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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(hinir skildu sundr skipin ok geru hli millum skipanna); s. e-t til, to stipulate (vil ek ok til s., at); s. e-t undan, to except, to make a reservation for (at undan skildum, herassektum); s. e-t undan e-m, to deprive one of; s. e-t undir e-n, to leave it to one (Njll kvast at vilja s. undir Hskuld); s. e-n undir stt, to include one in an agreement (hversu marga menn viltu s. undir sttir okkar); s. undir ei, to make an oath with reservation; s. vi e-n, to part with, put away; s. vi konu, bnda, to divorce one's wife, one's husband; segja skilit vi konu, to declare oneself separated from; (10) refl., skiljast, to separate, break up (skildist ok rilaist fylkingin); s. vi e-n, e-t, to part from, forsake (hann kvest aldri vi Kra skyldu s.); recipr. to part company (skildust eir me blskap, fegar); impers., e-m skilst e-t, one perceives, understands (n skaltu vita, hvrt mr hafi skilizt); lta sr e-t s., to let oneself be convinced of (Bjrn lt sr at eigi s.).
skiljan-ligr, a. intelligible, distinct.
skillingr (-s, -ar), m. (1) pl. money (hn skell um hlaut fyr skillinga); (2) shilling; shekel.
skil-ltill, a. not very trustworthy;
-mli, m. agreement, condition, stipulation (me eim. skilmla, at).
skilnar, m. separation, parting, divorce; at skilnai, at parting.
skilning, f. (1) separation; (2) discernment, understanding (f skjta s. e-u); (3) sense, meaning (s. oranna); (4) view, opinion; vera m, at sv s, en ek heti hina s., but I am of the opposite opinion.
skilningar-lauss, a. senseless, without understanding; -laus skepna, a brute;
-mar, m. sensible nian;
-vit, n. sense, intellect.
skilningr, m. sense, meaning, opinion.
skil-or, n. condition, stipulation, terms;
-rekki, n. = -rki;
-rekkr a. = -rkr;
-rki, n. proof, evidence sna -riki til e-s);
-rikliga. adv. (1) honestly; (2) clearly, conclusively;
-rkr, a. (1) honest, upright; (2) trustworthy;
-samligr, a. clear, evident;
-vsligr, a. trustworthy;
, a. trustworthy; (-vss mar);
-vnn, a. = skil-vss;
-yri, n. = -or.
skima (a), v. to look all around,
skimi, m. gleam of light.
skin, n. sheen, shining (s. slar).
skingr, n. a kind of cloak.
skininn, pp. bleached, withered (s. hross-hauss).
skinn, n. skin, fur.
skinnari, m. skinner, tanner.
skinna-vara, f. peltry, fur-ware.
skinn-brkr, f. pl. skin breeks;
-dreginn, pp. lined with skin;
-feldr, m. skin cloak;
-ft, n. pl.,
-hosa, f., garments, hose, cap made of skin;
-hfa, f. garments, hose, cap made of skin;
-hvtr, a. white-skinned;
-kli, n. pl. = -ft;
-kyrtill, m. skin kirtle;
-lauss, a. skinless, skinned;
-leikr, m. a kind of game;
-lpa, f. jacket, kirtle of skin.
-rokkr, m. jacket, kirtle of skin.
skinns-litr, m. colour of the skin, complexion (dkkr, hvitr -lit).
skinn-stakkr, m. skin cloak;
-aktr, pp. skin-thatched, skin-covered.
skip, n. ship (of any kind).
skipa, (a), v. (1) to arrange, place in order, draw up, with dat. (Egill skipai sv mnnum eim, er merkit bru); s. e-m fyrir e-t or yfir e-t, to put one in charge of; s. e-m hj e-m, to assign a seat to one beside another (jarlinn skipai eim hj Gunnlaugi); fig. to explain; s. draumi, to interpret a dream; (2) with acc. to take up, occupy; skipuu konur pall, the women were seated on the 'pallr'; hann skipai ndvegi, he had his place in the high-seat; to arrange, array, s. fylking sna, to draw up one's line of battle; var skjldum skipat allt hsit um veggina, the walls were all hung with shields; (3) s. e-m e-t, to assign a thing to one (skipai hann n allt land snum sslumnnum); also without dat. (Geirmundr skipar jarir snar laun); (4) to man (skipuu eir skipin sem bezt); ek skal s. hskrlum mnum annat skipit, I will man one of them with my house-carles; (5) s. til e-s, to arrange, make ready for (s. til atlgu);

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