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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


skamm-nktr, a. shamefully naked.
skammr, a. (1) short (var s leiin skemmri); lta e-n h?fi skemmri, to make one shorter by the head, to behead; neut., skammt, a short way, short distance (hann bj skammt fr Skallagrmi); (2) of time, short, brief; skamma hr, stund, but a short while; eiga skammt lifat, to have but a short time to live; hann kva skammt til ess, he said it would be soon; skammt fr essu, a short while after this; (3) adverbially, skmmu, skemmstu, lately, very lately, recently, very recently, = fyrir sk?mmu, skemmstu; skmmum, not long (sat hann sk?mmum vi drykk); skemmrum, for a shorter time (at landit mundi vera skemmrum biskupslaust, ef tveir vri biskuparnir); sem skemmst, as short a while as possible.
skamm-rif, n. pl. the short ribs.
skammrifja-mikill, a. stout.
skammrif-stykki, n. a piece of meat from the short-ribs.
skamm-rkr, a. having a short memory for revenge.
skamm-samliga, adv. shamefully;
-samligr, a. shameful, disgraceful.
skamm-skeptr, pp. short-shafed;
-sni, f. short-sightedness;
-sniligr, -snn, a. short-sighted, foolish;
-str, a. short of stay;
-talar, pp. short-spoken;
-vaxinn, pp. short of growth;
-vss, a. = -snn;
-, f. short duration;
-ligr, a. short-lived, fleeting, brief (-lig glei);
-r, a. short-lived, of short duration.
skamtaar-erendi, n. = skapnaarerendi (at hann hefir erindi).
skamtr, m. share, portion.
skap, n. (1) state, condition; at v skapi, in the same proportion; hlt at vel skapi, mean hn lifi, it kept a good state whilst she lived; (2) condition of mind, temper, mood; at er ekki mitt s., it is not my turn of mind; vera (me) illu skapi, to be in an angry mood; brega skapi vi e-t, renna e-m s., to take to heart, be much affected by (rann honum mjk s. s atburr); koma skapi vi e-n, to agree with, get on with (engi kann vi mik skapi koma); koma skapi (eiga s.) saman, to have minds alike (it eigit meirr s. saman); hafa ekki s. til e-s, to have no mind to do a thing; hgvrr skapi, mild of temper; ltill skapi, of small mind, faint-hearted; gera sr e-t s., to take into one's head; vera e-m (vel) at skapi, vera nr skapi e-s, to be to one's mind; e-t fellr e-m vel s., one likes, is pleased with; gera e-t til skaps e-m, to do a thing to please one.
skapa (a; pret. also skp), v. (1) to shape, form, mould, make (r Ymis holdi var jr skpu); to create (gu, er mik skp); s. skegg, to trim the beard; s. skei, to take a run (etta dr skapai skei at oss); s. ok skera e-t, or um e-t, to decide, settle (ek skal einn skera ok s. okkar milli); (2) to assign as one's fate or destiny (ek skapa honum at, at hann skal eigi lifa lengr en kerti at brenner); s. e-m aldr, to fashion one's future life; syni num verr-a sla skpu, bliss is not fated to thy son; (3) to fix, appoint (haf eina fmuni, er ek skapa r); s. e-m vti, to impose a fine or penalty; at sk?puu, in the order of nature, according to the course of nature (vri at at sk?puu fyrir aldrs sakir, at lifir lengr okkar); lta skeika at sk?puu, to let things go their own course (according to fate); lta skapat skera, to let fate decide; (4) refl., skapast, to take shape; freista, hv skapist, try how things will go then; mundi kva jarl hlinn ok mun ltt at s., A. said the earl was self-willed, and little will come of it.
skapa-dgr, n. one's fated day (hn kva engan komast yfir dgr sitt).
skapan, f. (1) shape, form (frr at allri s.); (2) creation.
skap-arfi, m. a right or lawful heir.
skapari, m. the Maker, Creator.
skap-brr, a. hot-tempered; e-m verr brtt, one loses his temper.
skap-btendr, m. pl. persons legally bound to pay weregild.
skap-btir, m. improver of one's disposition (at var mlt, at hann vri engi btir Hallgeri).

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