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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


sinni, m. poet. follower, companion.
sinni, n (1) journey, walk; vera sinnum, to be on the way; heill sinnum sr, be happy on thy way; dagr var sinnum, the day was passing by; (2) fellowship, company; ra s. e-m, to ride in one's company; (3) help, support (V. akkar honum sitt s.); vera e-m s., to side with one, help one ( vildir, at allir vri r s.); (4) time, = sinn; annat s., a second time, = annat sinn; at s., that time.
sinnig, sinnsig (for sinn veg, sns veg), adv. one each way; s. hvrr (hverr), each his own way, differently.
sinni-ligr, a. companion-like.
sinu-eldr, m. fire in withered grass.
sitja (sit; sat, stum; setinn), v. (1) to sit, be seated; hann sat it nsta honum, he sat next him; s. upp, to sit erect (eir ltu hann s. upp hauginum); to sit at table; (2) to stay, sojourn; s. heima, to stay at home (sitr Gunnarr n heima nkkura hr); s. kyrr, to remain quiet, stay at home; s. festum, to sit as one's betrothed (of the bride between the betrothal and wedding); to reside (Haraldr konungr sat optast Rogalandi); to sit fishing (eir vru komnir r vastir, er hann var vanr at s.); (3) to tarry (gri liinu leitt at s.); s. verfastr, to lie weather-bound; (4) with acc., s. e-t r hendi sr, to let it slip through idleness; s. byr r hendi sr, to miss a fair wind; (5) s. vel (illa) jr, to keep one's estate in good (bad) order; s. launding, to hold a secret meeting; (6) s. e-t, to put up with, endure (eigi mundu eir vlka sk?mm ea hneisu seti hafa); s. e-m e-t, to submit to, put up with at one's hand (s. m?nnum skammir ok skapraunir); er slkt engum manni sitjanda, it is not to be endured from any man; (7) s. e-m e-t, to cut one off from (hugust eir Sveinn at s. honum vatn); (8) with preps., s. at e-u, to sit busy with a thing; s. at sumbli, to sit at a banquet; s. at tafli, to sit at chess; s. at f, nautum, to tend sheep, cattle; s. at mlum, to sit over a case, debate it; s. stefnu, to be in the chair at a meeting; s. sannindum, to withhold (conceal) the truth; s. sr, to control oneself, keep down one's temper (Hallgerr sat mjk sr um vetrinn); s. svikrdum, svikum vi e-n, to plot against one; s. fyrir, to be on the spot (vst er at vita, hvar vinir sitja fleti fyrir); s. fyrir e-u, to be a hindrance to (s. fyrir smd e-s); to be exposed to, have to bear (s. fyrir hvers manns mli); s. fyrir drykkju e-s, to be one's drinking-mate; s. fyrir sv?rum, to stand questions, be the spokesman; s. fyrir mlum, to lead the discussion; s. fyrir e-m, to lie in ambush (in wait) for; s. hj e-u, to be present at (s. hj ragerum e-s); to sit idly by ( munt drepa vilja brur minn, ok er at skmm, ef ek sit hj); s. inni, to sit in prison; s. til e-s, to wait; er ar til at s., we may wait till then; s. um e-t, to watch for an opportunity; eir stu um at rengja, they watched to find a flaw in the proceedings; to plot against (hann sitr um rki hans); s. um lf e-s, to seek one's life; s. um e-n, to lie in wait for, waylay; s. um e-u, to be busy with (s. um nausynjamlum); s. um borum, to sit at table; s. undir e-u, to be subject to; s. yfir e-u, to sit over a thing, be busy with (ekki mun ek lengr yfir essu s.); s. yfir drykkju, borum, to sit drinking, at table; to attend to (s. yfir mlum manna); s. yfir kvum, to listen to songs; s. yfir e-u, to take possession of; lta slka s. yfir vru, to let such persons withhold our property from us; to bear down (hann sat yfir virland); s. yfir sk?rum hlut, to suffer a loss of right; s. yfir sjkum manni, to sit up with (nurse) a sick person, esp. a woman in labour; (9) recipr., sitjast nr, to sit near one another.
sa (a), v. to filter, strain; lta grn s., to sip through the beard.
sa, f. sieve or strainer, for liquids.
sa, f. glowing spark, esp. from metal (sur flugu r afli).
s-byra, (-ra, -rr), v. to lay (a

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