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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mount with (jrnum sleginn); (4) to cut grass, mow (s. hey, tu, tn, eng); (5) to slay, kill (sns brur sl hann handbana); (6) fig., sl kaupi, to strike a bargain; s. mli stt, to refer a matter to arbitration; s. fylking, to draw up a line of battle; s. hring um, to surround; s. manngar, mannhring, to form a ring of men round; s. eldi e-t, to set fire to; s. landtjldum, to pitch a tent, or also, to strike a tent, take it down; s. festum, to unmoor a ship; s. netjum, to put out the nets; s. hundum lausum, to slip the hounds; (7) with preps., s. e-t af, to cut off; s. e-n af, to kill, slaughter; s. e-t, to take to a thing; s. glens ok glmur, to take to play and sport; s. heit, to take to making a vow; s. e-u sik, to take upon one-self; s. sik stt, to feign illness; s. sik lf, to show anger or ill-will; ekki skaltu slku ik s., do not betake thyself to that; impers., sl hann hltri, he was taken with a fit of laughter; sl tta marga, many were seized with fear; v slr , at, it so happens that; ljssi sleri (= sl) fyrir hann, a light flashed upon him; s. deilu, to begin quarrelling (eitt kveld, er eir drukku, slgu eir deilu mikla); impers., slr e-t, it arises; slr egar bardaga, it came to a fight; s. nir e-u, to put an end to; n er nir slegit allri vinttu, now there is an end to all friendship; s. sr nir, to lie down, take to one's bed; s. e-n nir, to kill; s. e-u saman, to join (eir sl saman llu liinu eina fylking); s. til e-s, to aim a blow at one, strike at one; s. undan hfu-bendunum, to slacken the stays; s. e-u upp, to spread a report; s. upp herpi, to raise the war-cry; impers., loganum sl upp r kerldunum, the flame burst out of the vessels; s. t e-u, to pour out ( er full er mundlaugin, gengr hn ok slr t eitrinu); s. e-u vi, to take into use ( var slegit vi llum bnai); s. vi segli, to spread the sail; ek hefi nliga llu vi slegit, v er ek hefi minni fest, I have put forth almost all that I recollected; s. beizli vi hest, to put a bridle on a horse; e-u slr yfir, it comes over, arises (slr yfir oku sv myrkri, at engi eirra s annan); (8) refl., slst aptr, to draw back (gta ess, at eigi slgist aptr liit); s. e-t, to take to a thing (s. svikri vi e-n); s. tal vi e-n, to enter into conversation with; s. bak e-m, to go behind another; s. fram, to move (rush) forward; slst hn fram at eldinum, she rushed to the fireside; s. fr me e-m, to join one in a journey; s. sveit me e-m, to join one's party; slgust Sureyjar vkingar, vikings invaded the Hebrides; s. til ferar me e-m = s. fr me e-m.
sl (sla, slr), v. to bar (hliit var slt rammliga).
sl (pl. slr), f. bar, bolt, cross-beam (s. ein var um vert skipit).
slni, m. lanky fellow.
slpr, m. a good-for-nothing.
sltr, n. flesh-meat (hafi Loki etit s. allt af beinum).
sltra (a), v. to slaughter, with dat. (ar hafi sltrat verit uxa einum).
sltra-efni, n. cattle (sheep) for slaughtering;
-starf, n. slaughtering.
sltr-diskr, m. a plate with meat;
-f, n. slaughter-cattle;
-fng, n. pl. provision (supply) of flesh-meat;
-gripr, m. a head of cattle for slaughter;
-saur, m. a sheep for slaughter;
-trog, n. a trough with meat;
-vist, f. flesh food;
-uxi, m. slaughtered ox.
sltta, f. (1) mowing; (2) mowing season (at var um ndverar slttur); (3) grass for mowing; (4) money stamped or struck, coin; Haralds s., the bad coin of King Harold.
slttr (gen. -ar, dat. sltti), m. (1) mowing; (2) playing (a harp).
slttu-kaup, n. mower's wages;
-mar, m. mower;
-tmi, m. mowing season (um ndveran -tma).
slea-mar, m. sledge-traveller.
sledda, f. large knife.
sle-fri, n. sledging (-fri gott).
slei, m. sledge.
sle-meir, m. sledge-runner.
slefa, f. slaver (lfrinn grenjar, ok s. renn r munni hans).

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