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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-hringja (-da, -dr), v. to peal with two or more bells;
-hugi, m. concord, agreement;
-hugi, a. of one mind, agreeing;
-hvla, f. common bed;
-hyggja (see hyggja), v., -hyggja e-m, to be of one mind with, agree with.
sami, m. (1) reconciliation, = stt; koma sama me eim, to reconcile them; (2) honour (tapa sama snum); (3) a due (f sinn sama); at er ekki s., at, 'tis not beseeming that.
sam-jafn, a. equal to;
-jafna (a), v. to compare; refl.,
-jafnast e-m, to emulate one;
-jafnan, f. comparison (koma samjafnan vi e-n).
samka (a), v. to collect, gather, with dat. or acc., = samna.
sam-keypi, n. bargain;
-koma, f. = -kvma;
-kristinn, a. a fellow Christian;
-krkja, (-ta, -tr), v. to hook together; fig. to enter into a quarrel;
-kunda, f. feast, banquet.
samkundu-hs, n. banquet-hall.
sam-kvma, f. (1) meeting, assembly; (2) collision, encounter.
samkvmu-ml, n. (1) discussion, debate; (2) stipulation.
sam-kvi, n. consent, esp. gjalda -kvi vi e-u, to give one's consent, to agree (bir guldu -kvi, at M. nefndi sr . vtti);
-kvr, a. concordant (vi e-t);
-kvmd, f. coincidence, congruity;
-kvmiligr, a. congruous;
-kynja, a. indecl. of the same kind;
-kynnis, adv. at the same house (-kynnis vi e-n);
-lag, n. (1) fellowship, partnership (binda, gra sitt -lag); (2) community, communion ( -lagi kristinna manna); (3) sexual intercourse, cohabitation (eiga -lag vi konu);
-laga (a), v. to join, unite; refl., -lagast e-m, to join oneself to; to cohabitate with;
-laga, f. laying of ships together, for battle (blsa skipum til -lgu);
-landi, m. fellow-countryman;
-lei, f. the same way; eiga -lei vi e-n, to have the same way to go;
-lendr, a. living in the same country (-lendr e-m, vi e-n); ef eir vri -lendir, if they happened to live in the same country;
-lengd, f. = jafnlengd;
-litr, a. of the same colour (vi e-t);
-lkja (-ta, -t), v. to compare;
-líkr, a. like, resembling one another;
-lyndi, f. concord;
-lyndr, a. of one mind;
-mla, a. indecl. agreeing (vera sttir ok sam-mla);
-mttugr, -mttuligr, a. sharing in the power;
-mlast (see mla), v. refl. to fix an interview; -mlast e-t, to be of one mind in a matter, to agree in a thing;
-mli, n. agreement;
-mddr, a. of the same mother;
-mri, a. = -mddr.
samna (a), v. to gather, collect, with dat. or acc. (s. mnnum, lii; s. saman mikinn her); refl., samnast, or s. saman, to gather together, increase.
samnaar-herr, m. a gathered host;
-mar, m. a man of an assembly;
-l, n. = samburar-l.
samnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) gathering, host; gra samna, to gather men; (2) congregation.
sam-nafni, m. namesake;
-nefndr, pp. of the same name (e-m);
-neyta (-tta, -tt). v. to have intercourse with (-neyta e-m);
-neyti, n. communion, intercourse (kristiligt -neyti);
-neyting, f. holding intercourse with.
samning, f. agreement, treaty.
samningar-mar, m. peaceable man.
samningr, m. reconciliation, agreement (var upp lesinn s s.).
sam-pnast (d), v. refl. to have compassion upon (e-m);
-pning, f. compassion.
samr (sm, samt), a. (1) the same; the def. form is used both with and without the preceding art. (inn, in, it); sama hsi, in the same house; hann var s. boum sinum, the same, unaltered; sv fr sem samt s, it turned out the same way; komast samt lag, to get into the same condition as before; with dat., the same as; kom Gurn eigi san smu rekkju lafi, into the same bed as Olaf; it sama, the same, likewise; (2) agreeing, of one mind (hann var s. um yra fer); (3) samt, continuously, = samfast (rjr ntr samt).
sam-ra, a. indecl. of one counsel, united;
-rit, pp. n., hafa e-t -rit, to be agreed on;
-rei, f. riding together;
-reki, m. common shore-

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