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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skemtanar-dagr, m. day of enjoyment;
-ganga, f. pleasure-walk, promenade;
-ra, f. entertaining talk, chat;
-samligr, a. amusing.
skemti-liga, adv. amusingly, pleasantly (hann segir vel fr ok -liga); -ligr, a. amusing, pleasant, interesting- entertaining (tti Kjartani -ligt at tala lngurn vi hana).
skenking (pl. -ar), f. the serving of drink at tabie.
skenkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) with dat. to serve with drink (fjrir menn skenktu konum); (2) to pour out, serve (drink), to one (s. e-m inj).
Skenkjari, m. cup-bearer.
skenkr, m. a drink to be served at a meal (kom skenkr stofuna).
skepja (skapta, skaptr, neut. skapit), v. = skapa.; (1) to shape, form, fashion, create (s mar, er gu skapti fyrstan heirn enna); (2) to devise, Procure (konungr sagi, at >. hafi ar sjlfr sr laun fyrir skapit).
skepna, f. (1) shape,form (var san hverr hennar limr lir me rttri skepnu); (2) a created thing, creature.
skepnu-dagr, m. day of creation.
skepta (-pta, -ptr), v. to furnish with a shafl, make a shoft to (s. geira, spjt, rvar).
skepti, n. (1) shaft, handle (var skeptit langt at spjtinu); (2) javelin, =skeptifletta.
skepti-fletta, f. a kind of javelin;
-amir, m. shaft-maker.
sker (gen. pl. skezja), n. rock in the sea, skerry (sigla milli skers ok bru).
skera (sker; skar, skrum; skorinn), v. (1) to cut (eir skru bndin); s. e-n hls, to cut one's throat (Karkr raell skar hann hls); s. t r, to cut right through; (2) to slaughter (s. saui, klf, ki, dilk, geldinga); (3) to shape, cut (hann skar hr hans ok negl); (4) to cut,mow, reap, (s. akr); (5) to carve, cut out ( brum stlsins var skorinn rr, ok var at lkneski mikit); (6) s. e-rn hfu, to make faces at one; skapa ok s., to have all the say in a matter; lta skapat s., to let fate decide; (7) with preps. and advs., s. e-t af, to cut off; s. af manni, to be reserved or reticent; skera ltt af manni, to speak one's mind; s. nir kvikf, to slaughter the live stock (for want of fodder); s. r e-u, to decide, settle (s. r vanda-mlum); n er at vili var, at einn veg skeri r, that the case be settled; s. upp herr, ingbo, to dispatch a war-arrow, gatheringstick; s. upp akr, to reap a field; (8) refl., skerast, to stretch, branch, of a fjord, valley; fjrr skarst langt inn landit, stretched far into the land; hfarnir skrust vxl, the headlands stretched across, overlapped one another; s. setgeira-brkr, to put on a mzn's breeches; ef nkkut skerst f, if anything happens; skarst alit odda me eim, at sern vi bar, they fell at odds about everything that happened; s. r e-u mli, to withdraw (shrink)from a cause (gangi n allir til mn ok sveri eia, at engi skerist r essu mli); s. undan e-u, to refuse, decline doing a thing (mun lokit okkrurn samfrum, ef skerst undan frinni); s. undan, to hang back (eir fstu hann at sttast, en hann skarst undan).
skera (-ra, -rr), v. to diminish.
sker-garr, m. a belt of rocks in the sea; -gipr, m. a kind of bird.
skerjttr, a. full of skerries.
skermsl, n. pl. a stretch of, rugged barren ground.
sker-nr, m. a person left to die on a skerry.
skerpa, f. sharpness; me fyrstu skerpu, in the first access or onslaught.
skerpingr, m. sharp effort (ra undan f skerpingi).
skessa, f. giantess, witch.
skessi-ligr, a. monstrous.
skeypa (-ta, -t), v. to mock (menn skeypa at honum ok hja).
skeypi-liga, adv. mockingly.
skeyta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to transfer, convey a Piece of land to another (s. e-m jr, s. jarir til kirkju); (2) vera undir e-n skyldr ok skeyttr, to be bound, subject to one; (3) s. e-M forvitni, to satisfy one's curiosity; (4) s. e-t saman, to join together; (5) s.

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