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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


sleggja, f. sledge-hammer; vera milli steins ok sleggju, to come between the hammer and the anvil.
sleggju-skapt, n. handle of a sledge-hammer.
sleiking, f. licking (hunda s.).
sleikja (-ta, -tr), v. to lick (krin gekk opt ofan fjruna ok sleikti steinana).
sleipr, a. slippery (ar var sleipt).
sleita, f. shuffle, subterfuge, esp. pl., drekka vi sleitur, to drink unfairly.
sleiti-liga, adv. shuffingly; unfairly (drekka -liga).
sleitu-dmr, m. sham-court;
-laust, adv., drekka -laust, without heel-taps;
-liga, adv. = sleitiliga.
slekt, f. kind, order (riddara s.).
slen, n. sloth, dullness;
-samr, a., -skapligr, a. slothful, lazy;
-skapr, m. slothfulness, laziness.
slentr, n. idle lounging.
sleppa (slepp; slapp, sluppum; sloppinn), v. (1) to slip, glide (sleggjan slapp r hendi honum); sluppu honum ftr, his feet slipped; (2) to slip away, escape (ef rlfr skal s.); (3) to slip, fail; ef yr sleppr at festa hendr Birni, if you fail to get hold of Bjorn.
sleppa (-ta, -t), v. to make slip out of one's hands, let slip; orgils hafi sleppt xinni, Th. had let go of the axe.
sleppi-fengr, a. butter-fingered.
sleppt, adv. feebly; me v at eim hafi sv s. til tekizt, as they had had such poor success.
sletta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to slap; hann sletti fltu sverinu um herar honum, he slapped him with the flat of the sword; (2) to dash, splash (A. reif upp skyrkyllinn ok sletti framan fang Grettis).
sltta (-tta, -ttr), v. to make plain, level; fig., s. yfir e-t, to smooth over a thing, amend, remedy (hafit r vel yfir sltt vanhyggju mna).
sltta, f. a plain, level field.
sltt-fjallar, a. smooth-skinned;
-lendi, n. flat country;
-lendr, a. flat of land;
-mll, a. smooth-spoken;
-mlgi, f.,
-mli, n. smooth language;
-orr, a. = -mll.
slttr, a. plain, flat, even, smooth; s. vllr, level field; s. sjr, smooth sea; segja snar farar eigi slttar, to tell of one's journey not having been smooth, to report a failure; neut., sltt, as adv. straight, quite (gengu eir sltt t af borunum); smoothly, well (tala sltt); eigi mundi ferin takast sltt, the journey would not go smoothly.
sltt-yri, n. pl. = sltt-mli.
slit, n. (1) tearing (rif ok s.); (2) tear and wear; kpa komin at sliti, a worn-out cloak; (3) rupture, breach (sifja-slit, fri-slit).
slitna (a), v. (1) to break, snap, of a cord, rope, string (festr mun s.); (2) to end, break up ( vilt, at okkarr kaupmli slitni).
slitri, slitti, n. rags, tatters.
slr, a. fierce, cruel, fearful (hefndir slrar ok srar).
slr, n. pl. = slrar.
slra (a), v. to sheathe, put in the scabbard (s. knf, sver).
slrar or slrir, f. pl. sheath, scabbard (stinga sver s.; draga, brega sveri r slrum).
slr-beitr, a. sharp as a a razor;
-fengligr, a. dire, fearful (senna -lig).
slkr, a. (1) such; s. mar, such a man; s. sem (or er), such as; s. sv, such like, similar (slkir sv menn); annarr s., another of the same kind; (2) this, that (r skulut slku ra); (3) neut., slkt, as adv. in such wise, so; slkt er r lkar, as it pleases thee; slkan, similarly, in a like manner (hygg ek, at slkan mun hafa farit um annat).
slm, n. slime (egar eptir at heit dr af slmit auganu).
slpari, m. whetter, sharpener.
slta (slt; sleit, slitum; slitinn), v. (1) to snap, break, a string, cord, rope (sirnir sndu honum silkibandit ok bu hann s.); s. sundr, to break asunder (s. sundr sv mjtt band); (2) to tear, pull; Loki sleit upp mistiltein, L. pulled up the mistletoe; slta n, hr, to tear a corpse; s. e-n af sr, to throw one off (S. vildi s. hann af sr); sleit hann undan

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