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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-lagr, pp. inlaid with silver;
-ligr, a. silvery;
-men, n. necklace of silver;
-merktr, -metinn, pp. valued in silver;
-ofinn, pp. woven with silver;
-peningr, m. silver coin;
-rekinn, pp. = -binn;
-smeltr, pp. enamelled with silver;
-smir, m. silversmith;
-sylgja, f. brooch of silver;
-vpn, n. silver weapon.
silki, n. silk; in compds. silken, silk;
-band, n. silk ribbon;
-blaka, f. silken veil;
-bleikr, a. yellow as silk;
-dkr, m. silken napkin;
-hjpr, m. silken jacket;
-hla, n. silk ribbon worn round the head;
-kult, n. silken quilt;
-saumar, pp. embroidered with silk;
-slr, f. pl. silken gown;
-treyja, f. silken jacket;
-rr, m. silken thread.
silungr, (-s, -ar), m. trout.
simili, n. fine flour for bread.
simul, f. hag, witch (poet.).
sin, n. bladder sedge (sktur tvr sini bundnar, ok engi saumr ).
sin (pl. sinar), f. sinew, tendon.
sina, f. (1) = sin; (2) withered grass which has stood during winter.
sina-srr, a. sore in the sinews.
sin-bundinn, pp. bound with bladder sedge (sinbundit skip).
sindr, n. slag or dross, iron-scales.
sindra (a), v. to send out sparks, sparkle (sindrai af sv sem r afli).
sinn (sn, sitt), possess. pron. his, her, its, their; (1) referring to the subj. in a sentence, Hallgerr fastnai dttur sna, H. betrothed her daughter; Hrtr var harrr vi vini sna, H. was stern towards his foes; (2) referring to the object; hvat vill Haraldr bja Nregs konungi fyrir sitt starf, what will H. offer to the king of Norway for his (viz. the latter's) trouble? Sigurr jarl gaf upp Orkneyingum ul sn, their odals; hann akkar honum sitt sinni, he thanks him for his help; (3) neut. as subst.; kostai hann einn allt fyrir, en bndr ekki af snu, nothing of their own; allt mun at snu fran fara um aldr manna, it will all go its own course to a man's life; (4) with 'sjlfr' both words are declined; eir bu hana taka sjlfrar sinnar r, they bade her take her own counsel; (5) with 'hvrr' and 'hverr' in a distributive sense; tk sitt langskip hvrr eira, each of the two took a long ship; sinn vetr hvrr heimbo at rum, they visited each other, winter about; snu sinni at hvrs bum, alternately on each other's estates; sinn veg hvrr, one each way; ykkir n?kkut sinn veg hvru, each took his own view of the matter; ferr sinn veg hverr um skginn, they (all) went each his own way in the wood; skulu vaka sinn rijung ntr hverir tveir, two and two in turn.
sinn, n. time; eitt s., einu sinni, one time, once (at var eitt s., at Egill gekk til elda at verma sik); eitthvert s., einhverju sinni = eitt s., einu sinni; einhverju sinni bar sv til, at, one time it happened that; ekki s., engu sinni, never; aldri s., never more (aldri skaltu koma mna rekkju s. san); at s., that time; essu sinni, this time; () annat s., ?ru sinni, a second time, again; hit fyrra sinn, the first time; hit rija s., for the third time; at sinni, for the present (eir skilja tal sitt at sinni); um s., once (veg aldri meirr inn sama knrunn en um s.); for this one time (ek mun leysa ik r vandri essu um s.); um sinns sakir, for this once (eigi vil ek synja r um sinns sakir essa); dat. pl., sjau sinnum, seven times; endr ok sinnum, now and then, from time to time; nkkurum sinnum, several times.
sinna (a, or ta, -t), v. (1) poet. to journey, travel; (2) to go with, side with one (vilda ek, at sinnair frndum mnum; (3) to plead, support (eir htu at s. hans mli); (4) to mind, care for, heed; ekki sinni ek hgma num, I heed not thy idle talk; ekki sinni ek f (ef n?kkurr vill ganga mlit), I do not mind the money; hn sinnai um engan hlut, she cared about nothing; vera e-m sinnandi, to be attentive to one, take care of.
sinnar, a. siding with one, favourably disposed towards one.

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