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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ship) alongside, in a sea-fight; with dat. (jarl sbyri Baranum enn vi Orminn); without the dat. (sbyri hann ar vi Jrnbarann);
-byris, -byrt, adv. broadside to broadside (leggja, liggja sbyris, sbyrt).
s, adv. (1) late (var heldr s. gengit til hmessu); with gen., s. aptans, sumars, vetrar, late in the evening, summer, winter; s. um haustit, kveldit, late in the autumn, evening; (2) compar., sarr, later (au svik, er s. komu fram); fm vetrum s., a few years later; (3) superl. sarst or sast, last; or au er hann mlti s., his last words; s er s. gengr inn, he who enters last.
s, f., only in the phrase, um s., at last ( var hann um s. ofrlii borinn); more commonly in pl., um (of) sir ( vaknai hann um sir).
sa, f. (1) side (hljp sverit suna); (2) flank, side of meat (sur af nauti allfeitar); (3) coast (hann braut skip sitt vi Jtlands su).
sa (s; sei, sium; siinn), v. to work charms through 'seir' (at er v ltil, at vr sim).
san, adv. (1) since, after that (s. gekk hn brott); hefir s kapella ar stait s., ever since; hvrki r n s., neither before nor since; (2) afterwards, later on (koma eir allir vi essa sgu s.); (3) as prep. with acc., eir h?fu ekki eti s. laugardaginn, since Saturday; (4) with the relat. part., at, er, as conj., from the time when, since (s. er tengdir vrar tkust); (5) since = s. er (E. hafi verit me lafi konungi s. Sveinn jarl andaist); seeing that, in as much as (viltu, at ek gta vitans, s. ek geri ekki annat).
sans (= san es), conj. since.
sar-la, -liga, adv. late (eitt kveld sarla gengu til gestir n?kkurir).
sarr, adv. compar., see 's'.
sarri, a. compar. later, latter, opp. to 'fyrri' (it sarra sumar).
sarst or sdast, adv. superl. last, see 's' adv.
sarsta or sasta, f.; at sustu, at sastunni, at last.
sarstr or sastr, a. latest, last (s skal fyrstr t ganga er s. gengr inn); it sarsta, at the latest ( skal stefnt it sarsta viku fyrir ing).
s-brndr, a. having long eyebrows;
-binn, pp. 'late-boun' for sailing;
-brr, a. calving late;
-faldinn, pp. wearing a hood low over the face (fyrsta aptan hafa brirnar faldit);
-farit, pp. n., var honum farit, he walked slowly;
-förull, a. late abroad, out late in the evening;
-klddr, pp. wearing long clothes;
-kveld, n., um or kveldum, late in the evening.
sla, adv. late; s. kvelds, s. of aptaninn, late in the evening.
sr (s, stt), a. long, hanging down (stt hr, skegg; s kli; sar brynjur); hann hafi san hatt yfir hjlmi, a hood coming far down over the face; falda stt, to wear a hood coming low over the face (brirnar falda stt, sv at g?rla m sj eira yfirlit).
sr, adv. compar. (1) less (at er mr enn s. hent); miklu s., much less; engu s., no less; eigi s., not less, as much (hann var krr konungi, ok eigi s. drttningu); eigi s. en, no less than, as well as (tti hann eigi sr England
en Danmrk); at s. vru menn sjlfrir fyrir konungi, at engi r, hvern gu tra skyldi, so far were they from being independent, that, etc.; (2) as conj., lest, s. oss Loki kvei lastastfum, that L. may not abuse us.
s-skeggjar, a. long-bearded.
su-sr, n. a wound in the side.
s-dgris, adv. every day, day by day;
-feldr, a. continuous, incessant;
-fella, f. continuity; sfellu, continuously;
-fleyttr, a. = -feldr.
sga (sg; seig or s, sigum; siginn), v. (1) to sink gently down; seig hann svefn, sleep came over him; s sorti mikill fyrir augu eim, a great darkness fell over their eyes; lta s., to let sink (rr lt s. brnnar ofan fyrir augun); ltu eir s. festi ofan grfina, they lowered a rope down into the pit; fig., get ek, at han af fari eim heldr sganda, I imagine it will go downwards with them henceforth; (2) to glide, move slowly (er

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