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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bendr e-m, to prove a charge against one (aldri var at mik sannat, at ek vri falsari); s. e-n at e-u, to prove one guilty, convict one, of something; (3) refl., sannast, to prove true, hold good, turn out (n mun at S., er saga ek r); lta e-t . s., to let it be proved on oneself, to confess (lt hann s., at hann myndi eigi sjlfr sv miklu orkat hafa).
sanna, f. proof; only in pl. 'snnur' (f, finna snnur sinu mli).
sannaar-mar, m. = sannanar-mar (hann skal hafa -menn tv).
sannan, f. (1) assertion, confirmation; (2) proof (til sannanar sns mls).
sannanar-mar, m. one who vouches for another's word or oath;
-mark, n. evidence;
-or, n. epithet.
sann-fregit, -frtt, pp. n., hafa -frtt, to have true intelligence of;
-frr, a. truly informed, well informed (-frr um e-t, at e-u);
-frast (dd), v. refl. to be truly informed;
-fri, f. true information;
-gjarn, a. fair, equitable;
-gfugr, a. truly noble;
-heilagr, a. truly saintly, undoubtedly a saint.
sanninda-matr, m. a truthful man;
-samliga, adv. truthfully;
-sgn, f. true intelligence.
sannindi, n. pl. (1) truth, verity (ef hann vill heldr tra lygi en sannindum); e-t er me sannindum, it is true (biskup tri, at at mundi me sannindum, er sagt var fr); fara me sannindum, to tell the truth; reynast me sannindum, to prove true; me sannindum at segja, to tell the truth; unna e-m sanninda um e-t, to give one his due; (2) evidence, proof (engi nnur s. hafa menn till ess, nema au); til sanninda e-s, um e-t, as a proof of.
sann-kallar, pp. truly called;
-kenna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to call a thing by its right name; (2) -kenna e-n at e-u, to charge one rightly with, convict one of;
-kenning, f. a kind of epithet;
-kristinn, a. a true Christian;
-leikr, m. truth, verity;
-liga, adv. verily, truly;
-ligr, a. (1) likely to be true, probable; (2) just, fair, fit, proper;
-mll, -milugr, a. truthful, veracious;
-mli, n. a true speech, truth; unna e-m -mlis, to give one a fair report;
-mltr, pp. speaking the truth;
-nefni, n. appropriate name;
-orr, a. truthful, veracious;
-prfa (a), v. to ascertain.
sannr (sönn, satt), a. (1) true (snn saga); hn sagi r satt fr Geirri, she told Thor the truth about G.; n skal ek segja r it sanna, now I will tell thee the truth; hafa e-t fyrir satt, to be sure (convinced) of; hafa sannara, to be in the right (skal konungr um segja, hvrir sannara hafi); gra e-t satt, to make good, prove (hvern veg grir at satt); s. sem dagr, true as day, clear as noonday (=dagsannr); snnu sagr, justly charged; me snnu, at snnu, in truth, truly; til sanns, certainly, for certain (vita e-t til sanns); (2) meet, proper (vri at sannara, at vrir drepinn); (3) s. at e-u, convicted of, (proved) guilty of (s. at skinni).
sannr, m. (1) truth (vita sann e-u); fra e-m heim sanninn, to tell one the bitter truth; (2) fairness; e-t er nr sanni, is fair or reasonable; stir eirra vru at gum sanni, they loved each other fittingly; (3) estimation; btta e-t vi gra manna sann, according to the estimate of good men.
sann-rinn, pp. verily betrayed.
sann-reyndr, pp. (1) duly proved; (2) -reyndr at e-u, convicted of;
-saga, f. true tale, truth;
-sagr, pp. truly said;
-sakar, pp. convicted, guilty;
-spr, a. prophesying true;
-spurt, pp. n. = -fregit;
-sni, f. equity, fairness;
-snn, a. just, impartial;
-si, f. = -sni;
-sr, a. = -snn;
-sgli, f. truthfulness, veracity;
-sgull, a. truthful, veracious;
-talat, pp. n. truly said;
-vinr. m. true friend;
-vitar, pp. known for certain;
-vitr a. truly wise;
-vnn, a. near the truth, fair;
-yri, n. pl. true words.
sauða-dunr, m. flock of sheep (sem vargr -dun);
-fer, f. searching for sheep;
-flokkr, m. = -dunr;
-hirir, m. shepherd;
-hs, n. sheep-pen, sheep-fold;
-hvarf, n. disappearance of sheep;
-jarmr, m. bleating of sheep;

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