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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


there is less appeal to (less worth in) him than folks say; (4) a narrow dark passage, running along the wall of the ancient hall (gekk hann inn ok s., er var um eldahsit).
Skotar, m. pl. the Scots (Skota jarl).
skot-bakki, m. 'shooting-bank' butts (fru eir -bakka ok vndust vi skot);
-eldr, m. Greek fire (?)
-eygr, a. restless of eye;
-f, n. = -hlutr;
-fimi, f. skill in archery;
-fri, n. shot-range; koma fri, to come within shot; liggja frum vi, to be within bow-shot;
frr, a. skilful as an archer;
-henda, -hending, f. half rhyme;
-hendr, a. composed in the metre -henda;
m. shooter's share;
-hri, f. shower of missiles;
-hvalr, m. a dead whale with a harpoon in it;
-mar, m. shooter, harpooner;
-ml, n. range; langt -ml, a long range; koma -ml, to come within range;
-peningr. m. pocket-money, subsistence-money.
skotra (a), v. to shove, push, with dat. (berserkinir, skotruu Gretti).
skot-silfr, n. = -peningar;
m. target; hafa e-n at skotspni, to make a butt of one.
skotta (a), v. to move to and fro (jarl lt s. vi skip sn, ok Iagi ekki at sinni til orrustu).
skot-teinn, m. a stick used as a mark;
-vagn, m. catapult;
-vpn, n. missile;
-vndr, m. a wand to be shot;
-yri, n. pl. scoffs, taunts.
skozkr, a. Scottish, Scotch.
sk-broddr, m. ice-spur (vera -broddum);
-ft, n. pl. shoes.
skgar-bjrn, m. wood-bear, common bear;
-braut, f. forest-path;
-brenna, f. forest-fire;
-bi, m. a dweller near a wood;
-dr, n. wood deer;
-gata, f. forest-path;
-geit, f. wood-goat, wild goat
hls, m. wooded neck or ridge;
-horn, n. = -nef;
-hunang, n. wild honey;
hgg, n. tree-fellng;
-kjarr, n. brush-wood;
-mar, m. outlaw;
-nef, n. out-skirt of a wood;
-rjr, n. clearing in a wood;
-runnr, m. thicket;
-skipti, n. division of a wood;
-spell, n. damage done to a wood;
-sra, f. wood-sorrel, cuckoo's meat;
-ull, f. cotton;
-vndr, m. wand from the forest;
-x, f. wood-axe.
skg-barn, n. 'wood-bairn';
-bjarn, m. wood-bear;
-gangr, m. outlawry.
skgangs-mar, m. outlaw, = -skgarmar;
-stefna, f. trial for outlawry;
-sk, f. a case or suit involving outlawry;
-fi, n. theft punishable with outlawry.
skg-land, n. wood-land;
-lauss, a. woodless;
-ttr, a. wooded, woody.
skgr (-ar, -ar), m. wood, forest (var s. milli fjalls ok fjru); fara skg; to go foresting; stefna e-m til skgar, to summon a person with intent to outlaw him; leysa e-n r skgi, to free one from outlawry.
skg-vaxinn, pp. overgrown with wood;
vndr: m. = skgar-vndr.
n. shoes, = -ft.
skóla-bróðr, m. school-fellow;
klerkr, m. scholar;
-meistari, m. school-master;
-nafn, n. school nickname;
-sveinn, m. schoolboy.
sk-lauss, a. shoeless, barefoot.
skli, m. school (eir vru bir saman skla).
sk-nl, n. cobblers needle.
skr (gen. sks, pl. skar, later skr), m. (1) shoe; kippa skm ftr sr, to pull on one's shoes; leysa ska af e-m, to untie a person's shoes; (2) horse-shoe (tt skarnir hryti undan hestum eira).
sk-smir, m. 'shoe-smith', shoemaker;
sveinn, m. waiting-man, servant;
vtr, a. wet on the shoes, wet-footed;
vengr, m. shoe-string, latchet (skfair skvengir).
m. tailor.
skraf, n. chat, talk.
skrafa (a), v. to prate, chat; recipr., skrafast vi, to talk together.
skraf-finnr, m. chatterbox.
-karl, m. chatterbox.
skrap, n. (1) clattering; (2) chat, tittle-tattle: (3) lumber, trumpery.
skrapa, (a), v. (1) to clatter; (2) to prate; (3) to scratch out.
skrapla (a), v. to grate, clatter.
skratta-karl, m., vile wizard; wicked sorcerer.
skratti, m. vile wizard; wicked sorcerer.
skraut, n. ornament, finery.

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