, (-ta), v. to be idle, snuffle.
snt (pl. -ir), f. gentlewoman.
snubba (a), v. to snub, chide.
snubba, snubban, f. snub, chiding.
snubra, (a), v. to sniff, snuffle.
snugga, (pres. snuggir), v. ? to look (horfa ok s. heljar til); snliga snuggir, kvu Finnar, it looks like snow, quoth the Finns.
sna, (sn; snra, or snera; sninn), v. (1) to turn, with dat.; snr jarl angat herinum, the earl turns his host thither; s. frii hendr e-m, to begin hostilities against one; s. aptr fer sinni, to turn back; (2) to turn, go; sneru eir yfir na, then they went across the river; eir sner mti eim ok birust vi , they turned against them and fought with them; s. aptr, to turn back; s. brott, to go away (marinn sneri brott); (3) to change, alter (hann sneri san nafni snu); s. skapi snu, to change one's mind; (4) to turn, twist, twine (sna vnd hrit); (5) to translate (sna Ltinu-brfinu norroenu); (6) impers., snr e-u, it is turned (snri mannfalli li Kirjala); it changes (brtt sneri fjrhaginum fyrir Teiti, er G. var brottu); (7) with preps., s. at e-m, to turn on one; snm vr n at eim, let us turn upon them; s. at brhlaupi, to prepare for; halt sv hendi yfir honum, at ngri hefnd s til hans snit, protect him so that no vengeance may befall him; s. e-u til leiar, to bring about; skiptir mik miklu, hversu vilt til s., what turn thou wilt take; s. e-u um, to turn upside down, upset (um snr llum, stunum); to change completely (hn kvast hafa tlat at s. ar um lands-lagi llu); s. undan, draw back, retreat, flee (en er Baglar s at, sneru eir undan); (8) refl., snast, to turn oneself (hafi Gunnarr snizt hauginum); s. at e-m, mti e-m, vi e-m, to turn upon one,face about, to meet an attack; sv snerist, at eir kmust engan lfs-hska, it turned out so, that they got into no danger of life; s. til leiar, to turn to the right way; s. tiI e-s um e-t, to turn to one for a thing (er at Ikast, at hann snist til vrrar ttar um vinfengit); s. undan, to draw back (sian vildi . undan s.).
snan-ligra. that can be turned.
snga (a), v. to win, gain; refl., Sngast, to gain for oneself.
snigr, a. swift (sungu ok slungu. snga steini); neut., snigt, as adv. swiftly; fara, ganga snigt, to march, walk at a swinging pace
sn-liga, adv. swiftly = snigt
snr, m. (1) twist, twirl (eirknttu saman ok gru sna endunum (2) profit, gain (hvern sn sj eir sinn v?).
sn-liga, adv. = snliga, snigt.
snna (a), v. to turn out, come to, be; hve mun Siguri s, fi, how will life turn out for Sigurd?
snning, f. (1) conversion (s. Pls postola); (2) turning
snyja (sny,snudda), v. to rush (hann fr snyjandi at leita rlfs).,
snykr, m. stench, stink (me flasta snyk; snykr ok efjan).
snyrti-liga, adv. neatly, smartly (bast -liga);
-ligr, a. smart, elegant;
-mar, m. gentleman.
snta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to blow the nose (s. sr); s. rauu, to get a bloody nose; (2) fig. to destroy; sntt hefir sifjungum, thou hast destroyed thine own children.
snta, f. worthless fellow.
sn-blandinn, pp. blended with snow (rannsaka -blandna mold).
sna (-dda, -ddr), v. to eat, take a meal (eir snddu ok drukku).
sning, f. meal, taking a meal (taka s.); sitja sningu, to sit at a meal; veita e-m s., to give one a dinner.
sningr, m. = sning (kalla e-n til snings).
sn-fall, n. fall of snow, = snjfall.
snæfr (acc. -ran), a. (1) tight, nar-

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