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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


seil, f. string, line; koma s. e-m, to be carried along by one.
seila-möttull, m. = tugla-möttull.
seilast (d), v. refl. to stretch out one's hand (rr seildist sv langt upp, sem hann mtti lengst); s. eptir e-u, til e-s, to try to get hold of a thing; fig. to seek far for a thing (s. tl smdar hendr e-m); s. e-t, to encroach on (s. gus, krnunnar, rtt).
seiling, f. seeking for a thing.
seimr, m. (1) honey-comb; (2) poet. gold, riches (rautt gull er s.).
sein, n.?, delay; lta eigi s. at sr, to make haste.
seina (a), v. to delay; mun of seinat, then it will be to late.
sein-binn, pp. 'late-boun', slow in getting ready, = sbinn;
-frr, a. slow, tardy, slow at work; difficult to pass (br var lpt, ok var frt yfir);
-grr, a. slow-growing (-g?rr uppvexti);
-heppiligr, a. slow to advance oneself, slow-growing.
seinka (a), v. to delay, with acc. or dat. (s. gnguna, s. frinni), or inf. (s. at fylgja e-m); refl., seinkast, to be delayed (mjk tti s. atlagan).
seinkan, f. hindrance, delay.
sein-ltr, a. slow, tardy, dilatory;
-liga, adv. slowly, indifferently, reluctantly (taka e-u liga, taka liga undir e-t);
-ligr, a. slow, dull, reluctant;
-lti, n. slowness, dullness.
seinn (compar. seinni, superl. seinstr, later seinastr), a. (1) slow, opp. to 'skjtr' (s. fti); seinir til at muna or sn, slow to remember (fulfil) their words (promise); neut., seint, as adv. slowly; fara s., to go at a slow pace; taka e-u s., to take it slowly, coldly (= taka e-u seinliga); (2) late (f?rum til skipa ok verum eigi of seinir); Sveinn var seinst binn, S. was the last to get ready.
sein-talar, pp. slow of speech;
-reyttr, pp. slow to be moved; -reyttr til vandra, slow to be drawn into quarrels.
seizla, f. = seisla, seimagnan.
sekja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to sentence to a fine, = gra e-n sekjan; esp. to sentence one to outlawry; (2) refl., sekjast, to be liable to a penalty.
sekka (a), v. to pack up (s. vru).
sekkr (gen. jar, pl. ar or ir), m. (1) sack, bag; (2) package, truss, in a merchant ship.
sekr (acc. sekan or sekjan), a. (1) guilty; lta ann undan setja, er s. er, to let him escape who is guilty; s. e-s or um e-t, guilty of; (2) convicted, outlawed, condemned to outlawry (gra e-n sekjan, vera s. um e-t); s. skgarmar, fjrbaugsmar, convicted outlaw; (2) sentenced to pay, mulcted in (verr hann s. um at rem mrkum); (4) forfeited; tel ek sekt f hans allt, I say that all his goods are forfeited.
sekt, f. (1) guilt (lifandi gu fyrirlti mr mna s.); (2) penalty; full s., the highest penalty of the law, forfeiture of goods and outlawry (lsa til sektar fullrar hnd e-m); (3) fine, mulct (riggja marka s.).
sektar-dmr, m. conviction, sentence of outlawry;
-f, n. goods, property of an outlaw (skgarmar, fjrbaugsmar), which was confiscated, one half to the community (fjrungsmenn), the other half to the prosecutor;
-lauss, a. free, unconvicted;
-laust, adv. with impunity;
-mark, n. (1) brand or mark of guilt; (2) pl. the marks by which to know the person of an outlaw;
-magi, m. the destitute dependant of an outlaw.
sel (gen. pl. selja), n. shed on a mountain pasture (where the milk-cows are kept in the summer months).
sela-btr, m. a boat for seal-catching, seal-boat;
-hir, f. pl. seal-skins;
- nót, f. seal-net;
- kyn, n. species of seal;
-skinn, n. pl. = -hir.
sel-belgr, m. seal-skin (not cut up).
sel-dyrr, f. pl. door of a 'sel'.
sel-feitr, a. fat as a seal (sthestr feitr);
-fita, f. seal's fat.
sel-fr, f. the keeping of cattle at a 'sel';
-gr, f. erection of a 'sel'.
sel-hrr, a. covered with seal's hair.
seli, (and sili), m. harness.
selja (sel, selda, seldr), v. (1) to hand over, deliver; s. e-m e-t (sta

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