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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


way for a thing, prepare for (ok ruddu eir til likgraptarins); r. e-u upp, to tear up (eir ruddu upp jru ok grjti); (5) refl., ryast um, to clear one's way, make great havoc.
ryjandi (pl. -endr), m. challenger.
ryr, m. rust, = ry.
ryugr, a. rusty, = rygar.
rygr (gen. rygjar, dat. and acc. rygi; pl. rygjar), f. lady, housewife (rygr heitir s kona, er rkust er).
ryk, n. dust.
rykkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to pull, jerk (hann tlar at r. honum fram stokkinn); (2) to run (en er hn sr at, rykkir hn fast undan).
rykkr, m. pull, tug, wrench, jerk.
rymja (rym, rumda, rumit), v. to roar, scream (rymjandi rdd).
rymr, m. roaring, noise; randa r., clatter of shields.
rysking, f. a rough shaking.
ryskja (-ta, -tr), v. to shake roughly; refl., ryskjast vi e-n, to scuffle with one (ar myndi ekki ykkja vi kollttan at r.).
rytja, f. a vile, shabby thing.
rytningr, m. = rtingr.
rja (r, ra, rinn), v. to pluck the wool off sheep (r. gemlinga).
rma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to make more roomy (r. gar sinn); r. varhaldit, to make the confinement less severe; r. fyri (viz. llu flki) veginn, to clear the way; with dat., r. honum fjtrinum, to loosen his fetter; (2) r. e-u brott, to drive away, sweep off = ryja e-u brott (rmit brott ongum harmi af yru brjsti); r. til e-s, to clear, prepare the way for = ryja til e-s; (3) to clear away, break up ( skalt r. fjalir r glfinu); (4) to quit, leave; r. land, to leave the country, go into exile; r. e-t fyrir e-m, to leave (a place, seat) that it may be occupied by another (kallar Skapti, at . skyldi r. hfnina fyrir honum ok leggja r lginu); (5) to withdraw, absent oneself (skulu r allir eta hr inni, en ek mun r.); r. fyrir e-m, to cede, give up one's place to one (hann rmdi fyrir herra sgrmi); r. brott, to go away; (6) refl., rmast, to become roomy, widen; r. tekr dalrinn, the dale widens; impers., rmist, there is more room (ef rmdist kirkjunni); rmdi Grettir fram glfit, then G. stepped forth on the floor.
rna (-da, -t), v. (1) to talk, converse (au rddu ok rndu); (2) r. eptir e-u, to pry into.
rnendr, m. pl. friends, counsellors.
rrr, a. poor, weak, insignificant.
rta (-tti, -tt), v. to grunt, squeal, of swine (rtandi ok emjandi).
rtingr (-s, -ar), m. dirk, dagger.
ri, n. rule, management.
ris-mar, m. steward, manager.
rfr, n. roof, = rjfr, rfr, rf.
ringi (pl. -jar), m. a good-for-nothing fellow.
rki-ligr, a. to be rejected.
rkindi, n. pl. refuse, unclean matter (hann kvazt aldri etit hafa r.).
rkja (-ta, -tr), v. to refuse, reject.
rkr, a. rejected, abhorred, abominable (r. ok rekinn fr gui).
rna (-ta, -tr), v. to rob, plunder, to deprive (one) of (a thing).
rningi (pl. -jar), m. (1) robber; (2) vera r. e-s, to be robbed or plundered by one ( munt vilja vera r. Ljts sem margir arir).
rsa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) r. e-t hendr e-m, to bring a charge against one (eigi var mr ess vn, at mundir etta r. hendr mr); (2) impers., rsir draum, a dream proves true, comes to pass.
rsir, m. chief, king (poet.).
rsta (-sta, -str), v. to clean, sweep (konur skulu r. hsin ok tjalda); r. (stfldan lk, to clear out a (dammed-up) brook.
rxn, m. knot (tk hann lngarn ok rei rxna, sem net er san).
ra (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to speak; r. um e-t, to speak about (konungr rddi ftt um essi tendi fyrir mnnum); r. vi e-n, to speak, talk with one ( rddi Hskuldr vi Hrt); r. e-t, talk about, discuss (ef rir etta ml fyrir konungi); (2) refl., rast vi, to converse about (hann sagi henni allt at, er eir hfu vi rst).
ra, f. speech, talk (konungr reiddist mjk vi rur essar).

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