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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skap-daui, a. fit or proper to die (hann er daui).
skap-deild, f. good nature.
skapdeildar-mar, m. master of one's temper (hann var ltill mar).
skap-farinn, pp. disposed, tempered (= skapi farinn);
-ftt, a. n., e-m verr ftt, one loses his temper;
-feldr, a. to one's mind, agreeable;
-felligr, a. = -feldr; -felligr andliti, well-shapen in face, agreeable;
-fer, f., -feri, n., -ferli, n. disposition of mind, temper, character;
-glkr, a. alike in character or temper;
-gr, a. good-natured, good-tempered; e-m er gott, one is in good spirits;
-gi, n. good nature;
-gfr, a. gentle of mood;
-harr, a. harsh of mood, severe;
-heimskr, a. foolish;
-hgr, a. meek, gentle, = hgr skapi;
-höfn, f., esp. in pl. sentiments, disposition, temper;
-illr, a. ill-tempered;
-illska, f. evil-mindedness ( reilyndi ok skapillsku).
skap-ker, n. large vessel (from which the cups were filled).
skap-lttr, a. light-minded, cheerful; konungi var ltt, the king was in high spirits.
skap-liga, adv. duly, fitly;
-ligr, a. due, fit, suitable (H. kvaddi konung viruliga, sem ligt var).
skap-lkr, a. = -glkr;
-lundar, a. = -farinn (allra manna grimmastr ok verst lundar);
-lyndi, n. mind, temper, disposition; vera vi lyndi e-s, to be to one's mind (slkt er ekki vi lyndi orsteins);
-lzka, f. = -lyndi;
-löstr, m. fault of character;
-mikill, a. proud of mind.
skapnaar-erendi, n. such result of an errand as one deserved to have;
-viring, f. due honour.
skapnar, m. what is due, propriety.
skap-prr, a. well-disposed, generous;
-raun, f. trial of one's temper, vexation, annoyance; ferr sv um m?rg ml, tt menn hafi skapraun af, although they try men's tempers;
-rauna (a), v. to annoy, provoke, with dat. (er r fremd engi at rauna g?mlum manni); impers., honum raunai mj?k, he was much vexed.
skapraunar-laust, a. n. without trying one's temper (opt rr hann hr um gar, ok er mr eigi laust);
-minna, a. compar. less offensive;
-or, n. pl. temper-trying words;
-samliga, adv. in a provoking manner (svara e-m samliga).
skaps-andmarki, m. fault of temper or mind;
-h?fn, f. mind, disposition, temper, = skaph?fn.
skap-skipan, f. change of mind (taka skipan);
-skipti, n. = -skipan.
skaps-munir, m. pl. = skaplyndi.
skap-stirr, a. haughty;
-strr, a. proud-minded, = -mikill;
-styggr, a. irritable, excited.
skapt, n. (1) shaft, missile; skjta skapti mti e-m, to shoot a shaft against, to withstand; (2) handle, haft, of an axe, hammer; shaft, pole of a spear (cf. hamarskapt, xarskapt, spjtskapt); (3) a shaft-shaped thing, e.g. a comet's tail, the beam in a weaver's loom, a peak on a helmet.
skapt-hr, a. 'shaft-high', above the horizon, of the sun.
skap-tr, a. to one's mind, agreeable (lta sr e-t ttt).
skapt-ker, n. = skapker;
-kringla, f. whipping-top (eptir at snerist hann hli sem kringla);
-lauss, a. without a shaft (spjt laust).
skap-tr or skapt-tr, n. (?).
skap-vandr, a. difficult of temper;
-vani, a. lacking in temper;
-varr, a. wary of temper, discreet.
skap-iggjandi, m. a lawful receiver of weregild, opp. to 'skapbtandi';
-ing, n. ordinary assembly.
skap-ungt, a. n. depressed in spirit (e-m er ungt).
skara (a), v. (1) to poke, rake; s. eld, to poke the fire; with dat., eiri ösku sköruu eir allri t, they raked all the ashes out; hann skarai til spjtskaptinu, he poked with the spear-shaft; (2) to set or cover closely; skip skarat skjldum, a ship set with shields from stem to stern.
skar-band, n. 'head-ribbon', fillet.
skar, n. (1) notch, hack, in the edge of a thing (skör vru fallin sverit); s. vörr, a hare-lip; (2) empty space,

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