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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a thing;
-lyndr, a. impatient, rash;
-mlgi, f rash speech;
-orliga, adv. in a few words;
-orr, a. quick-spoken, ready of tongue.
skjtr, m. vehicle, horse.
skjtr, a. swift fleet (s. hestr); quick, short (skjt svr); neut., skjtt, as adv. speedily (hn bj sik skjtt).
skjt-rit, pp. n. hastily decided;
-rr, a. quick (rash) in resolving;
-ri, n. rashness;
-svarinn, pp. rashly sworn.
skjttr, a. piebald (of a horse).
skjt-yri, n. pl. hasty words.
skjöldr (gen. skjaldar, dat. skildi pl. skildir, acc. skjldu), m. shield; hafa e-n at skildi fyrir sr, to have another as a shield before one; bera efra (hrra) skjld, to have the best of it, to gain the day; jna undir ann skjld, to serve under that standard; leika tveim skjldum, to play a double game; koma opna skjldu, to attack in flank (from the left); skjta skildi yfir e-n, to protect one.
skjplast (a), v. refl. to jail (kva Sigmundr harm skjplazt hafa ferinni) to give way.
skoa (a), v. to look after, view, review (konungr hali skoat li sitt) refl., skoast um, to look about.
skoan, f. viewing, examination.
skokkr (-s, -ar), m. chest, trunk.
skola (a), v. to wash; also impers. (skolai til hafs llu r skipinu).
skol-brnn, a. swarthy, brown.
skolla (-da, skollat), v. to hang over, dangle; it) to skulk away, keep aloof.
skolli, m. fox Reynard (hann spuri, hvrt s. vri inni).
skollr, m. skulking, deceit (nkkurr s. var skapi band-karla).
skoll-vss, a. 'skilled in tricks', deceitful (-vs kona).
skolpr (-s, -ar), m. a turner's chisel.
skoltr (-s, -ar), m. jaw.
skons, m. sconce, lantern.
skop, n. mocking, = -skaup.
skopa (a), v. (1) to mock, scoff, skeypa; (2) to take a run (s. skei).
skopt, n. hair (s. heitir hr).
skor (pl. -ar), f. (1) score, notch, incision; (2) a rift in a rock or precipice (hleypr hann ofan fyrir skorina).
skora (a), v. (1) to chafe, rub, gall (jarnin skoruu mjk at beini); (2) to make a score or incision in (sumir ganga at me bolxar ok skora fti filunum); s. e-t sundr, to cut asunder; (3) to challenge; s. e-m (or e-n) hlm (til hlmgngu, til hlms, til einvgis), to challenge to a duel; (4) s. e-n, to call upon, request strongly (eir skoruu hann fast); s. e-n til e-s, to call upon one for a thing (s. . e-n til liveizlu, fulltings); s. e-n til hlmgngu, to challenge one to fight; (5) to urge insist upon (fast skorar at); s. e-t ml vi e-n, to broach a matter to one (konungr skorar etta ml vi hana sjlfa); (6) s. e-t , to stipulate (. skorai at , at); (7) to score, count by tallies (hann lt s. liit).
skor-bildr, m. scoring-axe.
skora, f. stay, prop (setja skorur undir skip); fig., reisa (setja) skorur vi e-u, to put a stop to, take precautions against.
skora (a), v. to prop, support by shores (eir skoruu skipit).
skorin-orr, a. clear-spoken.
skorpinn, a. shrivelled (s. belgr: skorpit skinn).
skorpna (a), v. to shrivel up (skorpnar skr at fti mr); fig. skorpnar at, it presses hard (r mun ykkja mjk at s.).
skor-steinn, m. chimney.
skort, pp. n., used as adv., short of; var hann ar litit s. viku, he was there little short of a week.
skorta (-rti, -rt), v. to be lacking to one (eigi mun ik karlmenska s.); mostly impers., e-n skortir e-t, one is in want of, is short of; ekki skortir ykkr huga,.vou do not lack heart; e-n skortir vi e-n, to be one's inferior, fall short of one; honum tti sik s. vi oss, he thought he fell short of us; skortir e-t. it is lacking; at er skorti, what was lacking.
skortr, m. want, lack, scarcity.
skot, n. (1) shooting, shot, (ttist,. eigi hafa skotit betra s.); (2) the thing shot missile, = skeyti (ef fleiri s. eru hwalnum); (3) appeal; er til hans niiklu minna s. en margir lta yfir,

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