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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


sáđ-jörđ, f. sown land;
-korn, n. seed-corn;
-land, n. sown land;
-plógr, m. ploughing for seed;
-tíđ, f. sowing season.
sáđugr, a. full of bran.
sál (pl. -ir), f., sála, f. soul.
sálađr, pp. departed, dead.
sálast (), v. refl. to depart, die.
sáld, n. (1) sieve, riddle (rúmborat s.); (2) a measure (ţriggja sálda öl).
sálma-skáld, n. psalmist, hymn-writer;
söngr, m. hymn-singing.
sálmr (-s, -ar), m. psalm, hymn.
sálu-bann, n. perdition of the soul;
-bati, m., -bót, f. (1) the soul's health; (2) prosperity, welfare;
búđ, f. = -hús;
-eldar, m. pl. funeral fires;
-félag, n. spiritual communion.
sálugr, a. wretched, poor.
sálu-háski, m. soul's danger, perdition;
hjálp, f. salvation;
hús, n. hospital;
messa, f. mass for the dead, requiem;
skađi, m. scathe to one's soul, perdition;
tíđir, f. pl.= -messa;
-tjón, n. = -skađi;
-ţarfligr, a. useful for the soul;
-ţurft, -ţörf, f. the soul's need.
sám-leitr, sámr, a. swarthy, blackish.
sár (sás, sáir), m. large cask.
sár, n. wound (liggja í sárum).
sára-far, n. state or nature of wounds;
fullr, a. full of sores;
lögr, m. blood;
menn, m. pl. = sárir menn.
sáran, adv. sorely, bitterly (gráta s.).
sár-beittr, a. very keen;
dropi, m. poet. blood;
eggjađr, a. = -beittr;
-heitr, a. very hot.
sárindi, n. pl. soreness, pain.
sár-keyptr, pp. dear-bought; mun yđr verđa -keypt viđ hann at eiga, ye will find it a dear bargain to deal with him;
leikr, m. soreness, pain;
liga, adv. sorely, painfully; leika sárliga, to handle roughly;
ligr, a. painful.
sárna (), v. to become painful.
sár-orđr, a. using cutting words.
sárr, a. (1) wounded (lítt s., mjök s., s. til úlífis); (2) sore, painful (sárar píslir); sárt, as adv. sorely, painfully (sárt bítr soltin lús); sárt ertu leikinn, thou hast been sorely treated; menn höfđu sárt (= illa) haldit frćndum sínum, they had sore losses among their kinsmen; honum er s. matr, it pains him to part with the meat.
sárs-auki, m. smart, pain (kenna -auka);
-brún, f. edge of a wound.
sár-vítr (pl. -vítr), f. poet. valkyrie.
sár-yrđi, n. pl. cutting words.
sát, f. ambush, = fyrirsát.
sáta, f. hay-cock, truss of hay.
sátt, f. settlement, covenant, agreement, = sćtt (eigi munu ţeir rjúfa ţá s., er ek gřri).
sátta-leyfi, -lof, n. a licence to make an agreement.
sáttan, f. agreement, = sátt.
sáttar-bođ, n. an offer of terms;
-dómr, m. court of arbitration;
-eiđr, m. an oath taken at a 'sátt';
-fundr, m. peace-meeting;
-griđ, n. pl. truce;
-gřrđ, f. agreement, peace-transactions;
-hald, n. the keeping of an agreement;
-mađr, m. peace-maker, umpire;
-mark, -merki, n. token of peace;
-stefna, f. = -fundr.
sátta-umleitan, f. endeavours to bring about peace, mediation;
vandr, a. particular as to terms.
sátt-band, n. treaty, covenant;
-fúss, -gjarn, a. willing to come to terms, conciliatory;
gjarnliga, adv. in a conciliatory way;
gjarnligr, a. conciliatory, placable;
mál, n. (1) words of reconciliation (bera -mál milli manna); (2) agreement, covenant;
máli, m. covenant.
sáttmáls-búđ, f. the covenant-booth, Tabernacle;
lög, n. pl. the prescriptions of the covenant;
mark, n. = sáttarmark;
-örk, f. the ark of the covenant.
sáttr, a. reconciled, at peace; verđa s. á (or um) e-t, at e-u, to agree on; urđu allir á ţat sáttir, at engi vćri hans jafningi, all were agreed that no man was his match.
sátt-rof, n. breach of an agreement;
-vandr, a. = sáttavandr;
-varr, a. careful as to the keeping of an agreement;
vćnligr, a. promising in respect of an agreement.
(imperat. from 'sjá'), interj. see! look! (sé nú, seggir).
seđja (seđ, sadda, saddr), v. to satiate, satisfy (s. e-n á e-u, af e-u);

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