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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


um e-t, to care for, trouble oneself about (eir skeyttu ekki um ).
skeyti, n. shaft, missile, arrow.
skikka (a), v. to order, set in order order, ordain (rare).
skikkja, f. cloak, mantle.
skikkja (-ta, -t), v. to put on a cloak; s. sik, to cloak oneself.
skikkju-bnd, n. pl. mantle-straps;
-lauss, a. cloakless; -rakki, m. lapdog;
-skaut, n. lap of a cloak.
skil, n. pl. (1) distinction; heyra, nema ora s., to be able to make out words; menn s varla handa (fingra) sinna s., they could hardly see their own hands (fingers); (2) discernment, knowledge; kunna, vita g s. e-u, to be well informed of, have good knowledge of; kunna s. rna, to know how to read runes; (3) adjustment; fra ml til skila, to put a case right; gera s. e-u, to perform, discharge (mr ykkir snt, hver s. ek geri yru erendi); vera at litlum skilum, to be of little account, come to nought; koma e-u til skila, to put in order; e-t kemr til skila, is duly delivered, comes to hand (hann sendi konunginum hest, ok kom s vel til skila); sv at allr hefi g s., so that all should have their due; hann hafi engan erfingja ann er s. vri at, he had no trusty heir; (4) pleading (ll jgmlt s.).
skila (a), v. (1) to expound, give reason for, explain (vilda ek, at skilir essa ru); (2) to decide; eir ttu eigi um at s. mlit, they had not to decide the suit; (3) s. e-u aptr, to return a thing, bring back (hann skilai aptr yxnunum).
skila-mar, m. trustworthy man.
skil-borinn, pp. torn in wedlock, = -getinn;
-dagi, m. condition, stipulation, terms; me eim
-daga, at, on condition that;
-fenginn, pp. lawfully got; -fengin kona, a wedded wife;
-getinn, pp. lawfully begotten, born in wedlock;
-gr, a. trustworthy, reliable, respectable (-gr bndi);
-greii, m. promptness.
skilinn, a. (1) clear, distinct (skilin or); (2) intelligent (s. til ora).
skilja (skil, skilda; skilir, later skildr, skilinn), v. (1) to part, divide, separate (s er n kllu jkuls ok skirl landsfjrunga); skilr hann flokk sinn, he divides his band; (2) to break off, break up (essi stt mun s. samvistu okkra); sian skildu au talit, they broke off their talk; (3) to part company, take leave (skildu eir me mikilli vinttu); (4) impers.; ar er leidir (acc.) skildi, skildi ok s1ina, where the roads parted, there the tracks too parted; mundi s. vegu peirra, their ways would diverge; me essu skilr skipti eirra, thus ended their dealings; it differs, mikit (acc.) skilr hamingju okkra, there is a wide difference between our fortunes; skilr um e-t, they disagree about a thing; ef skrr skilr , if the scrolls differ; (5) to distinguish, discern, with the eyes (n m ek ann eigi sj ea bia mr fulltings, er ek m harm eigi s.); with the ears, to hear (eru eir hr sv, at eir megi s. mI mitt); (6) to understand, find out ( ttist rr s. hvat ltum verity hafi of nttina); (7) to decide, settle (skildi konungr erendi Sighvats sv, at honum lkai vel); (8) to set apart, reserve for one ( at konungr hafi mr skilit eignir minar ea landsvist Orkneyjum); eiga e-t skilit, to have reserved, stipulated (at tta ek skilit vi ik, at); s. sr e-t, to reserve to oneself (jarir hafi hann hygt ok skilit sr allar landskyldir); s. e-t stt, to lay down, stipulate, in an agreement (at var skilit st- vrri, at); (9) with preps., s. e-t vi e-n, to stipulate ( vil ek s. vi ik einn hlut); s. e-t eptir, to leave behind; s. e-t fr e-u, to separate from (hann skildi sik sjlfr fr rki ok fr klaustr); to exempt from (hverr mar skyldi gjalda konungi fimm aura, s er eigi vri fr vi skilir); s. fyrir e-u, to formulate, dictate (s. fyrir eistafinum); s. fyrir heiti, to formulate, pronounce a vow; S. me mnnum, to part, sefiarate (ntt skildi me eim); impers., skilr me eim, they part (eptir etta skildi me eim); s. e-t sundr, to part asunder

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