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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


sjkr, a. sick, ill; liggja s., to lie sick; (2) anxious, distressed.
sjöt, n. pl. (1) abode, home; ragna s., the seat of the gods, the heavens; (2) company, host.
sjötlast, (a), v. refl. to subside, settle (er frir tk at s.)
sjötull, m. settler; dlgs s., 'strife-settler', Frodi's quern of peace.
skaa (a), v. impers., e-n skaar ekki, it does one no harm or damage.
skaa-btr, f. pl. indemnity, compensation;
-fer, f. disastrous journey;
-lauss, a. scatheless;
-ligr, a. = skaligr;
-mar, m. killer, slayer (vera mar e-s);
-samligr, -samr, a. injurious, hurtful.
skai, m. (1) scathe, harm, damage (gra e-m skaa); vera fyrir sköum, to suffer losses; (2) loss in a person; tti henni mikill s. eptir mann sinn, she felt she had a great loss in her husband; (3) death, = bani; veita e-m skaa, to slay, kill; vera e-m at skaa, to be the death of one.
ska-lauss, a. unscathed;
-laust, adv. without loss;
-samligr, a. hurtful, noxious;
-samr, a. doing harm, noxious;
-semd, f. harm;
-vnliga, adv. perniciously;
-vnligr, a. pernicious;
-vnn, a. destructive, baleful.
skafa (skef; skf, skfum; skafinn), v. (1) to scrape with a blunt instrument; s. e-t af, to scrape off; impers., at hefir eik, er af annarri sjefr, one tree takes what is scraped from another; (2) to shave so as to make smooth (hann skefr spjt-skepti hallarglfinu); (3) s. nagl sinn, to pare one's nail; fig., s. at fastliga, to press hard; (4) to shave (eir höfu ltit s. krnur).
skafa, f. scraper (cf. 'hornskafa').
skaf-hei, f. clear sky (-hei var ok slskin).
skafl, m. (1) steep snow-drift; (2) toppling sea; (3) beygja skaflinn, to make a wry mouth, of one crying.
skaga (-a), v. to jut out (skgu tvr tennr fram r hausnum).
skagi, m. low cape or ness.
skak, n. scolding (gaf Sverrir eim mikit s. fyrir).
skaka (skek; skk, skkum; skekinn), v. to shake (björninn settist upp ok skk hfuit); s. sver, to brandish a sword.
skakka (a), v., s. me m?nnum, to aid one against the other (orgeirr og orgils sttust lengi, sv at engi skakkai me eim).
skakki, m. disproportion, disparity, odd amount (ann skakka, er ar er milli, man ek bta).
skakkr, a. (1) skew, wry; (2) unequal, unjust (skökk gr).
skakkr, m. wry position; skjta augunum skakk, to look awry.
skall, n. (1) noise; (2) pl. sk?ll. mocking, derision (gera sk?ll at e-m).
skallat, n. scarlet; see 'skarlat'.
skalli, m. a bald head (settist m margt skalla honum).
skamma (a), v. (1) to shame, disgrace ( menn, er vini vra hafa drepit ok skammat); (2) refl., skammast e-s, to be ashamed of a thing (ska ok brka skammisk engi mar); s. sin, to blush; with infin., skammast at gera e-t, to be ashamed to do a thing.
skammar-erendi, n. shameful errand;
-vg, n. shameful manslaughter, = ningsvg.
skamm-brags, adv. shortly, soon;
-degi, n. the short winter-days;
-ftr, a. short-footed, a nickname.
skamm-fulleikr, m. = -fylli;
-fulligr, a. ashamed, bashful;
-fyllast (see fylla), v. refl. to be ashamed;
-fylli, f. shame, blushing;
-fylling, f. bashfulness;
-fra (-a, -r), v. to spoil, injure.
skamm-hls, m. short-neck, a nickname;
-hendr, a. short-handed;
-hygginn, a. = -snn;
-höndungr, m. short-hand, a nickname.
skamm-lauss, a. (1) shameless, without shame; tla ek, at sr lauss af essu, it is no shame to thee; (2) neut., -laust, not disgraceful (honum var laust at hlta konungs dmi).
skamm-leitr, a. short-faced;
-lfi, n. the fact of being short-lived;
-lfr, a. short-lived;
-minnigr, a. short of memory;
-mli, n. brevity (in expression).

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