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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


pl. petty suits;
-sandar, m. pl. plains of fine sand;
-skip, n. small ship;
-skitlegr, a. insignificant (ltill ok sm-skitlegr);
-skgar, m. pl. copsewood;
-skta, f. small craft;
-smugall, a. creeping through the smallest hole; fig. minute, subtle;
-smugliga, adv. minutely;
-smugligr, a. minute;
-smygli, f. minuteness, subtlety;
-spengr, f. pl. small spangles;
-steinn, m. pebble;
-sveinar, m. pl. small boys;
-sveinligr, a. boyish;
-svik, n. pl. petty tricks;
-syndir, f. pl. petty sins.
smtta, f. narrow lane.
sm-tnn, f. small tooth;
-varningr, m. small wares;
-vfa, f. tiny ghost;
-vii, n. shrubbery;
-vgr, a. insignificant;
-armar, m. pl. small guts;
-ing, n. small object;
-gr, a. content with little.
smeittr, pp. enamelled (s. sull).
smellr, m. smacking sound, crack.
smelt, n. enamelling.
smeltr, a. enamelled (s. skjldr).
smeygja (-a, -t), v. to slip, with dat.; smeygi hann lykkjunni af hlsi sr, he slipped the loop off is neck; hann smeygi sik brkunum, he pulled the trousers on; refl., smeygjast, to free oneself (smeygist Egill af stafnum); s. undan af sannindunum, to slip away from the truth.
smeykligr, a. insinuating, cringing.
smi-belgr, m. smith's bellows.
smija, f. smithy.
smiju-belgr, m. = smibelgr;
-b, f. a booth used as a smity;
-dyrr, f. pl. door of a smithy;
-hs, n. smithy;
-sveinn, m. smithy boy;
-verk, n. smithy-work.
smir (-s; pl. -ar and -ir), m. smith, wright, worker in metal or wood.
smi-reim, f. the rim running along the back of a scythe-blade to give it strength (ljr mr upp smireim);
-vlar, f. pl. smith's artifices.
sm (pl. -ir), f. (1) making, building (var at hs allmjk vandat at allri s.); vera at sm, to be at the work (H. var n byrgr einu hsi, ok var hann ar at sminni); vera s., to be building (hann s mann uppi kirkju eiri, er s. var); (2) work of skill or art, structure (Bifrst er gr me list ok kunnttu meiri en arar smir).
sma (a), v. to work in wood or metals, to make, build, erect (s. skla, kirkju); refl., smast, to proceed, take shape, in a smith's hands (tk hann ok smai, ok smaist ekki sem hann vildi).
smar-efni, n. materials for some work;
-kaup, n. wages for work;
-kol, n. pl. smith's coals;
-lyi, n. flaw in the workmanship (sj -lti e-u);
-tl, n. pl. smith's tools;
-x, f. carpenter's adze.
smi, n. = sm (kirkja vndu bi at vium ok s.; vandat s.).
smis-kaup, n. = smarkaup.
smjga (smg; smaug or sm, smugum; smoginn), v. (1) to creep through an opening; smugu eir milli spalanna, they crept between the bars; smgr hann nir undir hj henni, he creeps under the bed-clothes; to put on a garment with only a round hole to put the head through (gullbrynju sm); (2) to pierce (kom lsr brnina ok sm egar gegnum).
smjr (dat. smjrvi), n. butter (brau ok s.).
smjr-gi, n. good produce of butter;
-gr, f. butter-making;
-kaup, n. purchase of butter;
-laupr, m. butter-chest;
-lauss, a. short of butter;
-spann, n. a measure of butter;
-trog, n. butter-trough;
-tunna, f. butter-cask.
smjrugr, a. greasy.
smokkr, m. smock (s. var bringu).
smuga, f. narrow cleft to creep through, small hole (hvergi fannst s. ).
smugall, a. penetrating.
smurning, f. anointing; hin sasta s., extreme unction.
smurningar-kli, n. pl. the dress in which one receives extreme unction.
smyl, n. the evil one, = grm (rare).
smyrill (pl. smyrlar), m. merlin.
smyrja (smyr, smura, smurr), v. to anoint (s. konung til veldis); to rub with ointment (hann smuri hrund hennar me gum smyrslum).

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