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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


at mitt r at lta s. t skipin fr bryggjum); lta undan s., to retreat (Danir ltu enn undan s.); lta s. aptr til smu hafnar, to retreat to the same port; augun sga saman, the eyes close (in death); lta s. saman til samykkis, to let things draw towards an agreement; ltum s. sttml okkur, we came to terms; (3) refl., lta sgast, to let oneself sink; ltr hann s. r trnu, he lets himself drop from the tree; hann lt s. fast stlinn, he pressed himself down against the seat; nökkurir menn ltu s. srir, dropped down wounded; lta undan s., to retreat (jarl stti hart fram ar til, er lfgeirr lt undan s.).
s-grnn, a. evergreen;
-hverfull, a. round (herbergi nr shverfult).
sk, ski, n. ditch, trench.
sld (pl. sldr), f., see 'sild'.
sld-fiski, f., -ver, n., see 'sild-fiski', 'sild-ver'.
sma, (pl. smu), n. cord, string.
s-mlugr, a. always talking, long-winded (smlugr inni ru).
smi, m. cord, rope (r r sandi sma undu).
s-mlgi, f. talkativeness, loquacity.
sn, gen. from the refl. pron., hefna s., to revenge oneself.
sn-girnd, -girni, f. covetousness, avarice;
-gjarn, a. covetous, avaricious (auigr mar ok sngjarn).
snka, f. = sngirni.
snkr, a. = sngjarn (s. ok fgjarn).
sra, m. indecl. sir, master (esp. used of priests, sometimes of knights).
s-reir, a. always angry;
-vaf, n. winding round; vefja e-u svafi, to wind it round and round;
-valr, a. round, cylindrical.
sval-vaxinn, pp. round of growth.
szt, adv. superl. least, opp. to 'helzt'; r vilda ek s. illt gera, thee least of all would I harm.
szt or sz, conj. (1) since, = san er; engi er eira maki, s. Gunnarr lzt, since Gunnar died; (2) as prep. with acc. since, after; sofna ek minst s. mna sonu daua, since the death of my sons.
sjaldan (sjaldnar, sjaldnast), adv. seldom (s. hefi ek ara haft at skildi fyrir mr).
sjald-fenginn, pp. seldom got, scarce (vatn er ar fengit);
-gtr, a. seldom to be got, rare (-gtr v?xtr);
-heyrr, pp. seldom heard about;
-kvmr, a. coming seldom (ek em kvm til kirkju);
-snn, pp. seldom seen (-snir eru oss vlkir menn);
-stundum, adv. seldom.
sjatna (a,) v. (1) to sink, dwindle, subside, = setna; esp. of food, to be digested; honum sjatnai eigi fa, he could not digest his food; (2) fig. to subside, abate (inn ofsi mun illa s.).
sjau, card. numb. seven;
-faldligr, -faldr, a. sevenfold.
sjaund, f. a period of seven days, spec. the seventh day after one's death.
sjaundi, ord. numb. the seventh.
sjau-rr, a. = -tugr;
-tjn, card. numb. seventeen;
-tugr, a. seventy years old;
-tugti, ord. numb. the seventieth ( sjautugta ri).
sj, pron. dem. m. and f. this, that (s. mar hafi spjt hendi).
sj (s; s, sm; snn), v. (1) to see; hann kvezt s. mann rda, he said that he saw a man riding; var sn rei eira, their riding was seen, they were seen riding; (2) to look (konungr s til hans ok mlti); Gunnarr s mt tungli, G. looked at the moon; s. t, to look out of the house (Hrtr ba engan mann t s. eiri ntt); (3) to examine, see (look) after (hann rei ofan Eyjar at s. verk hskarla sinna); (4) to see, understand (aldri var at enn, at ek s eigi gtur r, er fyrir mik vru upp bornar); (5) impers., (acc.) mtti eigi s., they could not be seen; sr hauga enn, those mounds can be seen yet; m at ok s., at nr standa vinir Gunnars, it may be seen, too, that Gunnar's friends stand near him; (6) with preps., s. af e-m, to look away from, be (do) without (ek ttumst ekki mega af r s. sakir strkis); s. e-t, to look on (n em ek h?ll kominn ik sjlfan at s.); to take in hand, take care of (orgils kva sr eigi skylt at s. at ml); s. me e-m, to take care of (ess vil ek

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