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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skjlfa, (skelf; skalf, skulfum; skolfit), v. to shiver, shake, quiver (honum tti s. bi jr ok himinn); eygi henni hendr skulfu, her hands faltered not at all.
skjlf-hendr, a. with trembling hand, tremulous.
skjlfra, (a), v. to shiver, shake.
skjlfta-fullr, a. shivering.
skjlfti, m. shivering.
skjlgr, a. (1) wry, oblique; (2) squinting, as a nickname (rlfr s.).
skjlgr, m., in the phrase, skjta skjlg augunum, to look askance.
skjr (pl. skjir), m. a window frame with a transparent membrane over it, fitting to the opening (ljri) in the roof, or to the window in the sidewall (cf. 'hliskir').
skj-vindauga,f. membrane window.
skjta, f. a small skin-bag.
skju-pungr, m. skin-purse.
skjl, n. shelter, cover; skjta skjli yfir e-n, to give shelter to.
skjla, f. pail, bucket.
skjta (skt; skaut, skutum; skotinn), v. (1) to shoot with a weapon, with dat. (s. ru, spjti, klfi); vera skotinn spjti gegnum, to be shot through with a spear; s. af boga, to shoot with a bow,; with the object shot at in acc. (s. dr, mann, sel, fugl); s. at e-m, til e-s, to shoot at one; s. til hfis, to shoot at a mark; (2) to shoot push or shove quickly; s. br af, to draw the bridge off or away; s. skildi fyrir sik, to put a shield before one; s. loku fyrir, to shoot the bolt, lock the door; s. fr lokum, to unlock; s. e-u fyrir bor, to 'shoot' overboard; s. skipum vatn, to launch ships; s. bti, to launch a boat from the shore. s. tan bti, to shove out a boat; s. hesti uridir e-n, to put a horse under one, to mount him; var mr hr skotit land, I was put ashore here; s. e-u nir, to thrust it down (hann skaut sv fast nir skildinum, at); s. e-m brott or undan, to let one escape; s. undan peningum, to abstract, embezzle money; s. e-u hug e-m to suggest to one ( skaut gu v ri hug eim); s. upp hvtum skildi, to hoist a white shield; s. upp vita, s. eldi vita, to light up a beacon; s. land-tjaldi, to pitch a tent; s. fylking, to draw up in battle array; s. husingi, to call a meeting together; s. eyrendi, to make a speech; s. ftum undir sik, to take to one's heels, to run; barnit skaut ndu upp, the child began to breathe; s. e-u of xl, to throw off one's shoulder; (3) to transfer a case to another; vr tlf dmendr, er mlum essum er t il skotit, to whom these suits are handed over; skt ek vi til gs ok gra manna, at, I call God and all good men to witness, that; (4) to pay (hann skaut eirm fyrir sveitunga sna alla); (5) impers., e-u sktr upp, it shoots up, emerges, comes forth; upp sktr jrunni r snum, then the earth rises from the sea; skaut upp jru dag fr degi, the earth appeared day by day (as the snow melted); at r skyti v hug, though it shot into thy mind, occurred to thee; eim skaut skelk bringu, they were panic-stricken; sem klfi skyti, swift as a dart; (6) refl., skjtast, to shoot, start, move quickly; hann skauzt ftr, he started to his feet; Bjrn skauzt aptr at baki Kra, B. sprang back again behind K.; at menn hans skytist eigi fr honum, lest his men should slip away, desert; hann vildi ljsta Gretti, en hann skauzt undan, he avoided the blow; s. e-m, to fail; margir skutust honum, many forsook him; skutust margir vi r trnainum, many proved false to
hann var nkkut vi aldr, ok skauzt 'a ftum, and tottered on his legs, e-m skzt yfir um e-t, one over-looks, fails to notice a thing, (eim hafi yfir skotizt um etta) recipr., sktast . to exchange shots.
skjt-fara, a. indecl. swift-going;
-fri, n. swiftness;
-frr, a. swift;
-grr, a. soon made;
-hendr, a. swift-handed;
-keypt, pp. n. a hasty bargain;
-krinn, pp. soon chosen;
-ltr, a. quick, alert;
-leikinn, a. .nimble;
-leikr, m..alertness;
-liga, adv. (1) swiftly, quickly; (2) soon;
-ligr, a. quick, alert:
-litit, pp. n., gera -litit e-t ml, to hurry, be rash in

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