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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-klippari, m. sheep-shearer;
-kv, f sheep-fold;
-kv, f. tax paid in sheep;
-leit, f. searching for sheep;
-mar, m. shepherd;
-rtt, f. sheep-fold;
-skjl, n. shelter for sheep;
-slitr, n. shreds of sheep torn by a beast of prey;
-taka, f. sheep-stealing;
-tollr, m. tax paid in sheep;
-jfr, m. sheep-stealer.
sauð-f, n. sheep;
-fellir, m. death of sheep (from cold);
-fnar, m. = -f;
-grs, n. pl. crop for sheep;
-hs, n. sheep-pen;
-lauss, a. sheepless.
saur (-ar, -ir), m. sheep.
sau-reki, m. sheep-driver;
-vant, a. n., verr -vant, a sheep is missing.
sauma (a), v. to sew (stu r ar ok saumuu); to make by sewing (s. e-m kli); s. e-t at e-u, to sew tight round; kyrtill sv rngr, sem saumar vri at honum, a tunic as tight as though it were sewn on him.
saum-fr, f. a row of nails in a ship's planking;
-lauss, a. without nails (aurskar saumlausir).
saumr (-s, -ar), m. (1) nails, esp. of a ship; (2) plur., saumar, needle-work, sewing (sitja at saumum).
saum-skri, n. pl. shears, scissors;
-stofa, f. sewing-room.
saup, n. butter-milk.
saur-fullr, a. filthy, dirty.
saurga (a), v. to dirty, defile, pollute (s. vllnn bli).
saurgan, f. pollution, defilement.
saurigr (acc. saurgan), a. filthy, dirty (hafa hendr mjk saurgar).
saur-kvsl, f. dung-fork, = -mykikvisl;
-lifnar, m. = -lfi;
-ligr, a. filthy, unclean;
-lfl, n. lewdness, fornication, lechery, opp. to'breinlfi'.
saurlfis-kona, f. harlot;
-mar, m. unchaste person, fornicator -,
-synd, f. the sin offornication.
saur-lifr, a. lewd, lecherous;
-mli, n. filthy, foul language;
-pyttr, m. cesspool.
saurr, m. (1) mud (at engi s. stkkvi af hestum yrum ok konunginn); (2) dirt, excrements; ausast sauri , to throw dirt at one another.
saurug-liga, adv. in a foul manner;
-ligr, a. foul, unchaste.
saurugr, a. = saurigr.
saur-yri, n. pl. foul words, filthy language; cf. 'saurmli.'
sautra (a), v. to suck through the teeth (s. vatn r lfum).
sax, n. (1) a short, one-edged sword; (2) plur. sx, shears = - skxri; (3) the gunwale near the prow (Gunnarr hleypr egar saxit skip Vandils); esp. in plur., sx, the forepart of a ship (sr fll inn um sxin).
saxa (a), v. to cut with a 'sax', to chop, hack (s. e-t sundr).
Saxar, m. pl. Saxons, Germans.
Sax-elfr, f. the river Elbe;
-land, n. Germany.
sax-knifr, m. dagger, dirk.
sax-lenzkr, a., Saxon , German (saxneskr hertogi).
-neskr, a. Saxon, German (saxneskr hertogi).
sax-oddr, m. the point of a 'sax'.
s (s, at), dem. pron. (1) with a subst. that (s mar, s kona); s mar, er Sti heitir, that (or the) man who is named S.; with the suff. art.; s ein er sagan eptir, er ek ori eigi r at segja, that story alone is left which I dare not tell thee; (2) such (var s fundr eirra, at Egill felldi tv menn); vil ek ok at vita, hvrt nkkurr er s hr, at, whether there be any (such) man here, who; (3) preceding the art. with an adj.; s inn ungi mar, that young man; hyrnan s in fremri, the upper horn of the axe; sometimes leaving out the art. (s ungi mar; vi sama ingi); (4) without subst., almost as a pers. pron.; mar la skamt fr honum, ok var s eigi ltill, and he was no small man; ar rr mar, s hefir skjld mikinn, he has a large shield; with the relative part.; s er sll, er he is lucky, that
s (s or si, sera or sra, later saa; sinn, later sr), v. (1) to sow, with dat. (s korni); (2) to sow, stock with seed, with acc. (flestir bndr seru jarir snar); (3) fig. to throw broadcast, scatter, with dat. (s gulli, silfri).
s, n. seed, corn, crop.
sa-hleifr, m. bran loaf.
sir, f. pl. bran; hleifr runginn sum, a loaf mixed with bran.

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