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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mar var sendr Gizuri hvta, a man was sent to G. the white; s. eptir e-m, to send for; (2) to send, throw, cast (s. spjt, s. skeytin aptr); (3) recipr., sendast e-t , s. e-t milli, to interchange, send to one another (r hfu eir senzt or milli).
sendi-bo, n. message;
-boi, m. messenger;
-f, n. presents sent;
-fer, -för, m. mission, message, errand (fara för);
-ligr, a. fit to be sent;
-mar, m. messenger.
sending (pl. ar), f. (1) message, = orsending; (2) gift, present sent; senda konungi vingjafar, hauka, hesta, tjld, segl, ea ara hluti, er sendingar eru, which are fit for presents; (3) dish, course (eptir at bjuggust menn til bora; v nst kmu inn sendingar, fyrstu heitt kjt).
sendinn, a. sandy (from 'sandr').
sendi-pistill, m. epistle, letter;
-skip, n. dispatch-boat.
sendlingr, m. purple sandpiper.
senn, adv. at the same time, at a time (ltu eir einn jarl s. vera landinu); allir s., all at once; also, s. (einn, margir, allir s.).
senna (-ta, -t), v. (1) to chatter, talk; (2) to bandy words (s. vi e-n).
senna, f. gibing, bickering.
senni-liga, adv. verily, = sannliga.
sr, refl. pron. dat. (1) for oneself, separately, singly (fr Eyjlfr einn s.); eitt er at s., that is a thing by itself; (2) in a distributive sense, s. hverr, s. hvrr, each by himself, each separately; ef s. ferr hverr vrr, if each of us goes by himself; stundum bir samt, stundum s. hvrr eirra, sometimes each of them singly; at li, er honum fylgi, flr s. hvat, in all directions.
sera (ser, sar, sorinn), v. to have intercourse with (esp. a male).
sr-deilis, adv. particularly, especially;
-hvrr, -hverr, a., see 'sr' (2).
Serkir (gen. Serkja), m. pl. the Saracens; Assyrians, Persians, etc.
Serk-land, n. the land of the Saracens, esp. used of northern Africa.
serkr (pl. ir), m. (1) sark, shirt ( skalt fara serk minn); hafa dreng serk, to have a man inside one's shirt, to be bold and courageous; hamarrinn var sv ltill, at hafa mtti serk sr, that one could conceal it in one's bosom; (2) a certain number of skins.
sr-liga, adv. (1) apart (hafi hn srliga herbergi innan-borgar); (2) exactly (Einarr kva orstein eigi dauan hafa verit srliga);
-ligr, a. particular, special.
sess (pl. ar), m. seat; hann var hr sessi, he was tall when seated; vera kominn vandan s., to be in a difficult situation.
sessi, m. bench-mate.
sess-megir, m. pl. (poet.) bench-mates;
-meir, m. seat-beam.
sessu-nautr (-s, -ar), m. = sessi.
set, n. a raised deal-floor or platform along the side-walls of an ancient hall (eldaskli), used as a sitting- and sleeping-place by the household.
seta, f. (1) sitting (n var setan lng); hvat merkir s. sj, what means this sitting still?; (2) seat = sess (hann var hr setunni); bja bum setu, to call on the neighbours to take their seats; (3) body of men (assembled for defence); eptir at hfdu hvrirtveggja setu, after that both kept men assembled.
seta-skli, m. sitting-room.
set-berg, n. a seat-formed rock.
setgeira-brkr, f. pl. breeches with gores in the seat.
set-geiri, m. seat-gore (in a pair of man's breeches).
setja (set, setta, settr), v. (1) to seat, set, place, put (hann setti sveininn kn konungi; hn var haug sett); s. e-n inn, to put in prison; s. inn fna, svn, hross, to pen up, take in; s. dm, to set a court; s. tjld, herbir, to set up tents; s. grundv?ll til kirkju, to lay the foundation of; s. bor, to set up tables; s. e-m gisla, to give one hostages; (2) to drive (hann setti xina h?fu honum); (3) to make, establish (s. lg, fri, gri); s. r, ragr, to set on foot (contrive) a plan, plot (bu eir hann s. ara ragr); s. e-m torg, marka, to set up a market; (4) to order, prescribe (s. e-m skript); s.

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