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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


refl., sejast e-u, af e-u, to eat one's fill of a thing. Cf. 'saddr'.
sef, n. sedge, rush.
sefa (a), v. to soothe, appease, calm (ef hann fr eigi sefat hana); refl., sefast, to be soothed, appeased, of anger (gekk af honum mrinn ok sefaist hann).
sefar, pp. propitious (drttinn s honum jafnan s.).
sefi, m. poet. (1) mind, affection (sorgmr s.); (2) kinsman.
sef-tjrn, f. sedge-tarn;
visk, n. sedge-wisp.
seggr (pl. -ir, gen. -ja), m. poet. man.
segi or sigi, m. slice, strip, shred (skera e-t sega).
segja (segi, saga, sagr), v. (1) to say, tell (seg mr at, er ek spyr ik); eir sgu, at eir skyldu aldri upp gefast, they said they would never yield; s. e-m lei, to tell the way, esp. on the sea, to pilot; s. tendi, to tell news; impers. it is told (hr segir fr Birni bunu); sem r sagi, as was told before; segjanda er allt vin snum, all can be told to a friend; (2) to say, declare, in an oath; ek segi at gui (si), I declare to God (to the 'ss'); (3) law phrases; s. sik ing, lg, to declare oneself member of a community; s. sik r ingi, lgum, to declare oneself out of, withdraw from, a community; s. skilit vi konu, to declare oneself separated from, divorce, one's wife; s. fram sk, to declare one's case; s. lg, to recite the law, of the 'lgsgumar'; (4) to signify, mean (etta segir sv); (5) with preps., s. e-n af e-u, to declare one off a thing, take it from him; s. e-t e-n, to impose on (bta at eim hluta, sem lg segi hann); to announce (s. reii, stt sna); s. eptir e-m, to tell tales of one; s. fr e-u, to tell, relate; Unnr, er ek saga r fr, U. of whom I told thee; s. fyrir e-u, to prescribe (sv var me llu farit, sem hann hafi fyrir sagt); s. fyrir skipi, to bid God-speed to a ship; s. e-t fyrir, to predict, foretell (s. fyrir orna hluti); s. e-u sundr, sundr, to break up, dissolve (s. sundr frii, frndsemi, hjskap); s.
til e-s, to tell, inform of (segit honum ekki til, hvat r hafit grt vi hrossit); s. til nafns sns, s. til sn, to tell (give) one's name; s. upp e-t, to pronounce (s. upp dm, gr); s. upp lg, to proclaim the law (from the law-hill); s. e-n upp, to give one up; s. upp e-u, to declare at an end (s. upp frii, grium); s. upp jnustu vi e-n, to leave one's service; (6) refl., segjast, to dec/are of oneself; hann sagist vaka, he said that he was awake; kristnir menn ok heinir sgust hvrir r lgum annarra, they declared themselves each out of the other's laws; lta (sr) segjast, to let oneself be spoken to, listen to reason; impers., e-m segist sv, one's tale runs so.
segjands-saga, f. a hearsay tale.
segl, a. sail; draga, vinda (upp) s., to hoist sail; leggja (ofan) s., to take in sail; hlaa seglum, to furl the sails.
segl-bt, f. sail-mending;
binn, pp. 'sail-boun', ready to sail;
laun, n. pl. return (payment) for a sail;
-marr, m. poet. 'sail-steed', ship;
-r, f. sail-yard;
reii, m. sail-rigging;
tkr, a. fit for sailing (-tkt ver);
-vir, m. 'sail-tree', spar, yard;
vigg, n. poet. = -marr.
seia (-dda, -ddr), v. to enchant by a spell; s. sei, to work a spell.
sei-berendr, m. pl. sorcerers;
galdr, m. enchantment by spells;
hjallr, m. incantation-scaffold;
kona, f. sorceress, witch;
lti, n. pl. the sounds heard during the incantation;
mar, m. enchanter, wizard;
magnan, f. the working of a spell.
seir (gen. seis or seiar), m. spell, charm, enchantment, incantation; seia (efla, magna) sei, to work a spell, practise sorcery.
sei-skratti, m. wizard.
seisla, f. = seimagnan.
sei-star, m. the place where a spell is worked;
stafr, m. enchanter's wand;
villa, f. spells to counteract witchcraft (rsta -villur).
seig-liga, adv. slowly.
seigr, a. (1) tough, viscid (seigt lm); (2) stubborn (s. . sitt ml); (3) difficult (seigt mun veita at kristna Island).

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