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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


breach, gap (höggva s. tt e-s); (3) mountain pass.
skarr, a. diminished, impaired; inn skari mni, the waning moon; hafa, bera skaran hlut fyrir e-m, to be worsted (wronged) by one; sitja of (um, yfir) skörum hlut fyrir e-m, to suffer injury from one.
skarfr (-s, -ar), m. cormorant.
skari, m. host, troop.
skark, n., skarkali, m. noise, tumult.
skark-samligr, a. tumultuous.
skarlaks-kyrtill, m. scarlet kirtle.
skarlat or skallart, n. scarlet.
skarlats-kli, n. pl. kyrtill, m., -m?ttull, m., -skikkja, f. scarlet clothes, s. kirtle, s. mantle, s. cloak.
skarn, n. dung (aka skarni hla).
skarp-eggr, a. keen-edged;
-leitr, a. sharp-featured;
-liga, adv. sharply (skja at liga).
skarpr, a. (1) scorched, pinched from dryness; me sk?rpum reipum, with hard ropes; s. belgr, a shrivelled skin; s. fiskr, dried (hard) fish; (2) barren (landit er skarpt ok ltit matland); (3) sharp, vehement, bitter (skrp deila); taka skarpara , to pull sharper; (4) tight, strong (skarpar lar ttu r Skrmis vera); (5) keen, sharp, of a weapon (sk?rp sver).
skarp-vara, f. dried fish;
-vaxinn, pp. gaunt and bony.
skarr, n. skirmish, tumult.
skars or skass, n. ogress, giantess.
skarsl, n. the snuff of a candle.
skart, n. show, finery (ba sik s.).
skarta (a), v. to make great show.
skartari, m. a vain boaster.
skart-samliga, adv. with great display (binn samliga);
-samligr, a. showy;
-samr, a. fond of show.
skarts-kona, f., -mar, m. woman or man given to vain display.
skata, f. skate (fish).
skati (pl. skatar or skatnar, gen. skatna), m. man (poet.).
skatta (a), v. to make tributary, lay a tribute on (konungr skattai landit hit efra sem hit tra).
skatta-heimta, f. tax-gathering.
skatt-bndi, m. a franklin who has to pay tax;
-f, n. tribute money;
-gilda, (-lda, -ldr), v. to lay tribute on, = skatta;
-gildi, n. payment of tribute;
-gildr, a. tributary;
-gjald, n. = -gildi;
-gj?f, f. what is given as tribute;
-heimta, f. tax-gathering.
skattheimtu-mar, m. tax-gatherer.
skatt-jarl, m. 'tributary earl', vassal;
-konungr, vassal king;
-land, n. tributary land, dependency;
-peningr, m. tribute money.
skattr, (-s, -ar), m. (1) tribute, tax (leggja skatt land; greia, gjalda, e-m skatt); (2) treasure.
skatt-taka, f. = -heimta.
skatt-yrast, v. refl. to bandy words (vi e-n);
-yri, n. pl. foul language.
skau, f. (1) poltroon ( ert s. at meiri); (2) pl. a horse's sheath.
skau-menni, n. poltroon.
skauf, n. a fox's brush.
skauf-hali, m. Reynard the Fox.
skaup, n. mockery, ridicule; hafa at skaupi, to mock, scoff at.
skaut, n. (1) corner of a square cloth (hann var borinn fjrum skautum til bar); feldr fimm alna s., a cloak five ells square; of the heaven (eir geru ar af himin ok settu hann upp yfir jrina me fjrum skautum); (2) corner of a sail or sheet; byrr beggja skauta, a fair wind (right astern); fig., hann mun vera yr ungr skauti, hard to deal with; (3) flap, skirt of a cloak (hn hafi yfir sik skallats-skikkju hlabna s. nir); (4) lap (sitja, liggja skauti e-s); (5) a square piece of cloth, kerchief (menn bru hluti sna s., ok tk jarlinn upp); (6) a lady's hood.
skaut-feldr, m., -hekla, f. a cloak, or frock, with skirts.
skauti, m. kerchief.
skaut-toga (a), v. to tug at the skirt of one's cloak, to handle roughly.
skr, pp. oblique ( skum veg).
ski, m. relief, improvement (var engi s. hans meini).
skk-mar, m. (1) chessman; (2) robber, highwayman;
-tafl, n. game of chess, chess-board.
skl (pl. ir or ar), f. (1) bowl (s. full mjaar); (2) scale, esp. pl., scales (ba hann taka sklir ok vega gullit).

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