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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


smyrsl, n. pl. ointment, unguent.
smkka (a), v. = smtta.
smlingi (pl. -jar), smlingr, m. small man, poor man.
smtta (a) v. to grow small.
snag-hyrndr, a. 'snag-cornered,' with sharp points (-hyrnd x).
snaka, (a), v. to rummage, snuff about (1. snakai um hs hennar).
snapa (-ta), v. to sniff, snuffle.
snap-viss, a. snuffling, parasitical.
snara (a), v. (1) to turn quickly, twist, wring; K. snarar skjldinn sv fast, at spjtit brotnai, K. twists the shield so smartly that the spear broke; hann snarar af honum hfuit, he wrings off his head; (2) to translate (s. bk upp norrnu);
(3) s. atgngunai, to push or press the attack; (4) to throw, fling, with dat. (. snarai hallinum ok broddinum); (5) to make a quick turn, step quickly (hn snarar egarinn hj honum); (6) refl., snarast, to turn oneself (pass) quickly (hann snarast fram hj eim); S. snarast t r stofunni, then S. hastens out of the room; s. vi e-m, to turn quickly towards one (M. snaraist vi honum ok mIti); s. karlft,to dress in man's clothes.
snara, f. (1) snare; leggja snrur fyrir e-n, to lay or spread snares for one; (2) halter (gIginn var reistr ok snaran ar vi fest).
snar-brna (-da, -dr), v. to whet keenly;
-eygr, a. keen-eyed
-eygr, a. keen-eyed.
snarfla (a), v. = snrgla.
snar-leikr, m. quickness, smartness;
-liga, adv. quickly;
-ligr, a. (1) keen, quick(-lig augu); (2) smart, sprightly, (ltill mar ok -ligr);
-lyndr, a. quick of mind (brr, snarlynd).
snarp-eggiar,-eggr, a. keen-edged;
-leikr, m. (1) roughness; -leikr nfra, the roughness of the bark; (2) severity (-leikr frosts); (3) smartness, dash (-leikr orrostum);
-liga, adv. sharply, with a dash (ganga fram vel ok -liga);
-ligr, a. sharp, dashing (me fylktu lii ok -ligu);
-mannligr, a. = -ligr.
snarpr, a. (1) rough to the touch (snarpt hrkli); (2) keen, sharp, of a weapon (snrp x, snarpt sver); (3) vehement, hard (snrp atganga, orrosta); inn snarpasti kuldi, the bitterest cold; (4) smart, dashing, of persons (manna snarpastr orrostum); (5) barren, rugged, = skarpr (land illt ok snarpt).
snarr, a. (1) swift (snarir vindar); (2) gallant, bold, smart; (3) keen (snr augu): (4) sharp, penetrating (s. til skynsemdar); (5) neut., snart, as adv. soon, quickly (rann hann at sem snarast).
snar-rr, a. quick and resolute;
-ri, n. presence of mind, smart feat;
-skygn, -snn, a. keen-eyed.
snar-spjt, n. javelin,= snrisspjt.
snar-vlr, m. a stick by which a cord is tightened.
snauligr, a. bare, poor.
snaur, a. stripped, poor, bereft; s. atf, penniless; snauarkonur, beggar-women; snauir menn, poor men, beggars; snau or, .plain words.
snkr (-s, -ar), m. snake (poet.).
snldr, m. snout (of a serpent).
snp-liga, adv. clownishly, like a dolt;
-ligr, a. clownish, foolish.
snpr (-s. -ar), m. dolt,fool ( mant virr sem hinn heimskasti s.).
snp-skapr, m. folly.
snefugr, a. fleet, swift (snask at sandi snefgir kjlar).
snei (pl. -ir), f. (1) slice (sneiir margar); (2) taunt, slight; hverr essa s., who is meant by this slight? stinga e-m S., to cut with sarcasm.
sneia (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to cut into slices, = snia; (2) to taunt, make game of, with dat. (slkt er illa rnlt at s. honum afgmlum); (3) to walk zigzag, (s mar, er bratta brekku sneiir); (4) s. hj e-u, to pass by (Katla mlti, at ormr skyldi ar ekki hj gari s. ); eigi man ek hj eim kosti s., decline the offer.
sneii-gata, f. zigzag path.
sneis, f. wooden pin.
sneisar-hald, n. the part of a sausage in which the pin is stuck.
snekkja, f. a swift-sailing ship (A. tti langskip, at var s. tvtugsessa).
snellast (d), v. to lift up one's voice ( havern snelldist ?).

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