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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


s. til ba sinna, to put one's household in order; mun eigi of skipat til nna, there will not be too many rams for the ewes; (6) to change; bi hann, at it skipit mldaga, ask him to change the bargain; (7) reflex., skipast, to draw up (gengu eir inn allir ok skipuust dyrrin); skipuust menn ar sti, the men took their seats; to undergo a change (mart hefir skipazt Haukadal, ok vertu varr um ik); s. betri lei, to change for the better; s. vi e-t, to yield to, he moved by (s. vi or, fortlur e-s); s. vi orsending e-s, to answer to one's call; enna kost gerum, vr Hkoni, skipaist hann vel vi, he took it in good part; impers., var heitit fyrir henni mrgu, ok skipaist henni ekki vir, it had no effect.
skipa (a), v., s. e-t upp, to unload (eir tku land ok skipuu ar upp).
skipa-afli, m. navalforce;
-bnar, m. the fitting out of ships, making ready for sea;
-bningr, m. the fitting out of ships, making ready for sea;
-far, n. passage of vessels;
-fer, f. (1) sea-voyage; (2) = -far;
-fjldi, m. multitude of ships ,
floti, m. a fleet of ships;
-fr, f. = -fer
-gangr, m = -fer (2);
-gr, f. ship-building
-herr, m. naval force;
-kaup, n. trading with a ship in harbour;
-kostr, m. naval force;
-lauss, a. without ships;
-lei, f. way by sea;
-leii, n. way by sea;
-leiga, f. hire of a ship;
-li, n. naval force;
-lr, m. shipmen, seamen;
-lgi, n. berth;
-mar, m. seaman, sailor.
skipan, f. (1) order, arrangement; A. sagi, hver s. vera skyldi fyrir lii hans, how his troops should be drawn up; essi var s. gngu konungs til kirkju, this was the order of the royal procession; (2) manning of a ship, crew; sex skip skipu fullri s., fully manned: (3) place, berth, as one of the crew (hann tk, sr s. me eim manni, er rlfr ht); (4) due order, due course, disposition, arrangement (lt hann upp lesa brf um s. rkisins); (5) orders (eir beiddust skipunar at konungi); (6) change; mun honum, ykkja g a. komin, he will think that good change has taken place.
skipanar-brf, n. writ;
-brig, n. trespass against an order.
skipa-orrusta, f. sea-fight;
-reii, m. a ship's rigging.
skipari, m. seaman sailor.
skipa-saumr, m. ship-nails;
-smir, m. shipwright;
-smi, f. ship-building;
-stll, m. supply of ships, fleet;
-tollr, m. ship-tax.
skip-btr, m. a ship's boat;
-bor, n. a ship's board, gunwale;
-brot, n. (1) shipwreck; vera -broti, to be shipwrecked; (2) pl. pieces of a wrecked ship (tluu eir at gera sr skip r -brotunum).
skipbrots-mar, m. a shipwrecked person (sna -manni, hvar hfn var).
skip-binn, pp. ready to sail;
-bnar, m. a ship's fittings;
-drttr, m. ship-launching;
-fer, f. sea-voyage;
-fjl, f. a ship's plank; stga -fjl, to go on board;
-flak, n. wreck;
-frr, a. navigable for a ship (ver hvasst ok eigi -frt);
-fr, f. sailing voyage (vera -frum);
-gengr, a. navigable;
-gor, f. ship-building;
-herra, m. ship-master, captain;
-hlutr, m. the ship's share of a catch;
-hr, n. wreck of a ship;
-hrddr, a. afraid of the sea;
-kaup, n. purchase of a ship;
-kostr, m. = skipa-kostr;
-kvma, f. arrival of a ship
-knn, a. skilled as a seaman;
-lauss, a. shipless;
-leggja, v. to bury in a ship;
-leiga, f. the hire of a ship;
-mar, m. sailor, ferryman;
-prestr, m. a ship's chaplain;
-pund, n. ship-pound;
-r, f. sailyard;
-reia, f. 'ship-levy';
-reii, m. a ship's rigging;
-rm, n. berth, esp. of fishermen;
-sala, f. a ship's sale;
-saumr, m. ship-nails.
skips-bor, n. gunwale;
-brot, n. = skipbrot;
-drttr, m. =skipdrttr;
-flak, n. = skipflak;
-hski, m. danger at sea:
-hfn, f. crew.
skip-slei, m. ship-sledge:
-smitr, m. = skipasmir;
-smi, f. ship-building;
-skn, f. = -sgn;
-stafn, m. a ship's stem;
-stjrn, f. command of a ship;
-sveinn, m. = -mar;
-sgn, f. crew.

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