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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skipt, f. the camp of the Varangians at Constantinople.
skipta, (-pta, -ptr), v. (1) to divide; s. e-u tv stai, to divide into two parts; s. e-u me sr, to divide between themselves (sumum mnnum skiptu eir me sr til nauar); (2) to share, deal out (nornir skipta geysijafnt); enda skipti gu me oss, and so may God Judge between us; (3) to shift, change (s. litum, nafni, skapi); (4) at skiptir engu (litlu, miklu), it is of no (little, great) importance, it makes no (little, great) difference; mik skiptir engu, it is of no moment to me, does not concern me; s. mli, to be of importance (tti henni allmiklu mli s., at r tkist strmannliga); eiga mli at s. um e-t, to have a right to deal with, be concerned about, a thing; at mun tveimr s., it will turn out in one of two ways; sr Plnatoki, at mun tveimr um s., that it will turn out one way or the other; at skipti mrgum hundruum, it was a matter of (it amounted to) many hundreds; sitr lafr n at bi sinu, sv at vetrum skipti, for several years; (5) absol. to come about, happen; ef vi er at s., if it comes to that; v er at s. , it will however turn out so; (6) with preps., s. sr af e-u, to take part in, concern oneself with a thing (Glmr skipti sr ekki af um bsslu); s. e-u fyrir e-t, to exchange a thing for another; undarliga skiptit r til, ye do strangely with things; impers., skiptir e-n veg til, it turns out, comes to pass; (annig skipti til sem lkligra mundi ykkja); s. um e-u, to change; s. um trnai snum, to go over to the other side; s. um e-t, to change (s. um bsta, lnardrttna, nafn); s. um, to come to a crisis, turn one way or other (skjtt mun um s.); s. e-u vi e-n, to exchange with one another (s. hggum vi e-n); s. orum vi e-n, to bandy words with one; s. rki vi e-n, to share the kingdom with (s hann engan annan sinn kost en s. rki vi Harald); (7) refl., skiptast, to divide themselves, disperse (skiptust eir, snru sumir norr); to change ( skiptust tungur Englandi, er Vilhjlmr bastarr vann England); recipr., skiptast e-u vi, to make an exchange; s. gjfum (hggum) vi, to exchange presents (blows) s. vi um rr, to row by turns.
skip-taka, f. the seizing of a ship
-tapi, m. loss of a ship (at sea).
skipti, n. (1) division, distribution sharing (r hafit land ltit, en erut margir til skiptis); (2) change (mrgum tti etta s. mjk mti skapi); (3) shift (at munu Danir kalla betra s. at drepa heldr vking norrnan en brurson sinn danskan); (4) plur. dealings, transactions, disputes, fights (au ein s. munu vit eiga, at r mun eigi betr gegna).
skipti-ligr, a. (1) changeable; (2) divisible.
skipting, f. (1) division; (2) change.
skiptingr, m. (1) changeling; (2) idiot (inn mesti s. ok afglapi).
skipti-tiund, f. tithe to be divided into four parts.
skip-tjn, n. = -tapi;
-tollr, m. ship's toll;
-tturr, m. hulk.
skipu-liga, adv.,
-ligr, a. orderly.
skip-ver, n. ship's price;
-veri, m. one of the crew; plur., -verjar, the crew;
-vir, m. a ship's timbers;
-vist, f. the being one of the crew.
skirpa (-pta, -pt), v., see 'skyrpa';
skirra (-a, -r), v. (1) to frighten (cf. 'skjarr'), with acc.; (2) to prevent, avert, with dat. (s. vandrum); (3) refl., skirrast e-t, vi e-t, to shrink from, shun.
skitinn, pp. dirty (skitnir ok fnir klaleppar).
ski, n. jugglery, legerdemain.
sk, n. lintel; hur vr ski, the door was shut.
sk, n. (1) billet of wood, firewood (kljfa s.); (2) esp. pl., long snowshoes,' ski' (fara, renna, skria, kunna skum).
ska, f. piece of split wood, billet, stick, = sk 1 (klauf hann ar r skur einar ok lagi sian eld).
ska-fang, n. an armful of logs;
-far, n. going or travelling on snow-shoes;
-fer, f. going or travelling on snow-shoes;
-geisli, m. balancing staff used with 'ski';
-hlai, m. pile of fire-wood.
ski-fri, n. (1) surface for snow-

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