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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


settr, pp. from 'setja', (1) placed, situated (hn skal hr sv vel sett sem hn vri mn dttir); (2) of a ship, deep in the water, heavy (skip konungs vru sett mj?k); (3) ltt s. at klum, poorly furnished with clothes; s. me e-u, studded with.
sttungr, m. a sixth part.
sex, card. num. six;
-faldr, a. sixfold;
-fttr, a. six-footed;
-hoiar, a. six-headed;
-stefja, f. a poem with six 'stef' (burdens).
sextn, card. numb. sixteen;
-mltr, pp., of a stanza, of sixteen sentences, two to each line;
-sessa, f. a ship with sixteen seats.
sex-tugandi, ord. numb. sixtieth;
-tugr, a. sixty years old; of measure, sextugr at lengd, sixty fathoms (ells) long; of a ship, sextugr at rmatali, with sixty oar-rooms.
sex-rr, a. six-oared;
-ringr, m. six-oared boat;
-rr, a. = -rr.
seyir, m. cooking-fire (tku eld ok geru seyi); ba til seyis, to make ready for cooking.
seymi, n. string for sewing (of sinews of whales or cattle).
seyra, f. starvation, famine (sultr mikill ok seyra).
seytjn, card. numb. seventeen.
sia (a), v. to improve, esp. to reform the faith (s. land, flk); refl., siast, to be improved, civilized (ar eptir siaist landit).
sia-bt, f. = sibt.
siar, pp. mannered (vel s.).
sia-mar, m. a well-bred man;
-samr, a. = sisamr;
-skipti, n. pl. change of faith.
si-blandinn, a. sociable; vera siblandinn vi menn, to mix with other people;
-bt, f. reformation of life or religion;
-feri, n. conduct of life, morality (gott siferi);
-ferugr, a. of good morals;
-forn, a. old-fashioned in manners;
-gr, a. of good morals, well-mannered;
-gtni, f. observance of good manners;
-lauss, a. unmannerly, ill-bred;
-ltliga, adv. morally; lifa ltliga, to live a pure life;
-ltr, a. well-mannered, of pure life;
-leysa, f. want of manners, immorality, lawlessness;
-liga, adv. morally, cleanly (lifa liga);
-ligr, a. well-bred, moral;
-lti, n. good manners, good behaviour;
-mannligr, a. well-mannered;
-nmr, a. quick to acquire good manners;
-prr, a. well-mannered, gentle.
sir, (-ar, -ir, acc. u), m. (1) custom, habit (at mun hr vera s., at menn ganga vpnlausir fyrir konung); (2) conduct, moral life (spilla ill ml gum sium); (3) religion, faith; inn forni s., the ancient (heathen) faith; inn ni s., the new (Christian) faith; kristinn s., the Christian religion; heiinn s., heathenism; fornum si, in the olden, or heathen, times.
si-samligr, a. well-bred;
-samr, a. well-conducted;
-semd, f. (1) habits; (2) moral conduct; (3) good manners, courtesy;
-semi, f. = -semd.
siugr, a. well-bred, well-conducted.
si-vandi, m. custom, habit, practice;
-vandr, a. strict as to one's conduct;
-varr, a. conscientious in one's life;
-vendi, f. austerity;
-venja, f. custom, practice.
Sif (gen. Sifjar), f. the wife of Thor.
sifjar, pp. related by affinity.
sifjar, f. pl. affinity. connexion by marriage (s. ea frndsemi); spilla sifjum, to commit adultery.
sifja-slit, -spell, n. adultery.
sifjungr, m. a relative by affinity.
sif-kona, f. a woman related by affinity (frndkonur ok sifkonur).
sig, n. a rope which is let down.
siga (a), v. to sink = sga; sigai sv at honum af llu saman, at, he was so overwhelmed that.
siga (a), v. to excite dogs by shouting rrr!; s. hundum e-n, to set dogs at or on one.
sig, f., sigr, m. sickle.
sigg, n. callosity, hard skin.
sigla, (-da, -t), v. (1) to sail; s. af landi, to stand off the land; s. at landi, to stand in to land; s. haf, haf, til hafs, to stand out to sea; s. skip, to run into a ship; s. meira, to set more sails; s. um e-n, to sail by one; s. um Eyrarsund, to sail through the Sound; s. um, to get under weigh,

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