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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


set sail (egar er eir h?fu um siglt, gaf eim byr); with the course in acc., at er sgn manna, at Skopti hafi fyrstr Normanna siglt Nj?rvasund, was the first Northman to sail through N.; with the weather in acc. (eir sigla norr um Sogns byr gan ok bjart ver); ver siglanda, weather fit for sailing; (2) fig., s. ver e-m, to get to windward of one, take the wind out of his sails (engi mar mun hafa siglt ver jafnm?rgum h?fingjum); s. milli skers ok bru, to sail between Scylla and Charybdis; (3) to go as with sails (sigldi korninn milli limanna ru tr).
sigla, f. mast (fyrir framan siglu).
sigli, n. ornament, necklace.
sigling (pl. ar), f. (1) sailing ( s menn konungs siglingina); sjau daga s., seven days' sail; (2) voyage (tkst eim siglingin greitt).
siglinga-mar, m. seafaring man, seaman (slkr mar sem ert).
siglu-biti, m. the step of the mast;
-r, f. sail-yard;
-skei, n. the part of a ship near the mast;
-toppr, m. mast-head;
-tr, n. mast-tree.
signa (a), v. to sink or slide down (honum tti byrrin ung signai hn nir bakit).
signa (a, or da, -dr), v. (1) in a heathen sense, to mark with the sign of Thor's hammer, to dedicate, to a god (s. full ni, r); (2) to sign with the cross, make the sign of the cross over (gengu eir undir bor ok signdu mat sinn); s. sik, to cross oneself (on the forehead and breast); (3) to bless; signar lafr, the blessed O.
signan, f. blessing.
sigr (gen. sigrs), m. victory; hafa, f, vinna s., to gain a victory; bera s. af e-m, vega (vinna, f) s. e-m, to defeat one; auna mun ra sigri, fortune will decide the victory; Magns konungr r sigri miklum, then king M. gained a great victory.
sigra (a), v. (1) to vanquish, overcome (höfu eir brr sigrat björninn); (2) to surpass (einn lokkr sigrai alla); (3) refl., sigrast, to gain a victory (Einar lagi egar til orrostu ok sigraist); s. e-m, to gain a victory over one (hann bar opt hamingju til at s. snum vinum).
sigrari, m. victor.
sigr-auigr, a. victorious;
-bkn, n. tokening of victory;
-blstr, m. trumpeting of victory;
-blmi, m. beam of victory, halo;
-blt, n. sacrifice for victory;
-byrr, m. fair wind boding victory;
-frn, f. offering for victory;
-för, f. victorious journey (fara för);
-gjald, n. war contribution;
-gjöf, f. (1) the granting of victory; (2) offering up for victory;
-go, n. god of victory;
-lauss, a. deserted by victory;
-leysi, n. lack of victory;
-lr, m. trumpet of victory;
-mark, n. token of victory;
-ml, n. prize of victory;
-merki, n. = -mark;
-minning, f. commemoration of a victory;
-p, n. shouting of victory;
-samligr, a. victorious;
-strangligr, a. bidding fair for victory;
-sla, -sld, -sli, f. victoriousness;
-sll, a. blessed by victory, victorious.
sig-rnar, f. pl. runes of victory.
sigr-vegari, m. conqueror;
-vegning, f. victory;
-verk, n. victory;
-vnligr, a. promising victory;
-j, f. the victorious host;
-r, f. shaft of victory.
sig-tvar, m. pl. gods of victory;
-toptir, f. pl. homes of victory.
sik, acc. of the refl. pron. (gen. sn, dat. sr), himself, herself, themselves (eir verja sik ar).
siklingr, (-s, -ar), m. poet., king.
sild (pl. sildr), f. herring.
silda-ferja, f. herring-boat;
-kaup, n. purchase of herring.
sild-fiski, f. herring-fishery; fara fiski, to go out catching herring;
-ver, n. a place for herring-fishing.
silfr, n. silver;
-baugr, m. silver ring;
-beizl, n. silver bit;
-binn, pp. silver-mounted;
-drjgr, a. well-stocked with silver (money);
-ftt, a. n. lacking silver (e-m verr ftt);
-festr, f. silver chain;
-hadda, f. silver handle;
-horn, n. drinking-horn of silver;
-hringr, m. = -baugr;
-hvtr, a. silver-white;
-kalkr, m. silver chalice;
-ker, n. silver vessel;

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