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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


selr honum sverit); s. e-t hendr e-m, to make over to one (hann seldi bit hendr orsteini); s. vpn r hendi sr. to give up (deliver) one's weapons; s. e-t fram, to deliver up; s. e-m e-t til varveizlu, to commit to another's keeping (r skulut n selja mr til varveizlu vpn yur); hann kvazt hvrki vildu s. gri n taka, he said that he would neither give nor receive pardon; s. e-m laun, to give reward, pay; s. f at lni, to lend money; s. leigu, to put out at interest; s. frest, to give on credit; (2) to sell, part with (hann seldi land sitt); s. e-t vi litlu (miklu) veri, to sell for a small (great) sum; s. mansali, to sell into bondage; tti eim konungr t seldr, a done man (= fram seldr); (3) refl., seljast, to give oneself up (s. arfsali); s. t, to turn out; aldri mun at vel s., it will never go well.
selja, f. sallow, willow.
seljandi (pl. endr), m. one who hands over; seller, vendor.
seljari, m. seller.
sel-mnar, m. the month in which milk cattle are removed to the 'sel'.
sel-net, n. seal-net;
-ntr, f. pl. see sela-nt.
selr (-s, -ar), m. seal (syndr sem s.).
sels-dyrr, f. pl. door of a 'sel'.
sels-eista, f. a seal's testicle.
sel-skinn, n. seal's skin.
selskinns-brkr, f. pl. stakkr, m. sealskin breeched, cloak.
sel-skutill, m. seal-harpoon;
-tjara, f. tar from seal-fat;
-veir, f. seal-catching;
- ver, n. a place where seals are caught.
sem, as a conj. (1) as (raur s. bl, f?lr s. gras); sv s., so as (sv s. fyrr vat ritit); s., such as (slkr mar s. Ljtr er); (2) ellipt. = sv s. (svla e-n inni s. melrakka greni); hann kom, s. hann hafi heitit, as he had promised; dugi hverr, s. mtti, every did as he could, did his best; (3) with superl., s. skjtast, s. fyrst, as soon as possible; eir hleyptu t Skapt s. mest mttu eir, as fast as they could; (4) with , as if (eir vru allir me vpnum sem til bardaga vri bnir); (5) temp. as, (sem hringdi til aptansngs, vildi konungr ganga); (6) as a relat. part., who, which, that, = er, es (eptir etta, sem n var getit); (7) after adverbs, ar s., where; angat s., whither; aan s., whence (muntu ar ykkja smamar sem kemr); hvar hann kom, wheresoever he came; (8) ar s., whereas ( grir ik gan ar sem bi verit jfr ok rningi).
semja (sem, samda, samir and samdr), v. (1) to shape, compose, arrange; to bring or put into, order; s. hljfri, to tune instruments; s. stt, to make peace (fyrr en sttin vri sami); (2) to agree on, settle (engir hlutir skyldi eir til vera, at eigi eir sjlfir); s. vi e-n, to treat with one (Hrtr kvazt at vsu vilja s. vi Hskuld); (3) impers., e-m semr e-t, one agrees to a thing; hvrt sem eim semdi ea whether they came to terms or not; (4) to reform, mend, put right; konungr btti eirra ok samdi siu, the king mended, reformed their faith and manners; hefir heldr samit ik r v sem var, thou hast rather improved thyself; setja ok s. dramb to compose and set down one's pride; s. sik eptir e-u, to adapt oneself to, conform oneself to (hefir samit ik mj?k eptir sivenju tlendra manna); at eir semdi sna frndsemi eptir v sem vera tti, that they should restore their relationship to a proper footing; (5) reflex., semjast, to be settled, agreed on (at ml samdist lei, e-t semst me r-m, it is agreed on between them (samdist etta me eim); impers. (selja man ek yngra sveininn, sem okkr semst); s. e-u, to take to (samdist hn skildi ok sveri en vi sauma ok bora).
sem-sveinar, m. pl. 'Finnish' messengers (so called by themselves).
sen, n. sentence (langt s., myrkt s.).
senda (-nda, -ndr), v. (1) to send, dispatch (ek vil s. ik til Vkrinnar);

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