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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ver, the gale drove him out of his course; (3) fig. to break, break off, with acc.; s. ing, to break off, dissolve a meeting; with dat. (s. ingi, flokki, veizlunni); r inginu s slitit, before the meeting be dissolved; (4) to rend, tear (brynja hans var slitin til nts); kli sundr slitin, torn asunder; (5) to wear-out; hann mun eigi mrgum skyrtunum s., he will not wear out many shirts, not live long; slitnir skr, worn-out shoes; (6) s. r e-u, to decide, settle (hann kva lgmann r essu s. skyldu); (7) impers. to be torn away (sleit af honum mann bti); with dat., sltr ar tali eirra, there the talk ended; sleit Fra fri fjnda milli, Frodi's peace was broken between the foes; borgir ok kastalar ok orp, sv at hvergi sltr, in an unbroken line; ar til er r sltr me eim, till it comes to an end; (8) refl., sltast, to tear oneself loose (s. r hndum e-m).
sljfa (a), v. to make blunt; refl., sljfast, to grow blunt or dull (sn, minni sljfast).
sljfgast (a), v. refl. = sljfast.
slj-leikr, m. dullness;
-liga, adv. slowly, dully (reia sljliga sverin);
-ligr, a. slow, dull, feeble.
sljr (slj, sljtt), a. (1) blunt (slj sver); (2) faint-hearted.
slora (a), v. to drag or trail oneself along (sloruu eir vestr af heiinni).
slokinn, a. extinguished (egar at ljs vru slokin).
slokna (a), v. to expire, go out (eldr, ljs, log sloknar).
sloknar, pp. extinguished, = slokinn ( er s. var eldrinn).
sloppr (-s, -ar), m. loose gown; esp. of a priest's white gown (skrddr sloppum ok kantarakpum).
slota (a), v. to hang down (li hans lt s. hendr nir me su ok hfust ekki at); s. vi, to be idle, slink away.
sl, f. track, trail (su menn s. liggja fr skipunum, v at dgg hafi fallit); cf. 'dggsl.'
sla-hrs, n. brushwood for slar.
sli, m. a truss of branches trailed along; draga sla, to drag a slot or trail; fig., meira sla mun draga, it will be attended with more serious consequences.
slttigr, a. sly, cunning, wily.
slunginn, pp., see 'slyngva'.
slyra, f. fibre.
slyngr, a. dextrous, clever (hann var s. vi allar rttir).
slyngva (slyng; slng, slungum; slunginn), v. with dat. to sling, throw, fling (v nst slyngr Surtr eldi yfir jrina); sungu ok slungu snga steini, they sang and swung the swift millstone; var essu kaupi slungit, this bargain was struck; vandkvi er slungit, we are in difficulties; dggu slunginn, bedewed; slunginn vafrloga, encircled by a flickering flame; horna-tog ver slungit af silfri, twisted of silver.
slyppr, a. unarmed, weaponless (n kalla ek, at Hrafn s sigrar, er hann er slyppr).
slys, n. (1) mishap, mischance, accident (s. mun at ykkja, er hann hj hnd af konu sinni); (2) wrong-doing, mischief (erfitt mun r vera at bta ll s. Hallgerar).
slysa-laust, adv. without mischance or accident;
-vnt, a. n. unlucky (e-m ykkir -vnt).
slys-fer, -fr, f. ill-fated journey (fara -frum);
-gjarnt, a. n. e-m verr -gjarnt, one has bad luck.
slysinn, a. mischievous.
slys-liga, adv. unfortunately; vildi mr sv -liga til, at ek braut spjt mitt, I had the ill-luck to break my spear; takast s., to come off badly.
slyttinn, a. flabby, sluggish, lazy.
slyttu-mannliga, adv. sluggishly.
slfa (a), v. = sljfa; refl., slfaist skap jarlsins, his wrath abated.
sl-liga, adv. without energy, = sljliga (ra, skja at -liga).
slr (sl, sltt), a. = sljr.
sla (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to trail; fax sv stt, at slddi jr, that it trailed on the ground; (2) to spread manure, by means of 'sla-hrs'.
slur, f. pl. a gown that trails along the ground (s. af silki, pelli).
slg, f. slyness, cunning.

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