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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bija, at r sjit me H?gna syni mnum); impers., sr , it can be seen (ltt sr at , at hafir fundit Svein konung); s. eptir e-u, s. eptir um e-t, to look after (var ltt st eptir um skattl?ndin au, er fjarri lgu); eiga eptir e-u at s., to have to look after a thing (hann mun ar eptir hefndum eiga at s.); s. fram, to see into the future (fram s ek lengra); s. e-t fyrir, to foresee (hann ttist s. fyrir, at hann mundi fella fna sinn); s. fyrir e-u, to take care of, provide for (verr hverr fyrir sr at s.); man ek s. fyrir mlinu, then I will look after the matter; s. fyrir e-m, to put one out of the way; s. e-t, to see into, see through (sr hann ekki etta); to take into consideration (Hrafnkell s eigi mj?k kostna); s. til e-s, to become aware of (ef r sjit ekki til minna fera, fari r heim); to look for, expect (s. til trausts, launa, fulltings); to look after, see to, take care of (gu sr til kristni sinnar); s. til me e-m, to take care of, see to one; s. um e-t, to see after. take care of (s. um b, fml e-s); s. um me e-m = s. til me e-m (Hskuldr s um me honum); s. um fyrir e-u, to look after, see to (eigi mun n fyrir llu vera um st); s. vi e-m, to look at one (konungr s vi honum ok mlti); to beware of, guard oneself against (mun oss vandgtt til vi honum at s.); s n vi, beware!; s. vi um e-t, to guard oneself, be cautious as to (hafa essir menn meirr st vi um kaupin en ek huga); s. yfir e-t, to look over, survey, look after (s. yfir akra sna); to see a way to (hann s eigi yfir, at eir kmist til bja); eigi mtti yfir s., hvern veg hnga mundi orrostan, one could not see how the fight would end; (7) refl., sjst, to fear (ftt hygg ek yr s.); lta s., to let it appear, show signs of (eir ?gu yfir ok ltu ekki s.); s. fyrir, to look before one, be cautious (hitt mundi mitt r at hrapa ekki ferinni, sjst heldr fyrir); s. ltt fyrir, to be impetuous, rash (er Agli of mj?k ttgengt at s. ltt fyrir); s. um, to look about ( litu allir t nema konungr, hann st ok sst eigi um); impers., at eim hefi kynliga um szt, that they had made a strange oversight in this; e-m sst yfir, one makes a mistake, overlooks a thing; eim mun hafa yfir szt, they must have made a mistake; recipr., sjst, to see one another; vit munum aldri s. san, we shall never see one another more; ef it sjist tveir , if ye fight it out among yourselves; s. til, to look to one another (sst til san, r sundr hyrfi); pass., eir sst aldri san, they were never seen afterwards.
sj-byggvar, m. pl. = s-byggvar;
-dreginn, pp. caught out of the sea (-dreginn fiskr);
-drif, n. sea-spray;
-drifinn, pp. sea-splashed;
-kyrr, a. calm (vindlaust ok sjkyrt).
sjldr, n. pupil of the eye (sv var sem ormr lgi um sjldrit).
sjlf-ala, a. indecl. 'self-feeding' (f gekk ar llum vetrum ala skgum);
-birgr, a., -bjargi, a. self-supported, self-helpful;
-daur, a. having died a natural death;
-dmi, n. right to judge in one's own case (selja e-m dmi);
-g?rr, a. self-made, easy;
-hl, n. self-praise;
-hlinn, a. self-praising, vaunting;
-hlni, f. self-glorification, self-praise;
-kraf, n. free-will (kjsa e-t af krafi);
-krafi, a. of one's own accord or free-will, voluntarily.
sjlfr, a. self; hann s., he himself; hn sjlf, she herself; at snum sjlfs vilja, at his own will (cf. 'sinn'); er (liggr) vi sjlft, at, it is on the verge, within an ace, that (var vi sjlft, at eir mundu berjast).
sjlf-r, n. independent judgement; gra e-t at ri, of one's own accord;
-ri, a. (1) of free-will (hann hafnai ri bltum); (2) independent, free (var fyrir honum engi mar ri);
-rr, a. (1) voluntary, of free-will (U. mundi eigi hafa skj?ldinn ltit rr); (2) independent, free (vildu heldr tlenda konunga hafa yfir sr ok vera rir); (3) neut., e-m er e-t rtt, it is within on'es power, easy for one (er r rtt at leggja til r

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