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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-rekkja (-ta, -t), v. to share a bed with (e-m or hj e-m);
-riddari, m. fellow knight;
-rikja (-ta, -t), v. to rule in common with (e-m);
-ri, n. (1) concord, confidence; (2) carnal intercourse (-ri vi konu);
-rur, f. pl. conversation;
-saga, a. indecl. agreeing
-sttr, a. concordant;
-setja (see setja), v. (1) to connect, join; (2) to compose, of writing;
-setning, f. composition;
-sinni, n. (1) company, fellowship; (2) consent (veita e-m -sinni);
-sis, adv. besides, at one's side (e-m);
-skapa, a. indecl. of one mind;
-skara (a), v. to join boards, overlap;
-skipa, a. indecl. sailing in the same ship;
-skipti, n. pl. intercourse, = viskipti;
-skla, a. indecl. attending the same school;
-skulda, a. indecl. balancing; at er -skulda, it is an even balance.
sams-mar, m. = samningarmar.
sam-stafa, f. syllable;
-stafan, f. = -stafa;
-stafligr, a. belonging to a syllable;
-staft, a. n. all of one burden;
-stundis, adv. at the same moment;
-sumars, adv. in the same summer;
-svarning, f. conspiracy;
-sti, n. (1) sitting down together; taka -sti, to sit down at a feast; (2) assembly, entertainment; sv gu -sti, in such good company.
samstis-drykkja, f. banquet;
-menn, m. pl. bench-fellows.
samt, adv. together, = saman; allir s., all together; einn s., alone; s., continuously, uninterruptedly (cf. 'samr'); kemr at samt me eim, at, they come to an agreement that.
sam-tak, n. united effort (hafa -tak at e-u);
-tal, n. colloquy, interview;
-tempra (a), v. to moderate;
-tenging, f. connexion;
-tengja (-da, -dr), v. to unite, join; -ta, a. indecl. contemporary (-ta e-m);
-tis, adv. at the same time;
-tmis, adv. = -tis;
-tnis, adv. adjoining, in the neighbourhood of (sitja -tnis vi e-n);
-veldi, n. joint authority, rule;
-vera, f. living together;
-vinna (see vinna), v. to co-operate with one (e-m);
-vira (-ra, -rr), v. to estimate equal in worth;
-vist, f. (1) living together (stundlig -vist); (2) of wedded life, conjugal intercourse (ntti Hrafn ltit af -vistum vi hana);
-vista, f. = -vist;
-vista, a. indecl., vera -vista vi e-n, to live with one;
-vistiligr, a. attached;
-vit, n. (1) conscience; (2) consciousness;
-vitand, f. cognizance;
-vitandi, pr. p. cognizant of, privy to;
-vizka, f. (1) conscience; (2) mind, intellect (heill at -vizku, krankr lkama);
-vgja (-a, -t), v. (1) to be of equal weight, match (e-m); (2) to yield mutually;
-vrr, a. living in peace together;
-ingi, a. from the same jurisdiction or district.
samingis-goar, m. pl. the priests (goar) of the same district.
sam-rll, m. fellow-slave;
-ykki, n. concord, consent, assent;
-ykkiligr, a. consenting;
-ykkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to consent to, with acc. or dat. -ykkja me e-m, to agree with; (2) to reconcile (-ykkja e-t vi e-t); (3) refl., -ykkjast e-t, to consent to;
-ykkr, a. agreeing, at peace with one (-pykkr e-m or vi e-n);
-ykt, f. agreement, consent;
-ast (see a), v. refl. to associate, agree.
sand-bakki, m. sand-bank;
-bra, f. sand-wave;
-brekka, f. sandy slope, sand-ridge;
-fjk, -fok, n. sand-drift, drifting sand;
-haf, n. sand-ocean, desert;
-hll, m. sand-hill;
-hverfa, f. a kind of flat-fish;
-koma, f. fall of (volcanic) sand;
-korn, n. grain of sand;
-lei, f. a way leading over a stretch of sand;
-lgja, f. a kind of whale;
-melr, m, sand-bank;
-ml, f. gravel.
sandr (-s, -ar), m. (1) sand (Aur var grafin sand, ar sem flr gekk yfir); kasta sandi augu e-m, to throw dust in one's eyes; (2) the sea-shore (skip kom at sandi); (3) in pl. sandy ground, sand-banks, sands.
sand-sumar, a. sand-summer (from volcanic eruptions);
-torfa, f. sandy sod;
-fa, f. sand-knoll.
sanna (a), v. (1) to assert, affirm (sannai annarr, en annarr synjai); (2) to make good, prove (s. e-t me eii, me jarteinum); s. e-t e-n,

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