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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


snellt, adv. hastily, harshly (segja, svara s.).
snemma, older form snimma, adv. (1) quickly, soon (hann var s. mikill ok sterkr); (2) early (ganga s. at sofa); s. urn morgininn, early in the morning; with gen., s. dags, morgins, early in the day, morning; s. orrostunnar, in the beginning of the battle.
snemm-binn, pp. early, ready;
-brr, a. early lambing or calving;
-endis, adv. soon, early, = snemma;
-grr, a. early growing.
snemt, a. n. early (konungi tti heldr s. at vekja herinn).
snepill, m. snip, flap; eyra-snepill, the lobe of the ear.
sneriligr, a. = snarligr (s. karl).
snerkja (-ta, -tr), v. to contract, wrinkle (s. kinnr).
snerpa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to whet (s. xar snar); (2) impers., en er s. tk leiit, as the wind grew brisker; (3) refl., snerpast vi, to bestir oneself.
snerra, f. smart shock, onslaught.
snerta (snert; snart, snurtum; snortinn), v. (1) to touch (snart oddr sversins kvi Hrmundar); s. vi e-t, to touch (s. vid klaei e-s); (2) fig. to touch, concern (skn ok vrn mla eirra, er okkr snerta).
snerta (-rta), v. to quaff off quickly (snerti Hrungnir r hverri skl).
snerta, f. (1) short distance (B. var skginum ok snertu eina fr eim) (2) = snerra.
snerti-brr, a. impatient;
-rr, m. a smart, short pull.
sneya (-dda, -ddr), v. to bereave one of (s. e-n e-u).
sneypa (-ta, -tr), v. to disgrace, dis-honour (svviriliga sneypandi).
sneypa, f. disgrace, ignominy; fara sneypu, to suffer ignominy.
sneypi-liga, adv. disgracefully, shamefully (fara -liga fyrr e-m).
sneypu-fr, f. disgraceful journey.
sniddari, m. tailor.
sni-glma, f. a certain mode of wrestling; -hvass, a. keen cutting.
sniill, a. pruning-knife.
snifinn, pp. snowed-on (s. snjfi).
snigill (pl. sniglar), m. snail.
snild, f. masterly skill; eloquence.
snildar-brag, n. prowess;
-mar, m. great orator;
-or, n. pl. eloquent languge;
-verk, n. great or heroic deed (mrg ok gt -verk).
snilli, f. (1) = snild; (2) prowess.
snilli-brag, n. = snildarbrag.
snillingr (-s, -ar), m. heroic man.
snia (sni; snei, snium; sniinn), v. (1) to cut; s. e-t af e-u, to cut off (snei rlinn hfuit af jarli); s. e-t sundr, to cut asunder; s. til, to make a cut, to set about a thing; (2) to cut cloth, of tailoring.
snkinn, a. covetous.
snikja (-ta, -t), v. to hanker after (s. til e-s, eptir e-u).
snjall-mltr, a. eloquent, finespoken (-mltr ok skjtrdr).
snjallr, a. (1) well-spoken, eloquent (hverr var essi inn snjalli mar); S. talai langt erendi ok snjalli, S. made a long and eloquent speech; (2) good, excellent (hit bezta r ok snjallasta); (3) valiant, doughty (s. ok vel hugar); s. ertu sessi, thou art bold enough in thy seat.
snjall-raddar, a. ready-tongued;
-rr, a. wise in counsel;
-ri, n wise counsel good plan;
-talar, a. = snjall-mltr.
snj-drif, -fok, n. snow-drift.
snjfa (a), v. to snow, = snjfa.
snjr (gen. snjfar or snjvar), m. snow, = snjr, snr.
snj-byrgi, n. snow-shed;
-drif, n. snow-drift, snow raised by the wind;
drifinn, pp. drifted with snow.
snjfa (a),v. to snow (snjfai fjIl).
snj-fall, n. fall of snow;
-fok, n. = -drif;
-fl, n. thin cover of snow;
-fnn, f. snow-wreath;
-hri, f. snow storm;
-hvitr, a. snow-white;
-lauss, a. free from snow;
-ligr, a. snowy;
-minna, a. compar. with less snow;
-nm, n. melting of the snow, thaw.
snjr (gen. snjfar or snjvar), m. snow, = snjr, snr.
snj-samr, a. snowy (-samr vetr);
-skria, f. snow-slip, avalanche.
snjugr, a. snowy . (var hann s. allr).
snj-vetr, m. snowy winter (-vetr inn mikli).

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