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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


saga (gen. sgu, pl. sgur), f. (1) what is said, statement (m vera, at snn s s. n); (2) tale, story, history; segja, rta sgu, to tell, write a story; hann kemr eigi vi essa sgu, he is not connected with this 'saga'; vera r sgunni, to be out of the story; vera sgu, to be mentioned in a story; sv sem sgu, to be mentioned in a story; sv sem sgur eru til, as the story goes; (3) the events which gave rise to the story; hann var mjk hniginn efra aldr, er sj saga grist, when this came to pass; (4) tale, report (eigi veit ek um sgur slkar, hvrt satt er).
saga-tenn, f. pl. saw-teeth.
sagna-mar, -meistari, m. historian;
-skemtan, f. story-telling (at public meetings, feasts, &c.).
saka (a), v. to do harm, scathe (jarl kva at ekki s. mundu); impers., hvat sem at var grt, sakai hann (acc.) ekki, no matter what they did, no harm came to him; recipr., at vr skylim sjlfir um sakast, that we should injure one another.
saka (a), v. to blame, find fault with; s. sik um e-t, to blame oneself for (ekki mun tj at s. sik um orinn hlut); recipr., sakast um e-t, to blame one another for a thing; s. sryrum, to bandy cutting words.
saka-btr, f. pl. = sak-btr;
-dlgr, m. = skudlgr.
sakar, pp. (1) scathed, damaged (var eitt bor sakat skipi eirra); (2) guilty (hann er v meirr s. en arir menn, at hann vann jarli dauum).
saka-fullr, a. guilty;
-lauss, a. = saklauss;
-laust, adv. without prosecution, dropping the prosecution;
-mar, m. a man disposed to litigate;
sakar, prep. with gen. = sakir.
sakar-aili, m. the chief party in a case;
-beri, m. plaintiff, accuser;
-eyrir, m. = sakeyrir;
-gipt, f. 'charge-giving', charge;
-spell, n. mispleading, by which a suit may be lost;
-star, m. ground which one has for suing another; offence (gefa upp -stainn);
-skjandi, m. prosecutor.
sakartku-vttr, m. a witness to the handing over of a suit;
-vtti, n. witness of the handing over of a suit.
sakar-vandri, n. pl. dispute.
sak-bitinn, pp. guilty;
-btr, f. pl. damages, fine (to be paid to the kinsmen of the slain);
-eyrir, m. fine, penalty esp. a fine due to the king;
-ferli, n. lawsuit, action;
-gfinn, -gfr, a. quarrelsome, contentious.
sakir, prep. with gen. on account of, for the sake of, = fyrir sakir e-s (s. ora konungs).
sak-lauss, s. not guilty, innocent;
-leysi, n. (1) um (or fyrir) -leysi, without due ground, without cause (at munu margir mla, at eigi hafi um -leysi verit); (2) innocence;
-mar, m. = illvirki;
-metinn, pp. current, as a legal tender for 'sakeyrir'.
sakna (a), v. to miss, feel the loss of ( saknar hann hringsins).
saknar (sknur), m. sorrow for a lost thing, feeling of loss.
sakni, m. loss.
sak-nmr, a. liable to a charge, blamable; eiga nkkut -nmt vi e-n, to have a quarrel with one;
-rnar, f. pl. runes of strife;
-skn, f. action, lawsuit;
-sll, a. lucky in lawsuits;
-taka (see taka), v. to convict, = sekja;
-tal, n. the law as to the penalties (sakeyrir) due to the king.
sal, n. payment, instalment.
sala, f. sale; hafa (eiga) e-t til slu, to have on sale, for sale.
sala-kynni, n. pl. homestead, home.
sal-drtt, f. household-folk, inmates.
salerni, n. privy, = garhs, hhs.
sal-garr, m. wall;
-gaukr, m., -gofnir, m. poet. the cock;
-hs, n. closet, room;
-kona, f. housemaid;
-kynni, n. pl. = salakynni.
salr (gen. salar, pl salir, acc. sali), m. room, hall (skjldum er s. akir).
salt, n. salt; leggja sk s., to shelve a case. Cf. 'Eystra-salt.'
salta (a), v. to salt, pickle (eir sltuu ftinn hvta salti).
saltari, m. psalter, psalm-book.
salt-brenna, f. salt-burning;
-gr, f. salt-making;
-hola, f. salt-pit;
-karl, m. salt-burner;
-korn, n. grain of salt;
-mar, m. = -karl.

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