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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


saltr (slt, salt), a. salt.
salt-steinn, m. salt-stone, pillar of salt;
svia, f. = -brenna.
sal-j, f. domestics, = drtt.
sama (samdi, samat), v. to beseem, befit, become; e-t samir vel, illa, it befits well, ill (mart ferr n annan veg en bezt mundi s.); e-m samir e-t vel, illa, it becomes one well, ill (illa samir r at berjast mti mr); vil ek sj, hvernig r sami skyrtan, how it fits thee; s. sr vel, to look well (Hallgerr sat palli ok samdi sr vel).
sama-gr, a. fitting, suitable.
saman, adv. together, in common (Engey skulum vi eiga bir s.); allr s., whole, entire (bndr uru hrddir vi enna atbur allan s.); allir s., all together; rr, fjrir s., three, four together; einn s., one alone; smm s., by degrees; kflum s., piecemeal; mrgum mnnum s., in groups; with a gen. form, til samans = saman.
saman-drttr, m. gathering;
-eign, f. conflict;
-lestr, m. collection;
-lming, f. conglutination;
-lostning, f. collision;
-samnar, m. gathering;
-setning, f. composition;
-skrifa (a), v. to compose, write.
sam-band, n. connexion, league;
-beit, f. joint pasture;
-bja (see bja), v. to equal, be equal to;
-bland, n. mixing together, sexual intercourse;
-blanda (a), v. to blend together, mingle;
-blandinn, pp. blended, mixed;
-blsa (see blsa), v. to conspire;
-blstr, m. conspiracy.
sam-borgari, m. fellow-citizen.
samborgar-mar, m. = samborgari.
sam-borinn, pp. born of the same parents;
-brir, m. brother, fellow-member of a society, esp. of friars.
samburar-l, n. a joint drinking.
sam-b, f. dwelling together, cohabitation;
-byg, f. = -b;
-briligr, a. comparable;
-daui, m. death at the same time (man ykkar -daui vera);
-dma, a. indecl. of one mind; vera -dma, a. to agree;
-drttr, m. gathering;
-dreginn, pp. lined all over;
-drykkja, f. symposium, drinking-party;
-dgris, adv. within the same day;
-eiginliga, adv. in common;
-eiginligr, -eiginn, a. common;
-eign, f. dealings, conflict, fight;
-eldi, n. living together;
-erfingi, m. co-heir;
-fagna (a), v. to rejoice with another;
-fagnar, m. rejoicing;
-fallinn, pp. fitted, meet;
-fara, a. indecl. travelling together;
-fast, adv. continuously (rum san-fast);
-fastr, a. fast together, joined, connected;
-feri, a. having the same father (hn var -fera vi Flosa);
-flag, n. fellowship, company;
-flagi, m. co-partner;
-felldr, pp. (1) joined together, composed; (2) continuous;
-fenginn, pp. whole, entire;
-festiliga, adv. jointly;
-festing, f. fastening together;
-fjrungs, adv. (1) insuccession, one after another (sjau daga -fleytt); (2) in company; fara -fleytt, to travel together; -flot, n. (1) sailing together (halda -flot vi e-n); (2) a fleet sailing together;
-floti, m. = -flot;
-fundr, m. meeting, interview;
-fyllilligr, a. complete;
-frr, a. (1) running along with (skip -frt rri); (2) agreeing;
-fr, f. esp. in pl., -farar, (1) travelling together; (2) marriage; mla til -fara vi konu to court a woman; wedded life (vru, gerust -farar eir gar); (3) intercourse (vinveittar -farar);
-gangr, m. (1) going together, intercourse; (2) conflict, fight (verr harr -gangr r Freyr fellr); (3) marriage; gra -gang sinn, to marry;
-gengt, a.n., eiga -gengt, to have a common pasture;
-gjarna, adv. equally willingly;
-glejast, v. refl. = -fagna;
-gra (see gra), v. to grow fast to;
-hald, n. holding together, unity;
-haldinn, pp. continuous;
-harma (a), v. to have compassion on;
-harman, f. compassion;
-heiti, n. common name;
-heldi, n. league, alliance;
-henda, -hending, f. a metre in which the rhyming syllables are identical in form (as 'virandi gefr virum');
-hras, adv. within the same district;
-hlaupa, a. leaping together;
-hlaupast (see hlaupa), v. refl. to join in a riot;
-hljan, f. consonance, harmony;
-hljandi, m. consonant;

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