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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


slgar-brag, n. cunning trick;
-mar, m. sly fellow.
slgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to cheat, entice, ensnare (s. hug e-s ok hjarta); (2) impers., e-n slgir til e-s, one has a mind to, desires; eigi slgir mik hr til langvista Norvegi, I am not tempted to linger here in Norway; (3) refl., slgjast til e-s, to seek for a thing, of gain; hr er til ltils at ., but little profit to be had; rr unni henni ltit, hafi hann mjk slgzt til fjr, Th. loved her but little, and had married her for her money's sake.
slgja, f. gain, = slgr.
slg-leikr, m. = slg;
-liga, adv. cunningly;
-ligr, a. sly, cunning (slgligt r)
-pungr, m. a purse to hold one's gain.
slgr, m. gain, profit; vil ek sj hann ok vira fyrir mr, hverr s. mr ykkir vera, and consider what I think he is worth; ykki mr meiri s. til hans, I think there is more good in him.
slgr (acc. -jan), a. sly, cunning, crafty (s. skaplyndi).
slg-vitr, a. crafty, = slgr.
slma (-da, -dr), v. to make a side blow at one (hann slmir til hans xinni); with acc., s. undan e-m ftrna, to cut off one's feet.
slmr, m. the third and last division of a poem (drpa).
slkkva (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to extinguish, put out (heimamenn slktu eldinn); (2) to slake, quench (s. hungr, orsta).
slngva (-a), v. to throw with a sling, fling, hurl; with dat. (slngvir hann stokkinum t af ekjunni).
slngva, f. sling (tk D. sr slngu hnd); cf. 'val-slngva.'
smala-fer, -fr, f. tending sheep in the pastures;
-gangr, m. sheep-walk;
-hestr, m. shepherd's horse;
-mar, m. shepherd;
-nyt, f. sheep's milk;
-sveinn, m. = -mar;
-fa, f. shepherd's mound; sitja smalafu, to tend sheep.
smali, m. (1) small cattle, esp. sheep; (2) cattle.
smaragr, m. emerald.
sm (sma, smr), v. to scorn, slight, revile (s. e-n orum).
sm-barn, n. little child, baby;
-btr, m. little boat;
-borinn, pp. of low birth;
-bndi, bandi, m. small farmer;
-djflar, m. pl. petty devils, imps;
-dr, n. pl. -dri, n. small animals;
-ey, f. little island;
-ferja, f. small ferry;
-fiski, f. catching small fish (ra at -fiski);
-fiskar, m. pl. small fishes;
-fuglar, m. pl. small birds;
-geislar, m. pl. faint beams;
-greinir, f. pl. small matters;
-grjt, n. small stones, pebbles;
-hlutir, m. pl. trifles;
-hringar, m. pl. small circles, rings;
-hundar, m. pl. small dogs, curs;
-hs, n. pl. small houses;
-kjrr, n. pl. scrub, brushwood;
-konungar, m. pl. kinglets;
-koppar, m. pl. small cups, slight hollows;
-kornttr, a. small-grained;
-kvistir, m. pl. small twigs;
-kvmr, a. narrow-minded;
-ltr, a. content with little;
-leikr, m. trifling game;
-leitr, a. small-featured;
-ligr, a. trifling;
-lrisveinar, m. pl. little disciples;
-lti, stinginess, opp. to 'strlti';
-lkir, m. pl. small brooks;
-lnd, n. pl. small lands, islands;
-mannligr, a. mannikin-like;
-menn, m. pl. insignificant persons;
-menni, n. insignificant person;
-munir, m. pl. trifles;
-mltr, pp. lisping.
smn, f. shame, disgrace (essi s. ok svviring, er grir mr).
smnar-fer, f. disgraceful journey;
-lauss, a. not disgraceful.
sm-neyti, n. small cattle, calves;
-piltr, m. lad.
smr (sm, smtt), a. (1) small, little (mrg skip ok sm); (2) neut., hann seldi smtt varninginn, he sold by retail; hggva smtt, to strike small blows; hann kvast eigi mundu smtt sj, he said he would deal liberally in the matter; smtt ok smtt, bit by bit, by degrees; (3) smm, bit by bit, slowly (fara smm).
sm-rakki, m. little dog;
-rr, a. aiming at small things;
-regn, n. drizzle;
-rki, n. petty kingdom;
-rar, m. pl. small relief;
-sakar, f.

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